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STATUS: Working on List of unnamed NPCs in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door but too busy to finish it. (I don't mind if you finish it before I do, though)


1. There are three Chinese names which are a mixture of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese:

Diddy Kong Racing 迪迪剛的赛车
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway 森喜剛丛林公园
Rally Ticket 奇諾比奧拉力赛券

2. Fix quotes like Garson#Garson's Stories and List of Super Paper Mario quotes by checking them against the Super Paper Mario text dump.

3. Change "he or she" (referring to the player) to "they", "him or her" to "them", etc., except in cited text.

4. Items like Roast Whacka Bump lack the in-game description. Also many Super Paper Mario characters lack Tippi's tattles.

More importantly, some infoboxes fail to mention from which game the in-game description comes:

Ultra Stone
|description=''"A stone. Use it to ultra-rank one of your party members."'' <!--this quotation is from paper mario-->

5. For pages like List of implied characters, see what pages redirect to them. The target of redirects are typically "List of implied characters#XXX". Check whether this works (i.e. whether XXX actually appears as a section title).

6. On List of minor NPCs in Paper Mario, consolidate the quotations of the shop runners (and maybe of a few other characters whose quotes are not completely listed).

7. Download all the navtemplates and write a script to check article->nav and nav->article

8. Update List of characters (and co) to include the latest created Paper Mario and SPM characters.

9. Give {{footnote}} the ability to associate one footnote to several footnote tags, and use the template on List of minor NPCs in Paper Mario.

10. List of tattles in Super Paper Mario -- copy the tattles to the articles for individual characters

Minor NPC project

The page List of minor NPCs in Paper Mario is largely finished. Miscellaneous facts:

  • The quotes come from the Paper Mario Text Dump by Rew. Some of them have been confirmed by actually playing the game, but the others (such as the Toad Town ones) have not.
  • The compilation of this article led to the discovery of a few new named NPCs (the Rangers and the Great Gossip Trio) as well as new facts about existing named NPCs.
  • I'm not satisfied with the layout of the page as it currently stands, but I don't know how to improve it with my crude HTML/CSS skills.