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Toadgamer's Userbox Tower
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nuIQVcZ.png Hi

What's up? I'm Toad the gamer (a.k.a Toadgamer) So if you've seen my userbox tower, there are my games:

My Games

Best Characters

So these are all of my games. But I still have more nintendo games. All right! we've talked enough about games! Now it's time to show you my favourite characters. But they're only characters appearing in the games I have:

Worst characters

After the best characters, it's time to show you my despised characters:

Stuff I'm gonna do about the wiki

-Add images to empty pages.

-Edit pages by putting more words in a small paragraph.

-Try to work in The 'Shroom.

-Add mario references I find in the reference pages.

Images I like

Favourite power-ups

Awesome Mario Music

Shy Guy Falls

Digga-Leg Battle

Space Junk Galaxy

Overworld (Super Mario World)

Overworld (Super Mario 3D World)

Gusty Garden Galaxy

Captain Toad

World 8 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

New Super Mario Bros. Castle theme.

New Super Mario Bros. Athletic

New Super Mario Bros. Overworld

Lineland from Super Paper Mario

And That's how this page ends.