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Toad the gamer
Toad the gamer's Userbox Tower
Toad Running Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png
Toad 64.png
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nuIQVcZ.png Hi

What's up? I'm Toad the gamer (a.k.a Toadgamer) So if you've seen my userbox tower, there are my games:

My Games

I have 11 mario games: 7 on the Wii, 1 on the house's I pad (So you guessed it's Super Mario Run, huh?) and 4 on the switch. Speaking of mario games, here are all my games:

Best Characters

So these are all of my games. But I still have more nintendo games. All right! we've talked enough about games! Now it's time to show you my favourite characters. But they're only characters appearing in the games I have:

Worst characters

After the best characters, it's time to show you my despised characters:

Stuff I'm gonna do about the wiki

-Add images to empty pages.

-Edit pages by putting more words in a small paragraph.

-Try to work in The 'Shroom.

-Add mario references I find in the reference pages.

Images I like

Favourite power-ups

Awesome Mario Music

Shy Guy Falls


Digga-Leg Battle

SMG2 Diggaleg.oga

Space Junk Galaxy

Space Junk Galaxy.oga

Overworld (Super Mario World)

SMW Overworld BGM.oga

Overworld (Super Mario 3D World)

Main Theme - Super Mario 3D World.oga

Gusty Garden Galaxy

Gusty Garden Galaxy.oga

Captain Toad

Captain Toad Theme.oga

World 8 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)


New Super Mario Bros. Castle theme.

NSMB-Music-Castle Theme.oga

New Super Mario Bros. Athletic

NSMB-Music-Athletic Theme.oga

New Super Mario Bros. Overworld

NSMB-Music-Overworld Theme.oga

Lineland from Super Paper Mario

SPM Chapter1-1 Music.oga

And That's how this page ends.