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35px Oiram, the ultimate Mario Kart fanMarioCartSmallAni.gif


Ya, I am sorry for trying to create and recreate pages, It just, you know bugs me to see red pages and I think I am not helping Super Mario Wiki enough.

Game Systems

The Game Systems I have are:

My Ideas

I am a little creative, so I am thinking of making some computer games,some game systems, and a website! Here are some of my ideas:

  • Mario Kart:Ultra Circuit
  • Pokemon Rainbow
  • Super Mario All-Stars Deluxe
  • Mario Dash
  • Mario's Invention Creator
  • Super Yoshi World
  • Paper Mario:Legend Of The Dark Stars
  • Mario Vs. Luigi
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battle
  • Mario Party Blast
  • Mario Kart
  • Super Mario 64*2
  • Mario Sports Mix 2
  • Nintendo 3DS Ultra
  • Mario Kart Wiki (Not like the one on Wikia, that one tells false info.)


I like to:

  • Play with my cat, Bear Bear
  • Play Mario Songs on My Clarinet
  • Play Video Games
  • Play with my Bros.


  • NES Logo.svg:200px200pxSMB Boxart.png200px200px200px,Excitebike,,Kid Icarus,Ice Climber,Balloon Fighter,The Legend of Zelda,Zelda II: The Adventure of Link,Metroid
  • SNESLogo.svg:200px
  • N64 Logo.svg:MK64 Cover.pngSuper Mario 64 Boxart.pngSuper Smash Bros N64 box.pngPaper Mario 64 box.png,Pokemon Snap
  • GBC Logo.png:Donkey Kong Country GBC US box art.jpg,Pokemon Red,Pokemon Trading Card Video Game
  • GBAlogo.svg:SMA.jpg200pxSuper Mario Advance 3 Box Art.jpgSuperMarioAdvance4EUBoxArt.pngMKSC Box Art.jpg200pxWarioWare MM EUR cover.jpgFire Emblem:The Sacred Stones,Pokemon Sapphire,The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap,Metroid Fusion,F-Zero: Maximum Velocity,Kirby and the Amazing Mirror,
  • GCN Logo.svg:Mk doubledash.jpgPMTTYD.jpgSSBM cover art.jpgBox NA Super Mario Sunshine.pngMario Party 5 box art.pngMP6 Cover.jpgMario Party 7 box art.jpg,Kirby Air Ride
  • DS Logo.svg:MKDS NA Box Art.pngNew Super Mario Bros box.pngSm64ds.jpgYI2boxart.jpg,Pokèmon Platinum,Pokèmon Black
  • Wii Logo.svg:200pxSuper Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpgMSMixAU.pngMarioKartWiiEuDVDcover.jpgNSMBW AU Box Art.jpgCover SMA25A.jpgSSBB Cover.jpegMP8Box.pngDKCRBoxart.jpgMP9 EUcover.jpg,MarioStrikersCharged-NintendoSelect.jpg,MarioSuperSluggers-NintendoSelect.jpg,Just Dance,Just Dance 2,Just Dance 3, Kirby's Epic Yarn,Pokèmon Battle Revolution,Monopoly Streets,Namco Museum Remix
  • 3DS Logo.svg:SM3DL UScover.png,Mario-Kart-7-Box-Art-EU.png, Pokemon Rumble Blast, Street Fighter IV, Star Fox 64 3D

The NES,SNES, and N64 games are from Virtual Console.

  • NOTE* Super Smash Bros. Melee, Kirby Air Ride,Mario Party (5 6 and 7), and Super Mario Sunshine are broken. I only rent them.


Oiram's Fun Shop!

Coin Key

  • 50px Worth 1 coin. Get by posting something on my talk.
  • 50px Worth 5 coins. Get by posting 8 things on my talk.
  • WL1 10 Gold Coin.png Worth 10 coins. Get by posting 10 things on my talk.
  • WL3 Musical Coin.png Worth 15 coins. Get by Showing a picture of anything music related (Music Park, Music Note, exc.)
  • Blue Coin SMS.pngWorth 20 coins. Get by asking me something about my Ideas.
  • Unused Bowser and Wario Baby Coins.png Baby Bowser:Worth 30 coins.Get by telling me a villan you like. Baby Wario:Worth 40 coins. Get by telling your favorite character.
  • YSDS BabyCoin.JPG Worth 50 coins. Get by Telling me your favorite baby character.
  • YIDS Coin.jpg Worth 60 coins. Get by Comeing up with a good video game idea.
  • PurpleCoin.png Worth 100 coins.Get by telling me a good galaxy idea.
  • YoshiCoin SMW.png Worth 120 coins. Get by telling your favorite color.
  • NSMBW Star Coin Artwork.png Worth 150 coins. Get by finding a Baby DK or Baby Peach Coin pic.
  • 50px Worth 200 coins. Get by becoming one of my Super Mario Wiki Friends.

New Item Added Each day!

Description Cost Photo
Fire Flower:A flower that lets you throw Fireballs! 30 Coins New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Fire Flower.png
Star:An item that makes you invincible. 50 coins 100px
Super Mushroom:An item that makes you big or gives you a boost in your car/kart. 10 coins NSMBW Super Mushroom Artwork.png
Cherry:Delicious! Collect 7 to get a free Star! 7 coins Cherrys.png
Frog Suit:Lets you hop like a frog and swim 2 times faster! 15 coins FrogSuit.png
Kuribo's Shoe:Lets you how on enemies and over spikes. 55 coins Kuribo Shoe.png
Hammer Suit:Lets you throw hammers like a Hammer Bro.! 40 coins HammerSuitSMB3.png
Super Leaf:Lets you grow a raccoon tail and swat everyone with it. You can also fly if you run quickly. 20 coins SuperLeaf 3D.png
Tanooki Suit:Lets you fly,swing a tail,and turn into a statue! 35 coins TanookiSuitSMB3.png
P-Wing:Lets you fly infinitely or brings you to the flagpole! 100 coins PWingSMB3.pngPwing.png
Superball Flower:Lets you throw Superballs!NOTE PHOTO OF SUPERBALL FLOWER WAS UNAVAILABLE! 30 coins SMW Fire Flower.jpg
Cape Feather:Lets you fly with a cape! 35 coins SMW Cape Feather.jpg
P-Balloon:Lets you float away and go anywhere you want! 20 coins SMW Power Balloon.jpg
Carrot:Lets you transform into a bunny. :D 25 coins SML2 Artwork Carrot.png
Wing Cap:Lets you fly after a triple jump! 55 coins 100px
Vanish Cap:Lets you turn invisible & lets you walk through things. 60 coins 100px
Metal Cap:Lets you be Metal and invincible. 75 coins 100px
Power Flower:Lets you Float, Turn Metal, Breath Fire, or tun Invisible! 70 coins 100px
Ice Flower Lets you shoot ice balls! 45 coins NSMBW ice flower.png
Copy Flower:Lets you copy into many of you! 65 coins CopyFlower.png
Mix Flower:Lets you make a giant fireball and hurl it! 80 coins MixFlower.png
Blue Shell:Lets you have a koopa shell! 70 coins ShellNSMB.png
Mega Mushroom:Turns you huge! 90 coins Mega Mushroom Artwork - Mario Kart Wii.png
Mini Mushroom:Shrinks you! 20 coins 100px
Bee Mushroom:Lets you fly and stick to honey! 60 coins SMG BeeSuit.jpg
Boo Mushroom:Turns you into a boo 80 coins 100px
Rainbow Star:Invincibility once more. 90 coins SMG RainbowStar.jpg
Red Star:Lets you fly and spin to fly more! 100 coins Red Star.png
Spring Mushroom:Lets you bounce high! 30 coins Spring Mushroom.png
Penguin Suit:Lets you skate on water and throw ice balls! 65 coins Penguinsuit.png
Propeller Mushroom:Lets you fly by spinning and have a slow descent. 50 coins 100px
Cloud Flower:Lets you create 3 clouds! 85 coins SMG2 Cloudflower.png
Rock Mushroom:Turns you into a boulder! 55 coins 100px
Spin Drill:Lets you dig through the floor! 95 coins SpinDrill.png
Boomerang Flower:Lets you throw boomerangs! 50 coins 100px
Invincibility Leaf:Invincible, but in a pure white cloak. 110 coins SM3DL Goldenleaf.png
Statue Leaf:Lets you be a statue! 70 coins Statueleaf.png
Mushroom Orb:Lets you get double chances! 10 coins 100px
Super Mushroom Orb:Lets you use THREE chances! 20 coins Super Mushroom Orb.JPG
Cursed Mushroom Orb:Slows down your chances! 30 coins 100px
Klepto Orb:Takes you to an opponent! 20 coins 100px
Podoboo Orb:Lets you steal 10 coins from someone! 10 coins 100px
Flutter Orb:Takes you to the star! 60 coins 100px
Hammer Bro. Orb:Steals 10 coins from someone! 5 coins 100px
Coin Block Capsule:Lets you get 10 coins! 1 coin 100px
Spiny Orb:Lets you steal 20 coins! 10 coins 100px
Paratroopa Orb:lets you swap places with your rival! 10 coins 100px
Bullet Bill Orb:Lets you steal 30 coins from everyone you pass! 15 coins 100px
Goomba Orb:Lets you steal up to 20 coins! 5 coins 100px
Piranha Plant Orb:Lets you steal half of your rival's coins! 15 coins Piranhaplantcapsule.jpg
Bob-omb Orb:Lets you blow up your opponents! 10 coins 100px
Kamek Orb:Lets you swap orbs with your rival! 10 coins 100px
Warp Pipe Orb:Lets you warp to the star! 50 coins 100px
Mr. Blizzard Orb:Lets you steal 10 coins! 5 coins 100px

My Top 5 Mario Kart Music From Each Game

NOTE all 5 songs are off the charts WAY ahead of others, so I'm not going to say number 5 is bad at all.

Random Stuff

SM3Dart.pngTanookiMario SM3DS.pngStatueMario 3DL.pngBoomerangMarioSM3DL.pngSmall Mario SM3DL.pngFlagpole-SM3DL.png200px200px200px200px200px200px200px