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Billy-Luigi's Emblem.
Billy-Luigi's emblem.
Species Human
First appearance November 9 (2000)
Latest appearance ?
“The year of Luigi isn't over yet! Luigi Unite!”
Billy-Luigi, Mario Kart 8

Hello and welcome to my Page! Enjoy reading it :)

My Signature:Luigi in Mario Kart 8Billy-Luigi Time!Baby Luigi in Mario Kart 8
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My Top-10's

My Top-10 favourite Mario characters

My top-10 least favourite Mario characters

My top-10 favourite Mario Kart Tracks

My top-10 least favourite Mario Kart Tracks

My top-10 favourite Mario Items

My top-10 least favourite Mario Items

My top-5 Mario Kart Track Music

Super Mario Kart

Course Music
1. Koopa Beach 1-2 File:SMK-Music-KoopaBeach.ogg
2 Donut Plains 1-2-3 File:SMK-Music-DonutPlains.ogg
3 Vanilla Lake 1-2 File:SMK-Music-VanillaLake.ogg
4 Rainbow Road File:Rainbow Road (SNES).ogg
5 Mario Circuit 1-2-3-4 File:SMK-Music-MarioCircuit.ogg

Mario Kart 64

Course Music
1. Koopa Troopa Beach File:MK64-Music-KoopaTroopaBeach.ogg
2 Frappe Snowland-Sherbet Land File:MK64-Music-FrappeSnowland.ogg
3 Kalimari Desert File:MK64-Music-KalimariDesert.ogg
4 Toad's Turnpike File:MK64-Music-Toad'sTurnpike.ogg
5 Rainbow Road File:MK64-Music-RainbowRoad.ogg

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Course Music
1. Cheese Land File:MKSC-Music-CheeseLand.ogg
2 Lakeside Park File:MKSC-Music-LakesidePark.ogg
3 Rainbow Road File:MKSC-Music-RainbowRoad.ogg
4 Sunset Wilds File:MKSC-Music-SunsetWilds.ogg
5 Ribbon Road File:MKSC-Music-RibbonRoad.ogg

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 8

Consoles I have

My Mario Games

Game System Have/Played Review My Rating
European box art for New Super Mario Bros. Logo for the Nintendo DS Have I really liked the game. I had a lot of fun playing it adn the multiplayer mode was cool as well. 8.5/10
File:Super Mario 64 DS logo.png Logo for the Nintendo DS Have I don't have the original one but when I saw some videos of the original one then I must say: What an improvemend! I had a lot of fun playing this game. 8/10
File:MKDSEU.jpg Logo for the Nintendo DS Have My very first Mario Kart! The music is awesome and the tracks are very creative! 9.5/10
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Nintendo DS Box Art Logo for the Nintendo DS Have I didn't play this game very often. Graphics weren't that beautiful and it had some lag. But this was the first time I saw my favourite Sonic character: Tails! 7/10
European box art for Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis Logo for the Nintendo DS Have Just a couple of words: I only played the Level Editor, but that was really fun tough. 7.5/10
MarioPartyDS.jpg Logo for the Nintendo DS Played I like party games a lot and it is a lot more fun when you play it with friends. So I did. The boards are really creative and the minigames are interesting as well 7.5/10
File:0854.jpg Logo for the Nintendo DS Played I only played it in multiplayer for about 10 minutes or something. It was fun but really confusing at the same time. 7/10
File:PALCover WWT.png Logo for the Nintendo DS Have I really like WarioWare games. The microgames are always fun to play. I still play the game often and I really don't get bored of it. 9/10
European front cover art for Super Princess Peach. Logo for the Nintendo DS Played Finally a game starring Peach! It was really confusing sometimes but it was okay. 7/10
The front box art for Super Mario Galaxy in the UK Wii logo Have Super Mario Galaxy is my childhood. I played it since I was seven and I love it. The music is so good and the levels are challenging! I still don't have all the Power Stars to unlock Luigi so I have something to keep playing it. 10/10
File:MarioKartWiiEuDVDcover.jpg Wii logo Have I love this game! Great characters! (except Funky Kong). Fantastic vehicles and even better Courses then the previous one! This is my favourite Mario Kart game! I also liked the option that each weight of characters have diffirent cars and bikes, it's a shame that it didn't return in the next ones. 10/10
European Box Art of Mario Party 8. Wii logo Have I really like party games. But my family doesn't, so I usually played this alone. This is also my very first Mario Party. The boards were really fun to play and the characters were interesting. I have never played as a Blooper or Hammer Bro. before. 8/10
File:NSMBWii-NLcover.jpg Wii logo Have This game is fantastic, what an update since the previous one. New cool Power-Ups and the multiplayer mode made it even better. 9/10
European box for Super Mario Galaxy 2 Have I prefer the first Galaxy game because they made the use of gravity better in that one. This game is more based around Yoshi which I don't like. The galaxies are quite creative and the new power-ups are cool as well. 9/10
File:MSOG.PNG Wii logo Have WHOA I'm so good at Trampoline jumping!! 9.763! The others sports were okay and fun too! 8.5/10
Donkey Kong Jet Race - European Box with Swedish and Danish text. Wii logo Have One word: exhausting! It is so hard; difficult and you get tired after 10 minutes. I played this game twice and stopped. Save your money and buy something else. The only good thing is the track designs and character roster. 5/10
Mario-Kart-7-Box-Art-EU.png Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have So addicting! Even if you have 3-stars, all vehicle parts and all characters, this game is still fun! I don't realy like the idea of kart customization but it's okay. I more like that every weight class has his own karts and that every kart has a color depending on the driver. I miss Waluigi. 9/10
New Super Mario Bros. 2 European box art Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have Co-Op play is so much fun. But it isn't that diffirent from previous New Super Mario Bros. games. 9/10
European boxart for Mario Tennis Open Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have So there's Baby Mario and Baby Peach but NO Baby Luigi and Baby Daisy! Well atleast Luigi is in it. This game is fun to play in multiplayer. The characters are also great. 8/10
Paper Mario: Sticker Star european box art Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have I love this game and it is also really challenging. I don't mind the stickers at all, in fact, I really like them. The music in this game is also amazing. 8.5/10
Mario&SonicLondonDSDutch.jpg Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have Awesome Olympics! With the 4 cool characters from the Winter Olympics, this game is complete! I hoped to see more sports but they're all fun to play. 9/10
European box of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have I really like this game because it stars Luigi as the main character. 8.5/10
European boxart of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have Can't say much because I didn't play it often. It is like a Mario-platformer but with Donkey Kong...that's pretty much it. 7/10
United Kingdom box art of Mario Party: Island Tour. Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have Awesome to play together and it has Bowser Jr. so this game is complete for me. The only bad thing is that boards are actually really linear. 9/10
North American box cover of Yoshi's New Island. Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have My first Yoshi game ever! So relaxing and fun. It is also quite challenging at some points 9/10
European cover Logo for the Nintendo 3DS. Have This game is my first and only Mario & Luigi game. I really like the game and the mechanic that you can swap between the real and dream worlds. 10/10
File:NSMBU EU.png Wii U Logo.svg Have Just another New Super Mario Bros title but this time they added Baby Yoshi's, wich are pretty usefull. 9/10
United Kingdom box art of Super Mario 3D World. Wii U Logo.svg Have This game is just perfect. I don't have many words for it. 10/10
Dutch box art for Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Wii U Logo.svg Have Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, what a long name for a game. I love the sports they added. The Legends Showdown is quite challenging. 8.5/10
File:Box UK - Mario Kart 8.jpg Wii U Logo.svg Have Same as Super Mario 3D World. It's so smooth and awesome to play. The only bad thing for me are Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach. The Koopalings are really interesting and the babies are really adorable. 9.5/10
File:WiiU MarioParty10 pkg.jpg Wii U Logo.svg Have This is the first time I played with the car in a Mario Party game, and I have mixed opinions about it. Yes, it is better when everybody is splitted but in the car is also quite fun. The Bowser Party mode is also a blast to play. The minigames are also really fun. 8/10

Pages I've made

Panorama of Toad Harbor

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