Octo (Yoshi's Safari)

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This article is about the species Octo. For the Boss from Wario Land 3, see Octo (Wario Land 3).

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YS Octo.png
Three Octos, varied in size from Yoshi's sight distance.
First Appearance Yoshi's Safari (1993)

An Octo is a small orange octopus, similar to the squid-like Blooper. They have only appeared in the game Yoshi's Safari. During the events of the game, Octos aid Bowser and his Koopalings during the subjugation of Jewelry Land.

Mario and Yoshi encounter Octos in the fourth level of the Light Realm, Crescent Coast. While traveling underwater, they have to fight off an assault from these weak creatures. The Octopot, a giant jar-like creature, launches wave after wave of Octos at Mario and Yoshi. The Octos can be destroyed with a couple blasts from the Super Scope. After Mario has shattered the Octopot, the Octos disappear, never to be seen again.