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I am a teacher: Super Mario Sweater
I am a teacher: Super Mario Sweater
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Royal Kougyou
Platform(s) Family Computer Disk System
Release date Japan August 27, 1986[1]
Language(s) Japanese
Genre Miscellaneous
CERO:A - All ages
Mode(s) Single player
Disk Card
Serial code(s) ROY-ISM

I am a teacher: Super Mario Sweater is a knitting pattern-designing software released for the Family Computer Disk System on August 27, 1986. Players would input their measurement sizes and design sweaters, adding pictures of famous characters such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser in the process. It was devised by Royal Industries Co. Ltd., a Japanese appliance and sewing machine company. It is the first of two textile software releases of the Super Mario franchise, the other being Mario Family on the Game Boy Color.

Royal Industries Co. Ltd. realized that it could profit from a sweater-design program, which led to the development of this software. The company eventually made a real-life version of the software and sold it for 2,900¥ (about $24 in United States Dollars).[2]

One month after the release of I am a teacher: Super Mario Sweater, companion software titled I am a teacher: Teami no Kiso ("I am a teacher: The Basics of Hand-Knitting") was released, which does not feature any Super Mario characters.[3] The software serves primarily as a knitting tutorial, a feature entirely absent from its predecessor.

Knitting patterns[edit]

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The program features fifteen designs, each customizable to the user's measurements.

  1. A complexly textured sweater.
  2. A striped sweater.
  3. A sweater vest.
  4. A cardigan.
  5. A sweater with a rabbit design.
  6. A sweater with a cat design.
  7. A sweater with a pattern featuring three Mario heads.
  8. A sweater featuring Luigi.
  9. A sweater featuring Mario.
  10. A sweater featuring Fire Mario throwing a Fireball while walking on a row of Brick Blocks.
  11. A cardigan featuring Mario walking.
  12. A sweater with Mario in the same pose as No. 8, but with the background behind Mario in a different color from the rest of the sweater. (This design is featured on the box art.)
  13. A sweater vest featuring a repeating Goomba pattern.
  14. A cardigan featuring Princess Peach and a Piranha Plant.
  15. A sweater featuring 1-Up Mushrooms and Super Stars.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイアムアティーチャー スーパーマリオのセーター
Ai amu a tīchā: Sūpā Mario no Sētā
I am a teacher: Super Mario's Sweater

Italian I Am A Teacher: Super Mario Sweater[4]


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