Ultimate Challenge 3

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Ultimate Challenge 3
World Spooky Trails
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Difficulty Ultimate
Objective Reach Area
Turn limit 12
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Ultimate Challenge 3 is the ultimate challenge of Spooky Trails in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


Mario and co. must reach the area shaded in yellow within twelve turns. Four Ziggies, two Valkyries, and two Bucklers initially appear, but other enemies spawn periodically. Further ahead along the path to the shaded yellow area, six enemies spawn, consisting of two Lava Ziggies, two Spooky Smashers, and two Lava Peek-a-Boos. As the heroes get closer to their destination, Calavera appears on the middle upper platform. Upon coming across the next part of the level, a total of six enemies spawn in, consisting of three Lava Hoppers, two more Spooky Smashers, and two Sherbet Supporters. The next turn after, two Ziggies, one of the Spooky variant and the other of the Lava variant, spawn in. Upon coming towards the end of the level, a large amount of enemies spawn in, consisting of two Spooky Smashers, two Lava Smashers, two Sherbet Bucklers, and one Lava Ziggy.


Battle map[edit]