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Director's Notes Review


Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

Cheats: Super Mario Kart (SNES) The NA Player's Choice box artwork of Super Mario Kart

Ah, the start of the series. Even though it was only a 16-bit game with minimal character-select, it still started a new phase of Mario games. It was also one of the first games to have 3D renderings in a 2D playing feild.

*Oh, right...cheats...*

Okay, so you've beat the game 100 times maybe, and you're ready for a new challenge? Heh, I've got just the thing. Okay, you know how when you're really tiny, you get run over? How would you like to race in a permanent miniaturized state? That's what I thought. It appears all my readers have matured into hardcore gamers. *sniff* I've never been so proud.

*Snap out of it! Do your section!*

Okay, this is really easy to perform. At the character select screen, hold and press Y and A, and your character will shrink. While this will not change your speed, it will make you an easier target for opposing racers.

Tips: Mario Kart 64 (N64) North American box art for Mario Kart 64

While this wasn't the most popular game in the series, it's still worth mentioning. I'm going to give you a simple, yet helpful tip for this game. When you run over a banana peel, immediately brake. If performed correctly, you will stop, but not spin out. A notification of this success is a musical note coming from your racer.

Hints: Mario Kart: Double Dash (GC) European Game Cover

Okay, lets talk about world records. If you are the true hardcore gamer you say you are, then you're ready to tackle world records. Even I'M attempting this. Let's start with something simple: DK Mountain. While this course is crazy with hairpins, it's actually easy to get close to the world record on this one.

TARGET TIME: 1'43"837 (That's 1 minute, 43 seconds, and 837 milliseconds.)

Now, if you run the entire track as fast as you can, you should come in at about 1 minute 48 seconds. Well, how do you get to the world record? Easy: jump the crack. YES, MY FRIENDS! There is one turn that wraps around a skinny gap; you can jump over this. Do it successfully, and you shave off about 4-to-5 seconds. Now, it's rather hard to walk someone through a racecourse, so I'm going to show you the world record.

So far, I've made it down to 1'43"992; I know you can make it! Good luck!

Secrets: Mario Kart Wii (Wii) Mario Kart Wii North American box art

Now, I know you all are excited about this release. There's lots of new characters too. And, I'd tell you how to unlock Baby Daisy...

BUT I WON'T! Not until all the controversy is over, at least. So, until then, I'll tell you how to unlock Funky Kong. This is for Time Trial freaks: All you've gotta do is unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghost Data. BOOM! There's an ape with sunglasses. For Baby Luigi: Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghost Data. Well, I'll cover more of this game once I get it, but until then: Ciao!

Well, I hope you enjoyed Mario Kart Month!


by Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

Glitchman: How long have you been a member of the Wiki, and why did you join??

Paper Jorge: Well, I’ve been a member since August 2006. I joined because I’m really addicted to Mario…:P…I wanted to help out this Wiki. Back in the day, it was very…empty.

GM: What was your first edit?

PJ: …As embarassing as this sounds, Princess Peach was my first edit.

GM: Did you get a welcome, and if you did by who?

PJ: Not exactly a welcome, but Knife (Spike) gave me a compliment on my hard work.

GM: Why did you decide to name yourself Paper Jorge?

PJ: I was originally going to call myself just plain Jorge, because that’s my name. Back then, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was my favorite game, so I decided to mix Paper Mario and my name together to create my name.

GM: What is your favorite part of the ‘Shroom?

PJ: Probably the Fake News. It makes me laugh.

GM: Which smiley do you like better: Tongue or Cheesy

PJ: Tongue. I overuse the Tongue smiley.

GM: What would you say is your number one goal right now?

PJ: I really don’t know. Finish Wiki’s End, my comic series probably.

GM: What is your favorite page to edit?

PJ: Hmm…that’s a hard one…*thinks* Probably any of the articles I’ve created. I have no real favorite article…Mario Ice Capades, Falcon Flyer and Cardboard Box are the favorite articles I’ve made though. Tongue

GM: Last question…do you REALLY believe this is the last question?!

PJ: because I will be the one asking the last question. How are you?

GM: *taken aback* Wha?! Nobody asks the interviewer questions, fu’! XD But I’m OK, thanks Tongue

PJ: Does that mean I don’t get a milkshake? :sad: (I asked a question again!)

GM: Aack! All these questions! They huuuurt!! OK, I guess you deserve a milkshake Tongue

PJ: Yay! Can I go now?

GM: Yes. Thanks for the interview, Paper Jorge!!

PJ: You’re welcome! <ad> Don’t forget to read Wiki’s End! </ad>


by RAP.pngRAP...

Entertainment Section

Well hi my people of the eager dawn of tis' night, it's a RAPstar here once again for a sweet review with a game worth tons of gaming experience for your inner flesh and my girl Hooktail playing on another video review! Hopefully it's something reel... uh, reeeeeeeeeeeel... (Hooktail knocks him with her single claw) Oof!

Hooktail: "Reeeeeeeeeel oof?" (laughs)
Ryan: Yeah, right(!)
Hooktail: Face it, you said Reeloof. XD
Ryan: (annoyed) Me don't know what are you talking ze about-ta!
Hooktail: If you try to take the time too long, I pass the time by making you say something else. XP
Ryan: Errrr, I have a memory block!
Hooktail: Like the one from a memory card where it has a "memory block" to store your things?
(evil dragon smile)
Ryan: You know my stats too well. :|
Hooktail: Come on, onto the Shroom papers! More importantly, it feels like some play I was gonna reherase on!
Ryan: Hmph, fine.

Back to the curtain hanging procedure! Most of you guys and girls which I'm most known to like tend to read this Shroom within it's ten radius attention spam of reading the latest info of our paper. (smug) So, if your a new reader from the block, from moving your home here, from the forums you would socialize for, or whenever the praiseworthy of looking over this wiki, here's the details: The Entertainment Section consists of Hooktail and myself hosting this piece of block for targeting the latest entertainment allied with MFGG and that only! XD Hence the alliance button at the main page. More hit points for all us, all of us, all of us!! Yes, the fun of games will play us through it's levels. :P Let's go already! XD

RAP's Section:
Mario vs. the Koopas

Another countless Mario game we would all love, :P It's a game where Mario once again gets the Princess Peach whose mutated turtle named Bowser has easily captured her. But! A magikoopa named Kamek (instead of Kammy Koopa, who helps Bowser anyway) has come to frighten the Toads away! Those little living mushrooms ran away and begged to the heroic Mario to save the princess once again! Wait... this storyline repeated itself over and over and over again! Seriously! It repeats it with new concepts for the game itself and alike in different situations like space, paper from the Paper Mario series, and those seven Koopalings!

In this game, it's an especially a good one due to the groundbreaking of the difficulty introduced in the game. Instead of the good ol' Coins of the currency inside those ? Blocks, he collects those little Stars that are collectible for the most, these little things are for giving the player a 1-Up. Halt! You have to collect around, let's say around 200 pieces during the level... ._. The levels are greatly designed beyond the situation the creator of this game had implanted inside this game. For example, in the first level of the game, when you get to the near end of the large airship, you realized that it crashed near to Peach's Castle when you suddenly heard the large thud. My, that's a piece of spoiler your brain will never get rid of when you read this. XD There were some bosses also, which they are challenging even if it is seems to be simplistic to gamers.

There is some criticism I spotted is there's no save file. That results in a fault of players playing the game all over again. This would seem though the creator itself would beat all the levels without breaking a sweat of using up their lives. I only reached level 6 and I just died in that level! Oh and also, some of the enemies pass through the Brick Blocks and lack walking on the slopes sadly.

The game is created by Castor, once again an actual new member of the MFGG website. AH! Do you know what this means? ...Yep, he just created the very first game and submitted it. XD Man, he's a great designer of the game. It still needs tweaking on the difficulty section if you know what I'm saying. Simply, I can't believe he made the game and made a high score on this. I wonder if any other games have the special first-timer score as this. :P So, if you want a bit more challenging game but the creator pushes the difficulty a bit too hard with the 2D basics of platforming, go defeat Bowser once more by clicking here!

Ryan: Well, I feel like going to sleep... Really... from all of that testing in the first week... Math and the first part of Language arts... Hooky... you take it from here,
Hooktail: OK. ^_^
(Hooktail grabs Ryan with her claw and sends him to his typical room.)
Hooktail: There you go, another way to sleep during passing period. :P Other than my stomach since I just ate. ^_^
(Hooktail looks towards the viewers, er readers.)
Hooktail: OK, all of you! It's review time with me, so you better watch it.

Hooktail's Section:
Mushroom Kingdom Fusion: World 8-S1 (Toyland)

I have no idea why they changed the fan game name, I'm serious, and be that way! I think I heard they changed it because there are new characters added instead of tip fame-hogging Mario! There's Luigi, and Princess Peach, and maybe more of them. I wouldn't bother even getting the development video clips. (rolls dragon eyes up for a moment) OK, let's get this over with. (spits out the video)

So, what's up this little video file? Oh yeah, it's Mario time! >_> Sheesh! I getting fed up by this! Next thing Ryan wants to do is play the Fire Emblem series... which he likes! :P To this clip, is Mario in a Sega world in that he's gonna consider such an applause. The game wants such levels like that, hence the word “fusion” meaning there's a lot of cameos in this! What morselings would you get? Anyway, this is some level called... Toyland? It looks too happy, in the very least of my demonic eyes. (gruffs) There are tall marching toys introduced in that level, so tall than the Goomba dining meals you'd jump a bit more higher than you expected. Also, those clowns in their unicycles, throwing a bunch of juggling balls: (scoffs) Good luck Mario. <_< ...Unless unicycles act like Koopa Shells!

After going through the seemingly wacky level, you face some clown boss called Calliope the Clown. First he hops around a few times attempting to stomp that little running morsel. Then shortly after that, he quickly launches out one of his attached springs. Just dodge already! After that, he throws out a bunch of Jump Pads for Mario to jump on him. The thing is, you have to painstakingly jump on it's head a few times. When his health's low, he'll proceed to spit out multiple fireballs everytime he jumps up and shoots them towards him down. Beat him without your fists and you're done! XD I won't bother getting the other details, if you want to find out more about this involving game, see the forums here!

Argh, I gotta sleep too. Such a ravenous day for the feminine me, hmmmm... (Hooktail stares at her stomach, feeling that it growled for food) I gotta eat first, my stomach needs to be filled up before sleeping. Rawr... ^_^ (Hooktail flies away to find her meals to fill her stomach)

April Report

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y
Sorry guys, this month will have to be the quick version, no news. Yes, we did pass 5000 users: Koz (talk) from yesterday is that user.
April Statistics
Statistic As of 3:50P, 1 April* As of 8:00P, 1 May* Total for April % of Change
Page Views 51,457,625 56,944,245 5,486,620 10.66%
Views per Edit 142.68 150.33 5.36%
Page Edits 360,655 378,801 18,146 5.03%
Edits per Page 9.55 9.72 1.78%
# of Articles 8,273 8,410 137 1.66%
# of Pages 37,758 38,967 1,209 3.2%
# of Files 11,974 12,278 304 2.54%
# of Users 4,583 4,996 413 9.01%
*All times EDT.

Fun Stuff

Find the Differences


What you have to do is find the five differences between the two pictures. Then, when you're done, just hit that link down there for the answers! Have fun and good luck!

The original is on the top, while the changed version is on the bottom.
FTDOriginal.jpg FTDchanged.jpg

Ready to see the answers? Click here!


by FG2sig.PNG Fly Guy 2FG2sig.PNG

By FG2sig.PNG Fly Guy 2FG2sig.PNG Happy May 3! Wait... May 5 is Cinco De Mayo! (sp?) LA CUCCORACHA... I'll stop. Today's theme is...


Did you know:

Bye now!

Director's Notes

by Blitzwing (talk · gnome work)

'ello thar.

A lot of writers retired this month.Both Master Crash (talk) and Storm Yoshi (talk) decided to retire from The 'Shroom,, although Storm Yoshi stated that he would (maybe) return with a different job. P. Trainer (talk) has been unable to do this month issue, but should be back next month.

Apart from these retirements, this is a really quiet month for the 'Shroom. However, there should be quite a few news section next month.

Blitzwing (talk)

Fake News

Fake News Team

Local News

ForeverDaisy09 with the mystery brown-haired girl.

Celebrity Crush?

ForeverDaisy09, a user known for working on the Daisy articles, was seen last weekend with an unidentified brown-haired girl. The brown-haired girl was described as a girl with brown hair. She was seen wearing an orange dress, similar to the color of ForeverDaisy09's shirt and hat. Where the two went is unknown, but Fake News reporters are currently looking for more info on the too-secretive-for-our-liking couple.

Return of a Legend

Xzelion, a former Sysop and Bureaucrat of the MarioWiki, has come back to the site after several months of retirement. He is once more an active editor and is currently part of the Fake News. Many users are excited about the return of Xzelion. Other users merely complain to him about issues on Userpedia. Reporters interviewed one user.

Fake News: Why are you disturbing Xzelion with issues about Userpedia?

???: Because, I was blocked from there and I think it is unfair.

Fake News: Well, why don't you discuss those issues with him on Userpedia? Oh, wait: you can't! Naa-na-na-naaa-na!

??????: *sob*

Next month we will cover such issues as global warning and that strange masked man.


By: Stooben Rooben

Bowser Jr. – (2002 - 2008)

Artwork of Bowser Jr. in New Super Mario Bros.
Bowser Jr. in the prime of childhood.

Bowser Jr., a whiny, devious koopa, (who happens to be Bowser's son), died last night from a brain aneurysm. It was reported that Bowser Jr. repeatedly begged his father for the last piece of Mousse Cake. After Bowser repeatedly said "no", Bowser Jr. pulled a hissy-fit; he screamed so loud that he had an aneurysm. Bowser showed little care merely saying "He's just another Koopaling. I've got plenty of others!" Bowser then kidnapped Fake News reporters. Their status is currently unknown.

Cooking Guide

By: Yoshster

Yoshster: Okay guys: today we are here with Rougeport's master chef, Zess T.

Zess T.: Yes, and you're lucky you didn't step on my contacts, or else I wouldn't have cooked anything for you.

Yoshster: Um, okaaaaayyy... Well, anyway, today we are going to make Spicy Soup.

Spicy Soup - Serves 3


  • 3 Fire Flowers or 1 Fire Burst
  • 3 Tablespoons of Black Pepper
  • 2 Jalapeños
  • 1 Packet of vegetable stock mixed with vegetables
  • 3 Tomatoes


  1. Slice the tomatoes and in a blender, blend them together with the Jalapeños.
  2. Next, boil water and then slowly add in the packet of vegetable stock; turn down the temperature and let it simmer.
  3. Then, add in the tomato and Jalapeño mixture, pick off the petals of the fire flower and add it in the soup. In the case of the fire burst, just drop it in.
  4. Then, leave it for 5 minutes, simmering and finally sprinkle the black pepper over it. VIOLA! You now have Spicy Soup.

Yoshster: And that's it for this report. See ya next month

Fake TV

By: Glitchman

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Crime

The smash hit of the Summer, ‘’Mario & Luigi: Partners in Crime’’ will debut next moth on the S.P.A.M. channel. The show is already internationally acclaimed, and Elbert and Rocker gave the show “Two Thumbs Up!!” The show stars the infamous plumbers-turned-criminals Mario and Luigi, who have turned to a career of robbing prestigious banks across the world, while cleverly covering up any evidence of their doing so. They become millionaires literally overnight, and sometime during the first season it has been revealed that they will kidnap Princess Peach for ransom money. Much to the delight of viewers, HyperToad will appear in the show as a main character, driving the getaway car. However, the show has been rated TV-14, much to the dismay of overprotective parents, because of intense violence and disturbing shooting scenes when HyperToad tries to get the police off his tail. But besides this, educated people will be interested to know that when Mario and Luigi try to talk to each other when the police are around, they speak Italian so the police can’t understand them!! But uneducated people will be relieved to know that what it means in English will be subtitled on the bottom of the screen. Sooo, if all that wasn’t enough to entertain you, stop watching daytime television!! Tune in next month for the first season offfff….Mario & Luigi: Partners in Crime!!

Bet on This

One of the most anticipate TV movies of the year, Bet on This aired last week on the ABD channel. The cast has been celebrated worldwide, featuring an unheard of amount of famous users like Xzelion (known as Great Gonzo in this show), 3Dejong, Master Crash, Stooben Rooben, InfectedShroom, and WarioLoaf. The premise of the show takes place in Vegas, where professional gamblers make a living off being card sharks. This show features in great detail the lives of gamblers, and can be thought of as a tutorial in how to cheat at Poker and Blackjack. Despite having many famous users and a budget of $999,999,999, the show received poor reviews. Elbert and Rocker gave the movie a 5 out of 10, for “A slow plot, dry humor and horrible special effects.” Despite these discouraging reviews, the director of the show, Grate Guy, has stated that he would like to do a sequel of the movie, which has a tentative-title of ‘’We’re All in this To Get Her’’. The damsel in distress of this upcoming sequel has yet to be revealed. Tune in next time on the ABD channel to find out more!!

Travel Guide

Pack a parka!

By: Stumpers

Looking to beat the heat this summer season? Look no further than your local friendly neighborhood Warp House! If you live in the Beanbean Kingdom, you'll find a convenient link between the Warp Pipe in Beanbean Castle Town and the legendary Joke's End, where you can camp out for absolutely free! Because the icy fortress is a popular location for bad jokes to go to die, you'll find yourself surrounded with the best rotting, flat punchlines ever! Of course, just because it's a graveyard doesn't mean the only thing to do is rest in peace... you can also hang with the more lively natives, such as Jojora and her many identical friends!

At Joke's End, you can also take in the breathtaking views of the northern seas alongside a famous, yet unnamed meteorologist studies the strange updrafts that occur in the region. You can talk and talk to him for hours and he always says the same thing. Incredible! Joke's End is a whopping five stories high, so finding appropriate camping grounds should not be a problem. Vats of delicious soup can be found throughout the complex, heated by the occasional Firebrand-using plumber.

Speaking of, there are plenty of opportunities for adventuring and battling, as some of the more primitive natives show their affection by attempting to kill guests. Not to worry, though. By this point in the game of life your EXP should be high enough that you can take them... right? Still, bring a Mushroom or two along in your suitcase, and no children under Level 30. Unless of course they're riding on your back wielding hammers. That's different.

Yes, at Joke's End you will be surrounded by a feeling of dread and despair, but it's a wonderful place to contemplate the meaning of life and the hopelessness of it all... when will your credits begin rolling?! Is it too late to go back and finish that one sidequest?! As the suffering and dying jokes can tell you, enjoy your life now! Go on sidequest vacation NOW before some freak comes over talking about sandwiches and mustard and zaps you with his headgear. It's not as far-fetched of a situation as you might think. So, pack your bags with plenty of warm, identical pairs of trousers and undershirts, because you'll need it to survive the harsh, yet somehow fulfilling cold of the icy palace and emerge a more satisfied, fulfilled human or Bean.

Wanted Poster

By: Xzelion




Yoshi's Cookie Review

Alright, lemme explain. I didn't get Mario Kart Wii, so I had to resort to the Virtual Console. I really wish I had gotten MKWii, but hey, YC is a classic! Also, please make cash-only donations by PayPal if you would like to help me out with my predicament.*

*I was joking. :P


Well, as I said above, Yoshi's Cookie is a classic. I was ecstatic the day I saw that it was finally on the Virtual Console, as I hadn't played it since my dad sold my NES so very long ago. Once I had bought it, did it live up to my childhood memories? Is it still a great puzzler that will captivate the hardcore gamers of today? I plan to answer those questions.


The gameplay seems really difficult to master at first, but once you get the hang of it, it feels great. You have to move your cursor around the screen and place it on a cookie. Then, you press the A button (Or 1, or whatever you press on a Classic Controller) and move the selected cookie and those in it's row either horizontally or vertically. Sounds difficult, I know, but look it up on YouTube or something if you don't get it. Anyway, It's rather confusing for the first puzzle or two, but then it gets much easier to control the flow of gameplay. Every once in a while, however, you might make a small mistake and lose the game.

The game plays rather simply. Five types of cookies fall from the sides of the screen and stack up, always making a perfect square. You must line up cookies either horizontally or vertically so that a certain type takes up a whole row, knocking your set off the screen. If you let too many cookies pile in without making any rows, you lose. If you get fifteen (or five, I can't remember) sets of a certain type of cookie, you get a Yoshi's Cookie: a wildcard that counts as any type of cookie that it lines up with. Once you clear the screen of cookies, you win the level and move on. Not exactly your typical puzzle game, but it works well. It speeds up very quickly, however, and that ramps up the difficulty rather significantly. Which is great for those who are good at the game, but not so hot for beginners. Some may seem quickly overwhelmed by the difficulty at times.


Why do I have a graphics section for an 80's, 8-bit, NES game, you ask? Well, I say to you this: I felt like this review needed a graphics section. I'll be nice to the game, so don't worry. ;)

Well, what can I say? The graphics are… Great, for their time. Usually crystal clear, with no blurriness. The spritework is usually humorous and well done, especially the Cooking Mario. He makes me laugh, especially when you finish a tough round and he waves off the screen. The graphics in the short clips are not quite as good, but still rather good for the 80's. As they are in 8-bit, each sprite is only able to contain three different colors at one time, but the three colors that each sprite uses works smoothly with each other and the other sprites. All in all: as a twenty-first century gamer, the graphics suck. If I were a gamer back in the 80's, they graphics are awesome.


Whew, don't get me started on the music. At first, it's a nice, bubbly tune that you will enjoy for the first loop. But, if your parents don't tell you to shut it off first, you will be annoyed as heck before too long. Fortunately, the game offers three different songs to play with in addition to the option of playing no music. Unfortunately, the game does not allow you to change music once you have started a game, which gets annoying.


Heh, there aren't really any movies in the game, per se, but there are a few small cutscenes that involve Mario and Yoshi. These scenes are usually somewhat humorous, if you know what is going on. But, unfortunately, I wasn't sure what the heck was going on most of the time. :P

Overall Score

Overall, the game is an addicting, fun puzzler. It gets annoying at times, but is overall a great game. So, my final score?

OVERALL SCORE: 8.4/10 – It's a classic. Get this one as soon as you possibly can, cuz at $5.00 a pop, it's totally worth it.