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Issue V May 12th, 2007 About The 'Shroom

From the Mushroom Vaults
Review: Mario Power Tennis
Monty Mole
Upcoming Games
Sir Grodus
Mario Merchandise
April Report
Great Gonzo
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Fake News
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TheGreatBlockyBoo, Plumber
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From the Mushroom Vaults

by 3dhammer.gif 3D, {{{1}}} 3dhammer.gif

From the Mushroom Vaults: Our Heads are in the Clouds

Well, once again you click that enticing link at the top of the ‘Shroom Main Page. Sucker. But, of course, you know that this page brings you to some of the most in-depth game info you’ve ever seen outside a walkthrough. Or you just might be some n00b clicking around.

This month, the first feature will walk you through how to access all points of the Star Road, and access the *secret area* as well! The second feature covers some random Super Princess Peach info, including how to nab the annoying Stafy (or Starfish) for your Glossary. Without further ado, let’s begin!

‘’Veni, vidi, vici.’’ ~ Myself, after conquering Bowser in SPP


Ah, the Star Road. Well known, but near-impossible to find by yourself, let alone discover the secret which it holds. Never fear. Read on to unlock its mystical secret!

Star World One is very, very easy if you know what to expect. Just use a Spin Jump (press “R”) to crush the blocks. Plenty of rewards, but what you really wanna do is get the key. Just keep right by the right wall to break into the key’s cubbyhole.

Star World Two is a very easy water level. A star will fall from the screen as the level begins, and a Blue Yoshi hatches. Either use the star or have Yoshi eat it and mature immediately, then swim to the end. There’s a space under the rock with the pipe at the end; go under it for the key.

Star World Three is the smallest Mario game level. Ever. For all time. It’s only ONE SCREEN LONG. But the key is hard to find. There’s gotta be a catch. Don’t use Yoshi if you want the key; instead, bop Lakitu with a blue block and go up, up, up to the key at the top of the level, above Mario’s eyesight. Yellow Yoshi is introduced here, too!

And now, the very confusing Star World Four. Grab Mr. Red Yoshi, fill him up, then gulp a Blue Shell. Fly across the level, but when you start seeing platforms with tubes and Koopas, begin flying under them. Sooner or later, you’ll come across a huge bridge of “!” Blocks. Race over them, grab the key, and bingo! Another Star World down.

Thought Star World Four was complicated? Hold onto your Nintendo socks, because this one is at least two times harder. (If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s good wisdom to have all the switch palaces stomped.) Come into the level with a cape or a Blue Yoshi, then fly along the level ceiling until you see the rows of “!” Blocks. Continue along them for the key.

So, now what? You’ve gone through both exits of the levels, what’s the prize? Why, the middle tower of the Road with open, exposing the entrance to the Top Secret Area!

Shhh! Confidential Matters!

Don’t tell no one, but our spies, after delving through 3D’s computer, have discovered the mission of the next FTMV: to help you through the Top Secret area! Come back next month to reveal the secret of the Top Secret Area!

Peachy Keen

And now, our second feature. First thing, how to cook that Starfish’s goose:

A Fish! A Fish! My Kingdom for a Fish!

The Starfish appears in three levels: 2-5, 5-4, and 6-4. Each time, it appears in a different pose, and a different plan must be used. To destroy it, each must damage it once in each level it appears in.
When it first appears, it will be swimming about in a pool of water in Hoo’s Wood. Stay above it as it swims, so that when it leaps into the sky, Peach will stomp it!
In Wavy Beach, it appears sunbathing. Hold “R” or “L” to sneak up and hit it with Perry.
Finally, in Gleam Glacier, it appears on an icy ledge above Peach. Use the “Sad” vibe to race up and hit it before it beats a hasty retreat and vacates the area!
If Peach misses the Fish, she can enter and re-enter the area until it comes back again. A bit of patience will finally defeat it, making it the star attraction in the Glossary.

And now, a quick look at the boss’s precise weaknesses and tattles to help you to reap the Bonus Levels, Toads, and money gained from them extra-quick:

Brawlingly Big Boss Battles

I Feel Love Vibe

The first boss, Petey Piranha (or Boss P. Plant) is easy enough. Just avoid his loud belches and shockwaves, and water the vines with tears. When he opens his mouth to spit Nippers, give him a mouthful of salt water with the “Sad” vibe and slap his navel when he topples over. After three hits, he charges up and jumps from one side of the field to the other. Just bide your time and spray him when the time is ripe (jump from vine to vine to find a prime spot). If Peach runs out of vibe, Petey’s regurgitated Nippers and Vibe Jewels will do the trick.
‘’’Tattle’’’: Boss P. Plant: A big Piranha Plant. Its belly button is vulnerable?

What a Hoot!

Next up, Hoo the owl. By far the easiest of all bosses, he shoots eggs which hatch into mini-owls for Perry to absorb and dive-bombs Peach. When he comes homing in, jump on him to damage. After three hits, he destroys the platform and sends himself and his opponent flying. Use “Joy” to get above him, then stomp twice, avoiding his egg barriers. His eggs explode in the air now, exposing Vibe Jewels.
‘’’Tattle:’’’ Hoo: The protector of Hoo’s Wood. Attacks when threatened.

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights Oooooooooooooon!

King Boo is up next. His weakness is light, and what to we do when he need light? We light up those lantern-ghost cameo lanterns, that’s what! Just leap by him and use “Rage” for a couple seconds on each lantern. When all four are lit, Big Boo will take damage. Need vibe? Poundbrella the chandelier for a Jewel. After three hits, he’ll gain the “Sad” vibe, allowing him to put out lanterns. Just tease him from the lighted ones, then race in and set the others off for two more hits. He implodes, including his crown... but we all know... ‘’’’’ghosts... don’t... DIE...’’’’’
‘’’Tattle:’’’ King Boo: The boss of the Boos. It fears the light!

Rampaging ‘Pillar

And now, the ferocious Wiggler. He’s one of the most annoying, tedious bosses ever. Use “Rage” to pound one of the many springs on the floor down so that it’ll flip Wiggler on his side when he passes on top of it. When he’s flipped, stomp his flashing part, but avoid his head; that will cause him not to take any damage. After stomping, he’ll rampage around a bit, throwing boulders that contain Jewels. Repeat the process five times to destroy him.
‘’’Tattle:’’’ Wiggler: Usually quiet, but it gets angry when stepped on!

Gooper Scooper

Here’s the classic Gooper Blooper, back for another game outing. He uses his tentacles to attack: when they come into the field, damage them. The tentacles can grab Peach and flip her into the air, or snatch her up and slowly drain her HP. To avoid this, when grabbed, toggle all the directions on the D-Pad and “A” “B” “X” “Y” to get free. He also spits ink, which can be mopped up with “Sad”. When all his tentacles are damaged, hit his mouth to take off a hitpoint. If he starts blowing a bubble, pop it with “Rage” before he recharges himself!
‘’’Tattle:’’’ Gooper Blooper: The Blooper boss. It can attack with its tentacles

Icy Reception

An all-new boss! Finally! Blizzrasaurus is one of the most original baddies yet. When it charges up to race across the room, use “Rage” to melt the ice barrier around the dragon until a hitpoint is taken off. If left to itself, the creature will cause icicles to grow up, then rampage through them, exposing Jewels. It can also freeze Peach with ice breath! After three hits, it will transform into a small sprite. The rules for damage are the same, but it now makes icicles fall from the ceiling, and Peach must bash them herself. It also throws mini balls of ice. Two more hits and it’s another big boss down the drain. ‘’’Tattle:’’’ Blizzaurus: The dragon of Gleam Glacier. It used to be a sprite.

Return of the Magikoopa

Uh, oh. More old favorites... or rather, nemesises. Kamek. Made huge. With vibes. This does not bode well. At first, Mr. K. has a cloud circulating around him. Damage is easy: use “Joy” to spin around his head until he becomes dizzy, then hit him once stars appear around his head. He’ll attack by throwing those classic shape-spells and summoning other Magikoopas. After three hits, he’ll use the “Sad” vibe to destroy the cloud. Two more hits, and bingo! Bowser’s Villa is opened. ‘’’Tattle:’’’ Giant Kamek: A Kamek made huge with magic! It can teleport!

Raging Rampage

Finally, Bowser. But first, Peach must dispatch his bodyguards. The best strategy is to use “Rage” to steamroll them all. The red Army Bro. needs five hits, so single him out. ‘’’Tattle (for Army Bro.):’’’ Army Hammer Bro.: The Hammer Bros. leader. Stronger than the others?

Teh Classix

Ah! Bowser at last! For the most part, he attacks by charging across the room, smashing statues with Jewels inside. He also breathes fire streams, fireballs, and throws hammers. After two hits, he’ll back off and throw down gargantuan hammers, then turn red with anger when he returns. He’ll try to recharge after a while, so use “Rage” on him when he starts to blow his bubble. ‘’’Tattle:’’’ Bowser: Mario’s old enemy. Uses the power of Vibe Island...

Bad Memories

OH, DEAR! In a battle reminiscent of the two Yoshi’s Isles, Bowser grows... uh... big. No, huge. Gargantutan. Behemothic. Ginormous. Now he throws hammers, spiked balls, breathes fire, and summons Bob-ombs. When a Bob-omb is thrown, pick it up and throw it so that it explodes in his eyes. He’ll try to recharge again soon; don’t let him, or you’ll be in deep water! ‘’’Tattle:’’’ Bowser 2: He wasn’t beaten! Hit his eyes with a Bob-omb!

Shopping Lizst

The shop of Super Princess Peach is a fun part of the game. Here’s a quick list to help you decide when to buy the goodies on display.

Umbrella Abilities:

  • Floatbrella: Allows Peach to float in the air for a bit. For only 200 coins, this ability is an extremely good bargain. This should be the first thing you buy.
  • Poundbrella: Allows Peach the slam into the ground and stun/kill nearby enemies; pretty much the Peach version of the Ground-Pound. Buy it ASAP; it allows Peach to break special blocks and gain an advantage on certain enemies.
  • Chargebrella: The most enigmatic ability. All it does is allow Peach to charge by holding “B” and release, sending a shockwave out to damage enemies. And for 700 coins, it’s wise to wait on this purchase.

Ability-Enhancing Potions:

  • Tough Coffee: This caffeinated drink allows Peach to gain an extra hitpoint, or half a heart. It’s wise to level up once before each new world, but watch out! The price inflates rapidly!
  • Vibe Tea: Essentially Tough Coffee for vibe. It allows Peach to grow her Vibe Gauge and earn more time to use her abilities.
  • Courage Soda: By far THE MOST VALUBLE ITEM IN THE SHOP. Buy it as soon as it becomes available. Every time Perry destroys an enemy, a large coin worth five coins appears. It’s an extremely easy way to make cold hard cash without hunting for gold all over the world. By the way, the beginning of World 4-2 is a money mine up for grabs! Slide down the hill but leap off halfway; the huge parade of Koopas on the high ledge will allow Peach to make some serious money. Run off the screen to regenerate the turtles!
  • Natural Power: A very strange vibe. When Peach holds still for about 20 seconds, Perry will clamp on her head and appear to suck vibe from her. If you can hold in your giggles (or your lunch) when Perry begins “Suck Factor 12”, you should find this a great way to make vibe when enemies or crystals are not available.
  • Endless Vibe: Name says it all. Once Peach completes the entire game, collecting all valuables from every level TWICE, this item becomes available. And it’s free. Too bad it’s only available when there’s nothing else to get.


Wondering where your can fill in those blank holes in the Music Room? Chances are the music is available in the shop. As the game goes on, though, the money Peach must pay for a new hit becomes bigger. Songs available are:

  • Opening
  • Title
  • File Selection
  • Area Selection
  • Shop
  • Ladida Plains 1
  • Pause
  • Stage Clear
  • Boss
  • Hoo’s Wood 1
  • Shriek Mansion 1
  • Slidebrella
  • Fury Volcano 1
  • Wavy Beach 1
  • Subrella
  • Gleam Glacier 1
  • Giddy Sky 1
  • Bowser’s Villa 1

Puzzle Pieces:

  • Puzzles A/B/C/D’s pieces 1-5 are available here.


  • The minigame levels for Toad Jump/Tote/Shot are available to buy, along with a few levels to get you going. After the game is completed once, the bonus levels contain extra levels for Peach to play.

Monthly Challenge

This time around, just beat “Welcome to Yoshi Tower!” from YIDS and get all 100 points. That’s hard enough. Not even I was able to do that.

So long. And remember to come back every month for new cheats and hints! Or else... I know where you live... Wait. You do live at 1337 Mario-Freak Drive, Wallawalla, Washington, right?

64/\/\3 0\/3|-!

Review: Mario Power Tennis

by Phoenix Rider

Out of 5 stars. * = 1 star, + = .5 stars. E.g. ***+ = 3.5/5

Monty Mole presiding over the Review Corner once again. This month I’ll be taking apart and analyzing each bit of Mario Power Tennis.

Gameplay- ****

What else can I say. Almost perfect. No story or anything, but it’s a sport game. What can you expect? Other than that, it’s very good. The characters are very responsive as you control them, and the special Power Shots just add to the fun.

The many courses of MPT offer lots of variety. You can choose between a regular match and special Gimmick and Item matches. The former adds wacky qualities to the match, such as moving conveyor belts or a tilting stage. The latter lets you use Shells, Bananas, and even Lightning to try and trip up your opponents. For a tamer match, a regular exhibition can also be played.

The mini-games are all quite fun and you’ll have a good time trying to clear them all. From smacking ghosts back into their paintings in Terror Tennis, to trying to clear away sludge in Tic-Tac-Glow, the mini-games are a nice and welcome addition to this game.

Sound- *****

Sound quality is nothing short of superb in this game. The whacks of shots, the grunts of lunging players, the groans of a loss, it’s all here. Particularly standing out are the Power Shots, each having their own unique sound. Everything just blends and creates a harmonic that fits this game perfectly.

Graphics- ***

Not bad in this department. The graphics are generally-anti-aliased well, but getting down to the granular level, spots and flecks show up. The audience seems blurred as well. Still, the character models are impressive, on the high end for the Gamecube, and the way tons of effects, such as splashes and fireballs, are generally executed well, given their great number.

Replay Value- ***+

It has replay in that there are many Tournaments and characters to unlock. Beating the game with all of them could prove a challenge, but chances are you’ll get bored long before that. This game really shines in its multiplayer. After all, video gaming has always has a social aspect. This game may be no Smash Bros., but it still boasts a good multiplayer value.

Overall- ****

I highly recommend this as an addition to the gamer’s sports collection, but only if you want something really rather…out there. This is Mario after all, and players looking for a more realistic tennis game might want to consider a game such as Virtua Tennis. MPT, on the other hand, delivers great bonus features that Virtua Tennis does not. From the mini-games to the Power Shots, this game was executed well.

Upcoming Games

by Sir Grodus

Donkey Jet

Originally known as DK: Bongo Blast, Donkey Jet looks to be an excellent addition to the Donkey Kong series and will be a racing game for the Wii.

So far, a variety of characters, some new, some old, have been shown to be appearing in Donkey Jet. Among these characters are Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, Lanky Kong, King K. Rool, Kritter and two new Kremlings by the name of Kip and Kass. Several other wacky Kremlings have also been seen.

Everything from snow-covered mountain to jungle villages to giant squid infested seas have been shown to be tracks in Donkey Jet. Vehicles in Donkey Jet vary, from rocket bongos to minecarts, with even faithful Animal Buddies Rambi and Enguard being shown to be rideable.

DK: King of Swing DS

The sequel to DK: King of Swing, DK: King of Swing DS will have all the enjoyable elements of it's Game Boy Advance counterpart and will be on the Nintendo DS.

So far, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong and Funky Kong have been confirmed as being playable characters in DK: King of Swing DS; additionally, Cranky Kong, King K. Rool and what appears to be a giant, talking banana with eyes have been shown to be in DK: King of Swing DS.

Itadaki Street DS

An upcoming game for the Nintendo DS, Itadaki Street DS will be created by Square Enix, the creators of other games such as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and Mario Hoops 3-on-3.

Itadaki Street DS, along with having the board game style of the Itadaki Street series, will have Mario Party style mini-games in it.

Confirmed Mario characters in the game are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Wario and Waluigi. From the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series, we have Slime, Jessica, Dragonlord, Pudding, Bianca, Angelo, Yangus and Alena.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

The sequel to Mario Kart Arcade GP, Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, like it's predecessor, will be for the arcade. Atleast a dozen new items and weapons have been shown, along with several new tracks.

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Princess Peach, Toad and Bowser have all been confirmed as characters; Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Blinky from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 are also going to be returning. Waluigi and a Tamagotchi, named Mametchi, are also shown to be new characters.

Super Mario Galaxy

A revolutionary game coming out for the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy boasts excellent graphics and gameplay and is sure to be record-breaking.

Little is known of Super Mario Galaxy’s story, though what is known is that Princess Peach has been kidnapped by an alien entity, who Mario chases all the way to space. In order to find Princess Peach, Mario must travel from a variety of planets, all the while fighting old and new foes alike. It has been recently revealed that Super Mario Galaxy will be released this year.

Mario Party 8

The latest game in the Mario Party series, Mario Party 8 will be exclusively on the Wii and will make use of all the "Wiimote's" capabilities.

Dozens of new mini-games have been shown so far, new "candy powerups" have also been shown; these powerups will seemingly give characters special powers.

So far, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Toadette, Boo and Hammer Bro. and Blooper have are confirmed characters. Some non-playable characters include MC Ballyhoo, Big Top, Donkey Kong, Bowser and King Boo.

Some new boards include: DK's Treetop Temple, Goomba's Booty Boardwalk, King Boo's Haunted Hideaway, Koopa's Tycoon Town, Bowser's Warped Vortex and the Shy Guy Mystery Train. Additionally, the Miis have been shown to be appearing in Mario Party 8.

Mario Strikers Charged

The sequel to Super Mario Strikers, Mario Strikers Charged will be for the Wii and will have several new characters and feilds in it, as well as online play.

All the captains that have been confirmed to be appearing Mario Strikers Charged include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Wario and Waluigi. The game's sidekicks also include Koopa Troopas, Toads, Dry Bones, Boos, Birdo, Hammer Bros., Shy Guys and Monty Moles. Kritters have also been confirmed as goalies.

The feilds of Mario Strikers Charged, unlike the game's predecessor, have "gimmicks" in them to make gameplay more challenging; the stages shown so far include The Vice, Thunder Island and The Dump, also, some unnamed feilds have been shown.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Quite a surprise, a Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario crossover, featuring such characters as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Sonic, Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles, with more to come. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games will be for both the Wii and Nintendo DS. Confirmed events in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games include, but aren't limited to, judo, swimming, table tennis and track & feild.


by SaudyTalk!

So comes another month. Another monotopicular rant. Another quote. Another plea for you to join PipeProject:Toad if you haven’t already. In case you happen to be dumb, that’s my formula.

“Mario has a formula. He does. In case you didn’t notice. Several formulas. Its true.”

Listen Up:Added later. “He’s saving a princess. ALWAYS. Collecting Seven Star-Somethings in RPGs. Collect the Star-Things to open up places. Visit castles. Win a party. (Is it that even possible?) Play a sport. Its all getting quite old. And now he’s traveling in SPACE?! Save the GALAXY?! That’s Starfox’s job! Nintendo. Hear my plea. Kill the formula. Do something cool. Original. NEW.”

I wrote that some time ago. Not for you or to Nintendo, but I wrote it. Super Paper Mario was the deciduous answer to my plea. I thank you Nintendo, although the pure hearts were pretty close to formula…. AGRAJAG! WHAT’S THIS? Mario y Sonic van a las Olympicas!? Nintendo, Mada Mada Dane! What’s your big harrowing deal!? Don’t you know? Bhudda! (used in place of God!) What’s your deal?! A point. It’s the 2008 SUMMER Olympics… in Beijing. How can Mario compete, anyway? He’s coniferously slow. Sonic is just too fast for him. Point the Second. For putting [the wiki] through this, [Nintendo] better put [Sonic] in Brawl. Its only fair. To us.

This puts the wiki in a tight place. One of us (probably Grodus, RAP, or someone) will need to waste precious (life is precious) time from their life to play this “title.” If it were the winter Olympics, things would be easier. (,sorta.) Oh well. Nothing we can do. Anyway, I just felt strongly about this. Do you? You should write about it. In e-mail form. Sent to me. Seriously.

I had some PipePlaza material written out that I was going to put here, but no one was interested in it, so it got shut down again. Thanks guys. A lot.

Now, stubs. Some people are questioning what a stub is. Look at the page on John Leguizamo. That’s a stub. But, our page on Beanbean Air isn’t. Neither are Save Album, Torpedo Strike, or Barbecue Guy. These pages could be stubs, but they aren’t. See the glorious B.S. Someone put into this? Do that. Please. Its simple. Look at the Amazing Flyin’ Hammer Bros. page for a really good example of a page that could have been a stub but isn’t.

Opinions on anything? E-MAIL ME. I love it dearly. I did get one this month, but I’m not sure who it is on the site.

Dear HK, I like your section of the newspaper. It is cool. You are cool. Please keep it up. Sincerely,

Dear Person, (Sorry, don’t know your name.)

Could widen your vocabulary a little? The ephemeral amount of time you managed to keep my attention was disgraceful. It sounds like a two year old wrote it! Sweet Siddhartha! That was horrible! It’s the most Osiris-Awful thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. I don’t even WANT to know who you are. Sincerely,


Well, that about wraps it up. If I could have some better e-mails next time, remember, I get so few that nearly all of them get put up. I do respond to them all, hither or thither. Your name does get put in here… Which is cool. Please give your MarioWiki username, por favor. Okay… Bye.

-Some math person, to some other math person.

Mario Merchandise

by ChrisAlassal

Want to look fashionably nerdy this summer? The new 8-Bit Mario Shirt is for you! This shirt features the classic Super Mario Bros. sprite in all its pixelated glory. For old Mario veterans and new fans alike, this is a gift no Mario should be without! Most stores are charing somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty dollars, so hurry and buy one!

Retro Item - Mario Merchandise from the past! – Mario Hat

While the shirt above is new, Mario clothing has been around since the 80s! The idea of a "Mario hat" fooled many a kid, including myself, into thinking they'd get a hat like the one Mario himself wears. Instead, it's a normal cap with the Super Mario Bros. 2 art, and while it's not the "M"-emblazoned hat I expected, it was still a fine addition to my personal collection. You might still be able to find this on ebay occasionally, so look out!


by RAP.pngRAP...

Hello, welcome to the ENTERTAINMENT section. I’m RAP, you call me Ryan also if you want. Here, I review funny Mario clip from all over this crazy world. Let’s get rolling. Be advised there may be some crude humor I used to live now...

Mario and the Lost Coin

The thing is, Mario attempts to get all the coins he sees like he wants all the coins to be collected perfect… Until, he forgot the coin way back there. The “game wall” won’t let him pass to get it. And so Mario attempts to do the dumbest stuff he could possibly do to get that last coin, like beg… (HeeHeehee…). There are 12 attempts you could laugh it when you get bored and… STUFFFFFFFF!!!! Credit goes to Radioactive24, GlassBomb, Nintendo-Ninja, Zielak, Trinidex, Bendo, CIA, Atarah for making this movie!!! Bravo!!! Also audio credit is given by Bendo, Chr1sTh3G33k, and ZombiePosessor All of these people came from Be sure to vote for the approval!! Oh BTW, here’s the link if you wanna watch it... Eh??

Mario’s Blocks

Well, Well, Well... It looks like one of the blocks are goanna to teach Mario a lesson when it comes to stealing someone’s personal property, just joking... However, every-time Mario hits the block; it would be bad to worse when it comes for comedy..., which you’ll laugh it. There are 7 scenes he’s going to try to survive (If he can...) Each time; he gets really messed up as he’s frightened at the block at makes Mario so miserable; you’ll might be dead if you’re Mario... Eh?? Credit goes to UberAoC for this movie he sent to Newgrounds. Here’s the blah blah blahing link of ours to provide:

Baby Mario’s Adventures

When time comes, Baby Mario and Yoshi are goanna have a funny adventure but not like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, you know; not that sort-a thing... Well, this movie consists of the funniest scenes Baby Mario & Yoshi are having this time of their lives. Additionally, there are jokes on shy guys that hang on scene names... You know... dirty jokes. Including, Fred... the loner Shy Guy... Credit goes to Bigfoot3290 for this movie, another member in Newgrounds. Here’s the link to see it,

That’s all folks, maybe next time... I’ll review two fan-made games next time... So see ya late-ta!!!

April Report 

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y


20000 pages & 10,000,000 page views were surpassed this month, with nearly 1000 more images. Early in May (not shown here) we also reached 6000 articles.
April Statistics
Statistic As of 13:35P, 1 April* As of 18:45P, 3 May* Total for April % of Change
Page Views 9,232,190 12,265,130 2,226,650 32.85%
Views per Edit 72.13 78.39 8.68%
Page Edits 128,002 156,462 28,460 22.23%
Edits per Page 7.04 7.42 5.40%
# of Articles 5,269 5,926 657 12.47%
# of Pages 18,181 21,100 2,919 16.06%
# of Files 5,573 6,571 998 17.91%
# of Users 1,252 1,595 343 27.40%
*All times EDT. Comparison from beginning of record-taking (Jan 2007) will reappear next issue, a biyearly total.

Luigi and Super Paper Mario has made it into the Top 10 most viewed pages, replacing some list pages. For complete list, see Special:Popularpages.

New ACTIVE Users

343 users this month? That's a record. Here's our biggest contributors:


A little bit of news this month.

One new admin: RAP. He really does cleanup around here, so he was an easy choice for the writer of this article.

Besides from a few troll attacks early in April from Willy and Peachycake clones (a sister of this user), things have been quiet. Patrollers were instituted to help against any more attacks. As expected, Super Paper Mario brought a surge in articles and images uploaded for the month, and the enemy templates were reformed so they were identical color-wise and presented certain information based on what type of game the enemy is from, after some debate.

We are trying to utilize {{usermessages}} as a multi-user communication system. Do your part by adding the template to your user or user talk page.

After some buzz, it's been a quiet month, and that's the highlights for now. Next month polls are open for the Mario Awards, which will be very exciting indeed.


by Mario riding YoshiXzelionETC

Interview with KPH2293

Recently I was able to chat with KPH2293 formerly known as Yoshi626. And learned a great deal about the Mariowiki Sysop.

GG: So why did you join the mariowiki?
KPH: Because I like wikis, and like Mario, so this place is perfect for me.

GG: What was the first article you wrote?
KPH: Jiggy, but that was moved to the RareWiki. The first article that I wrote that's still here is Army Dillo.

GG: How did you find the mariowiki?
KPH: Before I came here, I was on Wookieepedia. One day, I saw that a user named Jabbathehuttgartogg (AKA WarioLoaf) had edited his user page. I checked to see what he did (for no particular reason), and I saw a link to this wiki on his page. I clicked on it, and about a half an hour later, I joined the MarioWiki

GG: What was your first impression of the mariowiki?
KPH: I thought it was good. I liked that its rules weren't as restrictive as Wookieepedia's (they only allow one color in your signature, people under eighteen can't become administrators, etcetera). This wiki, however, didn't have rules like those.

GG: Did you ever get a welcome, and if by who?
KPH: No, I wasn't welcomed when I came here. Super paper luigi left me a welcome months later since I didn't get one when I joined, though.

GG: When you were named a Sysop how did it feel?
KPH: Excellent. Becoming a sysop was perhaps my top goal when I came here. I worked hard to become one. To be honest, that's why I started writing articles, so I'd have a better chance to become one when it was decided that we needed more.

GG: When you came here who were your role models?
KPH: I have great deals of respect for users like Son of Suns and Wayoshi. Son of Suns, for writing and some of the greatest articles on this wiki, and expanding ones to their full potential like his massive expansion of the Goomba article. And Wayoshi, for maintaining this wiki, keeping users in line, and running projects like The 'Shroom.

GG: Out of all the articles here, what is your favorite?
KPH: I think the Yoshi article is rather nice. It's lengthy, and well written.

GG: What are your favorite colors?
KPH: Green and black.

GG: Other than wikis what else do you do?
KPH: Other than the wiki, I mostly play video games. Those are probably my two biggest hobbies.

GG: Do you think this is the last question?
KPH: LOL. Um, I think yes. Every time I've heard that question, it's always the last one.

GG: Yup that was the last thanks KPH2293
KPH: You’re welcome.

Anime Comic

by I Am Manga
I Am Manga is a friend of HK's at his boarding school. He has a Manga comic for us to feature today. WARNING. Some violence (guns) is depicted.

Fake News

by Confused

Poll of the Month

What game has the darkest theme?

A. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
B. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
C. Super Paper Mario
D. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Vote Here

Updated Info

Super Mario Strikers Charged Items

Using our infamous intelligence team and money, we got to have a crack at Super Mario Strikers Charged. The game has many new features, but the thing we liked most were the new creative items.

  • Slow Watch – all the players on the field, besides the user, become slower and more sluggish. Although not extremely slow, their speeds will be cut by 25%. Seconds are still counted in normal time.
  • Tweester – a huge rampaging Tweester will appear on the field, causing all players it hits to become dizzy. As well as difficulty to control the player, passes and kicks may be screwed up.
  • Earthquake – the whole field will rumble, causing all players to be temporarily paralyzed. However, this item can be used to offensive player's strategy, if the correct timing is used. If the player uses Earthquake right after air-kicking the ball towards the goal, the goalie won't be able to block the ball, almost guaranteeing a point.
  • Spikes – spikes will appear all over the field, causing any players who touch it to become paralyzed. However, this paralysis lasts longer than the one caused by Earthquake.

News Highlight

Total Destruction

Sammer's Kingdom
The last minute photo taken before the imminent destruction of Sammer's Kingdom.

Today, we cover the calamity witnessed at the Sammer's Kingdom. has been revealed. On ♥♪■, the whole kingdom was vaporized by a huge purple hole called the Void. After the Void devoured the Sammer's Kingdom, all that was left was an endless white road with a few leftover debris. However, seven hours later the kingdom was completely restored. We interviewed a couple of Sammer Guys and asked them on their intakes.

Guy Who Fry: The whole thing happened so fast, I barely realized what was going on. The only thing I remember was losing to a man with a mustache and a cap and a frequent rumblings that happened afterwards.
Footsteps of Coins: Man, I really thought my game was over. Luckily, everything was returned and no one got hurt. I'm just happy that it's over.

The cause of the Void devouring the Sammer's Kingdom and how it came back is still under research.

Local News

Chuckola Spill

The S.S. Chuckola with Bloat in tow.

The monthly shipment of Chuckola Cola was spilled due to neglect by the ship crew. Due to this unfortunate event, Chuckola prices will be higher because of Chuckola Cola shortage. The reason of this spill is a crack formed in the holding docks by a skeleton named Bloat. After about a millenium of serving the S.S. Chuckola, Bloat was fired with an additional large fee.

Captain: We had to fire him. This is for the good of him and us. the Chucola Factory manager was really gettting fed-up. This was his sixth screw up. Although I don't know how the crack was made or how he did it, he's gotta be involved somehow.

The next replacement shipment is hopefully going to arrive next week. For now, bear with the Chuckola Cola you got and if your still reading this, hide all the Chuckola you got!

Lost in the Underwhere

Great Gonzo and Plumber fighting for their lives.

Great Gonzo and Plumber (ages 1?,1?) were reported missing for the extensive period of two days. After an extensive search and a message from Plumber, they were found in the Underwhere. We asked these users how they got there and their experience in the Underwhere.

Great Gonzo: When my bro Super paper luigi was testing his newest invention, me and Plumber volunteered to test it for him. Unfortunately, it didn't work out so great and sent us to the Underwhere.
Plumber: I think he was testing some kind of teleporting device. I didn't even know what I was volunteering for back then. I think Professor E. Gadd was helping him. Or I had too much Chuckola Cola today. When we first stepped into the machine and ended up in the Underwhere, I thought our games were over.

We then asked them how the Underwhere was. Suprisingly, there were a lot of positive comments.

Great Gonzo: The Underwhere wasn't as bad as I thought. I thought all the criminal Shaydes and Skellobits would be the end of us. Queen Jaydes gave us a lot of hospitality.
Plumber: Plus, she makes an awesome dead soup with extra eyeballs.

Interview of the Month

Interview with The Master

This month we interview none other than the infamous master of martial arts, The Master of Toad Town. This time, the interviewer is Confused

Confused: What inspired you to be a teacher of martial arts?
The Master: Growing up, protecting and taking care of my little sister was my main priority. We got into danger many time and a picked up a few fighting moves on the way. I constantly kept guard over my sister. But there came a point when she didn't need me as much. So I've been teaching others the art of self-defense, so they can deal in situations like mine ever since.
Confused: How much money do you make?
The Master: For students, I charge 300 coins per month. Freelancing fighters can spar at no cost, but do not receive lessons. Even you can challenge my students to a sparring match and win the First-Degree Card.
Confused: Have you ever been bested in combat?
The Master: Yes, but only once. I believe the challenger who beat me was named Mario. But that was because he had the help of six or seven partners. I highly doubt he could beat me one-on-one.
Confused: With skills like yours, why aren't you saving the world?
The Master: No matter how powerful I am, my sister is still here in Toad Town. I can't just go and an adventure and leave her behind. No true sibling would do that. Besides, I am too old to travel the land in search of trouble. I would rather spend my last days here in Toad Town.
Confused: Can you give me free lessons?
The Master: No.
Confused: Please?
The Master: No.
Confused: Okay, thank you for allowing me to interview you today. By the way, can I spar with one of your students?
The Master: Sure thing. You can face Chan, my lowest level student. If you manage to win, you can have the First-Degree Card.
Confused: Awesome! Next month, we cover a new exciting person. This is Confused, ending the interview.

Confused ended up fighting and barely winning against Chan.
(Link To Movie Currently not Available)

Staff Wanted

Right now, Confused is the only member of the Fake News team. A sign-up sheet and recommended positions are available here. Don't be afraid to recommend positions as well. If you are interested, please ask Confused on his talk page.

Riddles of the Pipe

by Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, (Riddles)Tadaaa!.gif

The quiz will resume next issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Riddle 1

I am very important
Without me, you wouldn’t last long
Your game would be over very soon
I make up your energy of life
Without me, YOU DIE
Who/what am I

Riddle 2

“I may be old
But that means nothing
I’m the strongest of them all
Except for the royals, of course
Don’t believe me?
I’ll make you into a decomposer!
I already did it to two blabbermouths!
Don’t make me do it to you!
Even when you think my game is over,
I spring back up, with twice the fury!
Plus, a reinforcement soars out of my mouth
Your game is sure to be over
When the timer reaches “0”
Indicating you have No lives left
Then your game is over!
Of course, the reinforcement could
Get damaged by an obstacle
But that is impossible
For only I have an obstacle that powerful”

Riddle 3

Hey man, nice hammer
But mine is way better
My own grandpappy gave it to me!
If you really think you’re hammer is better,
We’ll settle it in the ring!
But I won’t lose!
This is for my dad, who’s watching me!


Ready? Click "show" to see answers! <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>1. HP   2. Elder Shrooboid   3. Hamma Jamma </hide></showhide>

Editor's Notes

by the Director

Today I had to tag a "late edition" note in a couple of sections. Check back tomorrow or Monday and those should be up.

I'm running out of time, so I'll just finish off another successful issue with the usual:

Thanks for Reading! And that was sincerely. :)

Wayoshi, Director of The 'Shroom