Sergeant Simon

Sergeant Simon
Sergeant Simon
Species Dinohattanite
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Don Lake
“Mike, Mike! Help these Marios around the side.”
Sergeant Simon, Super Mario Bros.

Sergeant Simon is a minor character in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, serving as the head of the Dinohattan police department. He is played by Canadian actor Don Lake. He is not referred to by name in the film, though the end credits and the Todd Strasser novelization confirm it.

There is a separate character also named Simon present during the film's Devo Chamber scene behind the controls of the machine. Earlier drafts of the film would have killed off this character,[1] though the scene that was actually filmed killed off an unnamed DEVO technician. The final cut of the film omitted this death scene altogether.


Super Mario Bros. filmEdit

Sergeant Simon is first introduced in the Super Mario Bros. film when Mario and Luigi are initially arrested and brought in to the precinct. There, he questions the brothers on their names and is confused by their last names being "Mario". He is present for the brothers' interrogation with President Koopa and stuns Mario with a stun stick before leading the brothers to the Devo Chamber. There, he is punched to the floor by Mario during the brothers' escape from the room. Throughout the film, he communicates with Koopa through video chat and towards the film's conclusion, confiscates the meteorite piece from Lena and hands it to Koopa. His last notable moment is warning Koopa through walkie talkie that the Goombas are dancing.



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