Secret switch

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Secret switch
Sprite of the two secret switches, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Two secret switches are found in the game.
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)

The secret switch[1] is an object in the game Virtual Boy Wario Land, with two appearing exclusively in Stage 6. Each of the two switches have a picture of half a mask. One switch (which shows the left side of the mask) is found in a room under the waterfall that is only accessible by King Dragon Wario, due to the placement of Bonfire Blocks. Pressing this switch will not have any immediate effect. The player must now go to the second switch, which is found in plain sight halfway up the stage's waterfall. Its button will now be raised after pressing the first switch.

Pressing the second switch's button will set off a bomb that causes a nearby rock wall to break apart. This reveals a hidden door in the background of the stage, which is now accessible using the jump transporters. The hidden room contains the stage's treasure; a dress.



  1. ^ Nintendo Power issue #79, page 44 (December 1995)
    "After you activate the secret switch, this plunger will be ready to go. Blow up the barrier, then spring off to the room beyond."