Mega Mechakoopa's Swing & Stomp

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Mega Mechakoopa's Swing & Stomp
Boss minigame from Mario Party 10; Mega Mechakoopa's Swing & Stomp
Appears in Mario Party 10
Type Boss minigame
Music track A Tough Opponent!
Toughie Showdown
One Angry Toughie
Music sample
A Tough Opponent!:

Toughie Showdown:

One Angry Toughie:

Mega Mechakoopa's Swing & Stomp is a boss minigame appearing in Mario Party 10. It takes place in Chaos Castle and pits players against a giant Mechakoopa called Mega Mechakoopa.


The players are standing in a lava-filled factory area with a large metal door at one end and several chains swinging from the ceiling. Everyone jumps as something begins banging on the door—a few smashes later, the door is blown off its hinges as Mega Mechakoopa enters the room and roars at the players.


Players must run to the elevators on the left side of the stage, which lift them into range of the chains swinging from the ceiling. They must then jump forward to grab a chain before jumping off in a way that allows them to land on Mega Mechakoopa's head. The angle of a player's jump is dependent on when they let go of the chain—they barely fly at all if they let go mid-swing, and they fly farther if they leap off the chain just as it reaches the end of its swing.

Initially, Mega Mechakoopa stands at the right side of the stage, making itself an easy target. However, it begins moving back and forth across the stage as it loses health, making itself harder to hit and forcing players to run around it as they return to the elevators. Any players who touch Mega Mechakoopa lose a point and are stunned briefly.

After losing half of its health, Mega Mechakoopa moves faster and more erratically. It also begins breathing fire in 90-degree arcs to the left or right—touching the fire costs players a point. With no warning or pattern to its fire breath, players have to be much more careful when they run past the boss after jumping off the chains.

Mega Mechakoopa needs 20 stomps to be defeated; it loses half of its health on the 10th stomp.

The player who lands the finishing blow gains three extra points before the scores are tallied; as usual, the player with the most points wins. The most number of points a player can possibly earn is 23.


After taking the last hit, Mega Mechakoopa malfunctions, collapses, and then explodes.


  • +Control Pad − Move
  • Two Button − Jump from chain

In-game text[edit]

Attack! Press Two Button to jump from a chain!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大メカクッパのターザンチェーンバトル
Kyodai Mekakuppa no Tāzan chēn batoru
Giant Mechakoopa's Tarzan Chain Battle

Dutch Mega-Mechakoopa's Kettingbrug
Mega Mechakoopa's Chain Bridge
French À la chaîne sur Méga Mechakoopa
To the chain above Mega Mechakoopa
German Mega-Robo-Koopas Kettenjagd
Mega Mechakoopa's Chain Hunt
Italian Salti a catena su Mega Koopasapiens
Chain jump on Mega Mechakoopa
Portuguese Ataque contra o Mega Mecanikoopa
Attack against Mega Mechakoopa
Spanish (NOA) Ataque contra mega mecakoopa
Attack against Mega Mechakoopa
Spanish (NOE) Ataque contra Mega Mechakoopa
Attack on Mega Mechakoopa