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Insectiride from Mario Party 6
Appears in Mario Party 6
Type Battle mini-game
Time limit 30 seconds to select a vehicle per turn
Music track Fast and Furious
Music sample

Insectiride is a Battle minigame in Mario Party 6. Its name is a pun on "insecticide," a chemical that is used to kill insects. On the official website, a game based on this minigame appeared under the name "Bug Race."


Mario Party 6 promotional artwork: Koopa Kid riding on the insect automobile. Inspired from the minigame Insectiride, version 2
Mario Party 6 artwork of Koopa Kid playing Insectiride

The camera shows each of the vehicles. It then cuts to the view shown during the race, then zooms in on the stage in front of the racetrack before the minigame starts.


Each of the players is racing in their insect vehicle to get to the other side of the small stretch of land first. At the start of the minigame, each player is given 30 seconds to select one of four insect vehicles to use in the race; they are given a small description when they stand in front of one. The four vehicles are a stag beetle, a ladybug, a snail, and a grasshopper. Once the minigame starts, the players must press a certain array of buttons depending on which insects they chose. The minigame ends when at least three of the players have crossed the finish line or if five minutes are up.


Players take their places on a podium on the stage from the beginning of the minigame based on their ranks obtained in the race. Only the first-place winner, however, performs their victory animation as confetti rains down upon them, though the overall loser performs their losing animation. The screen in the background shows the winner's vehicle. If five minutes pass and no one has reached the finish line, all of the players will be in last place and perform their losing animations.

Vehicle descriptions[edit]

  • Ladybug – "Press the button ten times quickly!"
  • Snail – "Press A Button when it extends!"
  • Grasshopper – "Press the eight buttons as instructed!"
  • Stag beetle – "Press the buttons as instructed!"


  • B Button A Button Y Button X Button L Button R Button – Press as directed

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Pick a locomotion machine and start racing! Whoever reaches the goal first wins!"
  • Advice"Press the buttons as directed to claim victory!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese むしむしダービー
Mushimushi dābī
Buggy Derby

French Insectes de Course
Racing Insects
German Instektenrallye
Insect Rally
Italian Insetti da Corsa
Racing Insects
Spanish Entomóviles
Portmanteau of "entomo-" (a prefix used for creating insect names) and "móviles" (mobiles)


  • With tool assist, the grasshopper has the highest potential to win, with the snail having the lowest.[1]
  • Despite this minigame being called Insectiride, a snail is a mollusk, not an insect.


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