Heeeeeeere's Wario!

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Heeeeeeere's Wario!
YIDS Here's Wario!.png
Level code 3-5
Game Yoshi's Island DS
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Heeeeeeere's Wario! is the fifth level of World 3 in Yoshi's Island DS. It takes place in an underground cave. In the beginning of the level, Yoshi finds Baby Wario here, being left behind by the Toadies, after the other babies and the Stork have been washed away by a giant wave. This is the first level with Fangs in it. It serves as an introduction to Baby Wario's abilities. The level's title is a reference to Ed McMahon's introductory quote of "Heeeeeeere's Johnny!" from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. This level's playable Yoshi is the purple Yoshi.


As the level starts, Yoshi must use Baby Wario to move metallic boxes in order to proceed upward, then go to the right and head down to find the Middle Ring. Yoshi must then continue right, encountering a Boss Bass, and make his way past a large ship to the next screen. If Yoshi climbs up the ship, he can find another Middle Ring, and then continue on past the ship and make it to another. Yoshi must climb up that one, remove the metal box and bash through the walls with eggs. After doing so, the goal roulette is a short distance away.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオさまのとうじょうでちゅ~
Wario-sama no Tōjō dechu~
It's Baby Wario time;「でちゅ」being a jocular variation of copula「です」(desu)

German Magnetische Tricks
Magnetic Tricks
Italian Ecco Wario!
Here's Wario!
Korean 와리오님의 등장이에여~
Warionim'ui Deungjang'ieyeo~
It's Wario's Appearance~

Spanish ¡Aquí está Waaaaaario!
Here's Waaaaaario!