Dinosaur Fish

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Dinosaur Fish
Sprite of Dinosaur Fish, from Virtual Boy Wario Land
Species Dinosaur/Amphibian/Dragon
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
The Dinosaur Fish boss battle in Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Screenshot of the battle with Dinosaur Fish.

The Dinosaur Fish[1], also referred to as a dragon[2], is the first boss of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Wario fights the Dinosaur Fish by stomping its head and avoiding the creature's constantly swinging spiked ball and chain.

The Dinosaur Fish starts at the cave in the background of the level, tossing its spiked ball three times across a pool at Wario. Dinosaur Fish then hops across the pool, landing on Wario's side and swings its spiked ball and chain back and forth in an attempt to hit him at close range. The spiked ball will harm Wario if it hits him. To defeat the Dinosaur Fish, Wario must stomp its head three times, being careful not to accidentally stomp the spiked ball as it passes over the creature's head. Every time the Dinosaur Fish's head is stomped, it hops back over the pool to its cave, and swings its spiked ball again.


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