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NatsMinecraft across NIWA
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NatsMario's Mii.

Favorite Mario Games: Super Mario Odyssey (main); Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Mario Maker (spin-off)
Favorite Mario Characters: Mario Luigi Yoshi
Favourite Non-Mario Games: Minecraft Bedrock On The PC
Country: Canada

Hi its NatsMinecraft here.

NatsMario's Userbox Tower
Luigi's battle stance
Level 0.6
Spiny Shell in Mario Kart 8
A scrapped item from Super Mario World.
Cosmic Clone.png
Cosmic Clone.png
A Big Bandit from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
A Mushroom Retainer from Super Mario Bros.
A Shellcreeper, as seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Screenshot of Minus World, a Super Mario Bros. glitch.
Artwork of Bowser, from Mario Party: Island Tour.
Small Mario

Mario games I played

List of Mario Games that I played
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker My first ever Mario puzzle game, when I tried it I Hated it!
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Yeah! it was my first Mario game, so it was great even without the 3D, But I Hated it!
Yoshi's Crafted World It was my first gifted Mario game
Super Mario Odyssey Its the BEST GAME EVER!!! It has pretty graphics. No wonder Super Mario Galaxy 2 was succeeded by this game!!!
Super Mario Maker 2 I just cannot believe how great it is! Making is great! I love it,I love it,I love it,I love it,I love it,I love it,I love it(repeats this 100 times)...
Mario Kart 8/8 Deluxe This is my first Mario Kart game. I loved it and I still love it to this day
Super Mario 3D All-Stars Mainly Super Mario Galaxy So that's where Odyssey gets its shine.

My favourite Mario Related YouTube videos


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NatsMario's Mii.

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Red Yoshi
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Ultimate Mr. L