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Sup people? my name is Carson. Welcome to my dimension. I call it Dimension C. and here my attacks are 8,008,135 times more potent. You can converse with me on my talk page, where I will occasionally write funny comments on characters and games within the Mario, Wario, and Donkey Kong games. this profile is brand new and is not very vast so far, but it will slowly expand.

About me

I'm Carson, I'm a geek from Canada who likes Super Mario games and I'm also a user on many websites, including YouTube, Miiverse, Steam, and Twitter. All of them except Miiverse, I go by "NotCrazyZora". I am also someone who isn't afraid to say what's on my mind without any care of what it will make people think of me.

Things the gaming community clings to, that I disagree with

Things I've said online, and offline


  • "We're ALL guilty of chocolate!"
  • "I wish I could say my eyes changed to tons of different colours one after another and give people seizures but I don't have the right to say that."
  • "I fell back and dropped by own sanity."


  • "ù w0ņňā †Ok b00† r331 m@ň?" (An inside joke of mine on Miiverse. Whenever someone in a game questions whether or not I'm a "real man," I bust out that line. Every time)
  • Some sentence involving the words "Mummie" and "speshul" (Every time I come across something involving the word "Special"
  • "Bruh"

Social things about me in the MarioWiki community

I'm always welcome to race you guys in Mario Kart 7. Any time I'm at home, my Nintendo 3DS is connected to the internet. My Character Info: System Name: Carson. Country: Canada. Mii: My Mii.JPG This is it, except with a blue shirt now. it was green when i took this. sorry. (Oh, and sometimes I play with Yoshi, and I will punch you in the face if you call me gay for using the Birthday Girl.) If you want to race me, contact me on my talk page, and give me a date and time. I'll let you know if I can make it. (I can only race between 4:30-8:45 Central Standard time if it's monday-Friday, because of school. if I still can't, homework.) I can do it at any time over the weekend.

I am on Miiverse too.

NNID: imjustheretogame

Nickname: Carson

If you end up being My FWEND!!! =D then use this userbox |-


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Talk about a MARIO PARTY! I put 1 Mario and many Luigis because you can have multiple Dreamy Luigis in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

My Favorite Characters

Stories of mine

The Killager Story

Setting: Approximately 7:45 PM, September 19th, 2014.

I was playing the demo of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, which had been released publicly to the Nintendo eShop that morning. I was desperate to play it, because I had been following the news for it for over a year. Click here for a shorter and more humor-ridden telling of this story.

I played a match as Villager, (The green-clad female one) against the default Villager, CPU level 3. It lead to a Sudden Death Match. I planted a sapling, and watered it into a tree. I then ignored the tree and swung my axe at the other Villager, KO'ing him and taking the match.