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Hello there! You have entered the ultimate lair of DarkBowser777! I'm a big fan of the Mario series, Pokemon, and Contemporary Christian Music! I am also on SmashWiki as MasterTabuu, as JesusFreak700, Bulbapedia as AquaMaster777, and Super Mario Boards as DarkBowser777.

Dark Bowser

Real name: Wesley Flowers
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Location: Ruling Subspace! No, Jupiter! No, Arcadia! Oh, that's right, I'm currently ruling Kalos! (I'll never tell my real location)
Favorite Mario game: Mario Kart Wii or Super Smash Bros. Wii U if we're counting crossovers.
Favorite Mario Character: Bowser
Favorite non-Mario game: Puzzle & Dragons Z and Pokemon X
Favorite color: Yellow
HP: 8,576
POW: 663
DEF: 501
SPD: 258
EXP: 50,000
Coins: 2,500
DarkBowser777's Userbox Tower
The cross.PNG
A group photo of all characters shown after the credits.
Artwork of Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy
Official Builder Mario artwork, from Super Mario Maker.
Magic window.png
Mario's idle animation from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
The Wii.
File:3DSXL Image.png
File:NS Hardware.jpg
SSB4 - Link Artwork.png
Dry Bowser, in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
File:MK8D Image8.png
File:NSMBwii koopalings.png
Fawful posing for applause in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
Bowser's battle animation
An edited view of Fawful changing into Dark Fawful, with parts of his transformation from each scene minus the laughter.
Dreamy Bowser in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Sprite of Dark Fawful in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
Blizzard Midbus from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
Dreamy Bowser
Sprite of Blizzard Midbus after being defeated
Dreamy Bowser idle.png
Mario you phail.gif
Toad Maker Medal
The game's first title screen with the default teams.
Shiny RoboBowser.jpg
Dreamy Bowser using a hammer attack.
Bowser versus the final boss, Dark Bowser.
Bowser's battle animation
Dark Mechawful
Bowser's battle animation
Dark Mechawful.5, a new version of a Dark Mechawful
Bowser performing dogeza.
Dark Mechawful.5
Dry Bowser, in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Dark Mechawful Head
Rayquaza artwork from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Artwork of Mewtwo for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
Sprite of Fawful (first fight) from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.
Mario and Luigi using the Firebrand and Thunderhand respectively in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.

Top 10 Favorite Characters

1. Bowser Bowser artwork for Mario Kart Wii

2. Luigi Luigi with the Poltergust 5000

3. Bowser Jr. Artwork of Bowser Jr., from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

4. Mario Artwork of Mario performing a Spin in Super Mario Galaxy

5. Peach Artwork of Princess Peach, from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

6.Yoshi Artwork of Yoshi, from Mario Kart 8.

7.Fawful Fawful's artwork in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

8. Wario Mario Party 8 artwork: Wario

9. Toad File:MKDS-Toad Artwork.png

10. Antasma Antasma artwork from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team


Mario & Luigi (see above)


HP 100

Atk 200

Def 110

Sp. Atk 200

Sp. Def 110

Spd 100

Total 820

Type: Dark/Fire

Ability: Beast Boost

Gender ratio: 100% male

Catch rate: 1 (0.1%)

Moves: UltraDark Laser, Dark Flamethrower, Evil Shell Slam, Shell Smash

Item: DarkBowser777ium Z (Powers up UltraDark Laster into Ultimate Darkness MegaLaster)

Description: Not a Pokemon, but it seems catchable. Rumors say he came from another dimension close to that of Subspace. Its powers are terribly strong.

Puzzle & Dragons Z:

HP 7/10

Atk 10/10

Def 7/10

Rarity 5 stars Legendary!

Skill: Dark Flame (5) does 50x Fire damage to all foes.

Leader skill: Bowser Power XXX-raises all Bowser's atk by 5x.

A powerful monster from another world. Not much is known about him. It's said that its fire breath melts fire itself.

Pokemon Shuffle:

Power: 100-150

Skill: UltraDark Laser-Sometimes does massive damage.

My Video Games

This section is under construction by my minions.

Game Notes Rating Completion Soundtrack
Mario Kart Wii My favorite Mario Kart game! Mario Kart Wii has fun races, lots of characters, and karts and bikes for all likes! 9/10 Unlocked everything except the Sprinter and Mii Outfit B. Haven't done all Time Trials, or gotten all stars in all cups on all modes yet. 7/10 Though it's not the best, it will do. I like Rainbow Road's theme the best.
Super Mario Galaxy This game is awesome! Graphics are good, levels are fun, storyline is great, and the soundtrack is amazing! 9/10 Beat the main story. I've got about 110 Stars. 9.5/10 Amazing! The boss music could've been better. My favorites are Good Egg Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy, and Buoy Base Galaxy.
Super Mario Bros. (3DS and Wii Virtual Console) Obviously not my favorite (because it's an old game) but is pretty decent and I can see why it was a big success at the time. Offers a neat, retro challenge! 7/10 Have been up to World 6-3. 5/10 I like the overworld theme, but the others are just okay.
Puzzle & Dragons Z An awesome game worth your money because it comes with the Mario edition. It has unique gameplay, a cool storyline, and awesome monsters! It starts out easy, but is slowly gets harder until the difficulty is intense! 9/10 Beat EVERY area. Have got almost all monsters. 8.5/10 The soundtrack is cool, especially the boss themes!
Wii Sports A well-made and fun sports game, perfect for all ages and easy to learn! 7.5/10 Unlocked all training games (that's easy), but I have yet to get all platinum medals. 6/10 While most of the soundtrack is only good 'cause it's a sport game, I like the baseball practice theme and the main theme.
Mario Kart 8 With good graphics, new characters and cool vehicles, this game has it all! Well, all except that Dry Bones, King Boo, and Bowser Jr. weren't in there. But they'll return to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! 8.5/10 Got all characters and courses (even DLC), don't have 3 stars on all classes, though. 9.5/10 I like when Nintendo decides to use real instruments instead of computerizing everything. I like the combination of rock and jazz in ones like Bowser's Castle and Big Blue.
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam I like the challenge of controlling 3 characters at once. Music is good, fights are fun, and bosses are challenging! I've noticed the lack of new enemies, but many of them have made their 1st Mario & Luigi appearance on this one. 9/10 Complete! I haven't beaten all arcade battles yet, though. 8.5/10 A lot like Dream Team's. I like the battle themes.
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Fun! All the new enemies, soundtrack, and bosses makes this game a must-get if you like the Mario & Luigi series. 8.5/10 I've beat the game, but now I must beat all the Battle Ring bosses. 8.5/10 The battle themes are the best, especially Adventure's End!
Pokemon X My 1st Pokemon game. Great story, gameplay, Pokemon, graphic, etc. Definitely a Gen 6 game! I found it's the easiest Pokemon game, however. 9/10 Beat main story and sidequests, as well as the Kalos Pokedex. Working on the National Dex. 8.5/10 Lots of good themes! My favorites are all the battles, like Team Flare and Legendary.


Top 5 favorite game soundtracks

  1. Mario Kart 8
  2. Super Mario Galaxy
  3. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  4. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
  5. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam


To listen to all your favorite video game music, go to To download some video game music, go here: Kingdom Hearts Both websites are safe. (If K9 blocks khinsider then it's because it has an optional forum.)

Top 15 Favorite Music

  1. Adventure's End (Final boss)-M&L:DT
  2. Good Egg Galaxy-SMG
  3. Gusty Garden Galaxy-SMG
  4. N64 Rainbow Road-MK8
  5. Battlefield-SSB4
  6. Big Blue-MK8
  7. Mute City-MK8
  8. Never Let Up (boss)-M&L:DT
  9. Gaur Plain-XC
  10. You Will Know Our Names-XC
  11. Buoy Base Galaxy-SMG
  12. Rainbow Road-MK8
  13. Bowser's Castle-MK8
  14. Throwback Galaxy-SMG2
  15. Multi-Man Melee 2-SSBM


I enjoy CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) and have almost all of the Wow Hits CDs.

Top 10 Favorite Songs

Name Year Artist Album Genre
1. Mirror of Souls [22 min. long!] 2008 Theocracy Mirror of Souls Christian Progressive Metal
2. We Believe 2013 Newsboys Restart CCM
3. Until the Whole World Hears 2009 Casting Crowns Until the Whole World Hears Christian Rock
4. So Will I (100 Billion X) 2017 Hillsong UNITED Wonder CCM; Contemporary Worship
5. God's Not Dead (Like a Lion) 2011 Newsboys God's Not Dead Christian Rock
6. Thrive 2014 Casting Crowns Thrive CCM; bluegrass
7. Hold Fast 2006 MercyMe Coming Up to Breathe Christian Rock; indie rock
8. Every Time I Breathe 2006 Big Daddy Weave Every Time I Breathe CCM
9. Hello, My Name Is 2012 Matthew West Into the Light CCM; Christian Rock
10. This is Amazing Grace 2014 Phil Wickham The Ascension CCM

TV Shows I Watch (Or Have Seen Enough of to Have Them Here)

^=Seen all of it


<=currently watching


[]=favorite character

Good Luck Charlie^ (G) [Gabe Duncan]

Liv & Maddie^ (G) [Parker Rooney]

LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu+ (TV-Y7) [Kai]

LEGO Legends of Chima^+ (TV-Y7) [Worriz]

Leave it to Beaver^ (NR-G) [Gilbert]

Family Matters< (G) [Steve Urkel]

Merlin< (PG) [Merlin]

The Cosby Show< (G) [Heathcliff Huxtable]

Phineas & Ferb+ (?) [Dr. Doofenshmirtz]

Dragons:Race to the Edge+^ (TV-Y7) [Dagur the Deranged]

The Three Stooges^ (NR-G) [Curly Howard]

The Magic School Bus+^ (TV-Y) [Carlos]

Wild Kratts+ (TV-Y) [Zach Varmitech]

Granite Flats^ (PG) [Professor Hargraves]

LEGO Nexo Knights+ (TV-Y7) [Book of Monsters]

Pokemon the Series: XY+^ (TV-Y7) [Ash or Meowth]

Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon+ (TV-Y7) [Ash or Meowth]

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia+< (TV-Y7) [Jim]

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Cool Users!

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User: Ultimate Mr. L

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Funny Quotes

I've hired some workers from Morton Construction to help with this part.

"Bet you can't do that twice!"-One of the game hosts, Carnival Games

"All who resist will be beat like naughty little eggs!"-Fawful, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

"What. What in the... WHAT IS THIS?! WHY DID GREEN 'STACHE AND MARIO COME OUT OF MY GUT?!"-Bowser, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

  • Young Toad:"Mom, I'm home!"
  • Mom Toad:"Well, hi there, sweetie! Home early today, huh?"
  • Young Toad:"Ms. Ingletoad just wouldn't stop talking. Blah blah blaaaaaah! So I snuck out and came home!"
  • Mom Toad:"You naughty little scamp! You'll never grow up into a fine Toad with such bad behavior!"
  • Young Toad:"Fiiiiiiiine, Mom, whatever. So, is dinner ready yet?"
  • Mom Toad:"Yes, dear, it is. But call your dad before we eat."
  • Young Toad:"DAAAAAAD! Dinner's ready! [yells]"
  • Mom Toad:"What is it, dear?!"
  • Young Toad:"It's Dad! He's… (rolls in infected by the Blorbs)"-from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

  • Zane:"Don't worry Sensei, we will be ready when Lord Garmadon returns."
  • Nya:"Lord Garmadon; he's returned!"
  • *Ninja go crazy*-from Ninjago

Quotes for Life

"In every encounter, we either give life, or we drain it. There is no mutual exchange." -Speak Life quote (by tobyMac)

"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." - Brennan Manning

"What if trials of this life are His mercies in disguise?" -from the song Blessings by Laura Story

"Weird as in different, or weird as in different from you?"-Sensei Wu from Ninjago


If you become my friend, you'll need my userbox:

Dark Bowser

More to Come!

There's much more to be added to my userpage! Hopefully I will do it soon... But for now, you've reached the end!