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Hi there, i'm Perfection, a brazilian user. This page is in progress, so, come back when finished :)

“The Best Gamer Ever ”
Shigeru Miyamoto

I'm moving to my new wiki

Species: Human (Former) Ric/Animation
Born: Yesteday
Qi: -0 and lower
Favorite Mario Game: Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Favorite Mario Character: Mario


Ok, now i will annouce 2 new projects. The first is a remake of Sonic 1 Megamix, which I will relase at SAGE '24 (or at Christmas Sage). And the second, i unfortunately can't reveal, but i will show some spotligths.

1º Spotligth

It's a webcomic

2º Spotligth

It's about the SMG4 Series

3º Spotligth

It's about Tari's Origins

Well, this' all i can say for now, bye :)

Sonic MegaMix DELUXE features

In response of SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA) (talk), i will show some features of my W.I.P. Sonic MegaMix DELUXE.


The menu will have the the same options as Sonic Megamix Mania, with the same appereance as the Sonic CD, but every option changes the background. Here's all the backgrounds:

Megamix Mode: Sonic from the title screen

Classic Mode: Sonic from the Original title screen

Time Attack Mode*: A Stopwatch

Competiton Mode*: Sonic fighting Metal Sonic (From the Japanese and European Boxarts of Sonic CD)

Options: A Gear

Sound Test*: Sonic singin' (From the 8-Bit Sonic 1 Credits)

??????: ??????????

Exit: Sonic Loopin' the "Way 'outta of here" animation

  • = Has Classic Variants

Character's Abilities

Note: all the abilities of all characters are from Megamix Mania. In case you already know, jump into the next section. And also the inputs are from a Mega Drive controller, so don't judge me.


Air Dash: A while in air

Homing Attack: A in the air, near of an badnik

Ligthspeed Dash: B next of rings

Insta-Shield*: A while in air

Drop Dash: Hold A while in air


Tail Whip: B

Flight: A while in air

Flight Cancel: B during Flight

Super Jump: A + Up


Glide: A while in air

Drill Dive: B + Down while in air

Excavation**: Drill Drive in Ground

Surprize**: A during Excavation

Flutter Jump: B during Glide


Wall Kick: A in air, next to walls

Hammer Drop: A while in air


Double Jump: A twice

Jet Stomp: B while in air

Bullet Shot: C after get a Bullet Monitor

*:Only Avaialbe in Classic Mode
**: New Abilities

New Project

I officialy anounce my biggest project yet (and no, MegaMix Deluxe is not dead)... SMG4 Bloopers!!!!

New redesings

New Characters



Well, that's for now, bye!

First Saga: Corrupted Mario Simulator

(Spoiler Alert!!!) In a alternate dimension of the infamous video Mario Simulator, Mario don't detroys the game, even when Peach's Castle gets destroyed, but when Mario beats the game... he noticed... that he needed get out of there... Mario will be able to eat spagetthi again, or he will "prove a new type of spagetthi"

Bad News

Yup, Bad News. If don't know some years the creators of SAGE realizes RAGE (Really Amateur Game Expo). So, yeah, i need to postpone to SAGE '25 (If something happens, update me on my talk page)

FNF Music Relase

"I'm so exicited to play "Mario""- Powerdown V̶2̶ Nova Mix but MX & Lucas (and Toad) sings

MX: Powerdown & Demise (Outdated Version)

Lucas & Toad: Custom

Phes 1: Disguised MX and Angry Toad

Phase 2 & 3: MX & Lucas

He Died...

Mistakes are made... they're cant be rewrited...

but now... is time to "advance"...

from the CD era... to the 32...

X era...

Super Mario FanWiki

If you is a Mario Fan-creator of something, and want a Mario Fan content wiki, i have the perfect project for you.

Super Mario FanWiki!!!

A wiki full of Mario Fan Content, that i want to realize until the end of year.

My Goal? 30.000 pages!

How to vote? Check now.

How to vote

1º: I'll put a section on my talk page for the votes, with a place for a page idea, with your name.

2º: I'll also put a counter for votes, if we reach 30.000 votes, i promise that until 01/01/2025, all your page ideas will be in 1 unique wiki.