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List of Luigi's Mansion beta elements

This is a list of beta elements from Luigi's Mansion.

Early builds

The game was first shown at the Nintendo Space World 2000, among other games that were being made during the time. The game was going to be for the Nintendo 64, but was later moved to the Nintendo Gamecube, because the 64 was near it's end.

One of the early ideas for the game was a 3D plug-in that when plugged in, the player could play it in 3D. This idea was scrapped because it would have been expensive around the time. The game was later shown at E3 2001 as a demo that had several differences from the final version.

First Build

  • In the original opening, Luigi went in without the flashlight he had in the final game, then a blue ghost scared him, causing him to slide down the rails and dodge the falling set of chandeliers, making Luigi scream. [1]
  • The Poltergust 3000 was originally called the Poltergust 400 and had a different look. The vacuum had an overheat meter and whenever it reached ten, it would explode, causing Luigi to drop to the ground.
  • In the end of Space World 2000, a one second video of three blue ghosts (which resembled Blue Twirlers) who were sitting around a table playing poker was shown, they make a cameo in the ending of the game, on a part of the Ghost Portrificationizer.
  • The Mansion looked different, the exterior had no chimneys, lesser windows, a longer walkway and less graves outside the mansion.
  • Several different kinds of mansions were planned for the final game, including an apartment complex, a dollhouse, a ninja mansion and a Japanese-style house. The game was originally conceptualized to resemble the Mario series more closely, but strayed when the haunted western mansion concept took priority.[2]
  • Page 39 of the Nintendo Power issue of this game gives note of the Safari Room having a hunter Portrait Ghost who wants to add Luigi to his collection, it is unknown why he was removed from the final game.[3]

Ghost differences

  • Boos had full teeth and no tongues, they were also more common than in the final version.
  • King Boo was also different, he looked more ordinary and had no crown.
  • Gold Ghosts were going to be fat, aqua ghosts and then purple and then white, before becoming gold.
  • Purple Punchers were going to be green with huge noses, then gold and eventually the one that is shown in the final version.
  • Blue Twirlers were pink with huge noses.
  • Portrait Ghosts had 50 HP and would drop coins instead of hearts.
  • Spooky had a different personality.
  • Lydia looked at Luigi when battling her, which made it easy to capture her.
  • Capturing Boolossus ended the demo, meaning Area 4 ghosts were not seen, Boolossus was the size of an average Big Boo, with no gold eyes.
  • Gold Mice and Bats were pale colored.
  • The demo featured a ghost called the "Basher", they resembled pink Bowling Ghosts, but came in several palette swaps. they would creep up on Luigi (causing the Game Boy Horror to flash instantly) and then scare Luigi, causing him to crawl away and make his HP meter cut in half, but the meter then changed to 50/100 seconds later. This is similar to the Sneaker's method of scaring Luigi in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Room differences

  • The Foyer was called the "Entrance", and had a different door design, along with Toad's absence and the mirror wasn't covered up.
  • The Parlor was called the "Living Room" and the candles and vases were completely red. The three beta ghosts were found here. The portraits were also based on ghosts dressed in top hats with wine, instead of the humans in the final version, the tables are also positioned differently.
  • When a room was lit, spinning circles of coins would appear instead of treasure chests.
  • The early Wardrobe Room had a dark green treasure chest.
  • In the Study, the chair next to where Neville sat had a small table.
  • The Master Bedroom was called "Bedroom #1" and had two beds instead of one, with a drawer between them. The wardrobe was positioned at the far left of the room.
  • The Nursery was called the "Child's Room" and Chauncey was missing, as well as black and white pictures of him. Instead, the room was filled with ghosts. A stuffed rabbit and two teddy bears were on a shelf, and the crib was further from the wall. There was also no treasure chest containing the key to Area Two, as the door was accessible from the start of the demo.
  • Many doors were boarded up. Doors leading to the Basement, Anteroom, Ball Room, Laundry Room, Sealed Room, and Fortune-Teller's Room were examples.
  • The Dining Room was accessed by another door near the Area Two door, in it's own hallway. The Dining Room had several beta ghosts residing in it, and did not include Mr. Luggs. The doors to the Billiards Room and the Projection Room were also boarded up, and a china cabinet was positioned between both boarded up doors.
  • The Kitchen had many ghosts, including two unseen chef-like ghosts who threw food at Luigi.
  • Skeleton Ghosts did not appear in the Boneyard, while Purple Punchers and Flying Fish were present
  • In the Graveyard, the area where Bogmire resided was missing.
  • The Bathroom (1F) was called the "Lavatory" and had Boos residing in it.
  • The second floor was blocked by several stacked boxes.
  • The Conservatory had a saxophone and a french horn hanging on the wall, as well as a staircase that Luigi could climb and a blocked door.
  • The Hallway after the Area Three door lacked Flying Fish.
  • The Telephone Room had several Gold Mice.
  • The Breaker Room had a different layout and had Flying Fish in it, the switch was also absent.
  • The table in the Sitting Room had no cloth on it.
  • The Safari Room had tiger mats on the tables.
  • Ceiling Surprises, Purple Bombers, and Bowling Ghosts did not appear in most hallways.
  • The Gallery had to go through many revisions
    • First Gallery: The first gallery had no angel statues and was short, had textures similar to that of the Training Room, and had an underground look to it.
    • Second Gallery: It had unicorn statues (similar to the ones on the third floor Balcony, though they have shorter horns) instead of angels and was longer than the first one.
    • Third Gallery: It was the same as the second one, but was even more shorter.

Second Build

  • There were going to be several nozzles for the Poltergust, but can only be used with replay codes.
  • The Game Boy Horror was going to be a 24 hour clock, presuming Luigi had to find Mario before a certain time and if not, a Game Over clip would play. This shows Luigi outside the Mansion, looking severely depressed, it was then going to be a third-version view. These two modes are still found in the coding and can be made into AR Codes.
  • Luigi was actually able to explore E. Gadd's lab, it has two doors (which lead to the Training Room and the Ghost Portrificationizer Room) and a ladder which leaded to nowhere, presuming Luigi was able to get to the Mansion and Lab via the ladder.
    • There are three unused ending pictures, which were likely used for the ending. The worst showed Luigi in his beta depressed form holding a daisy, the good showed him doing a peace sign, and the best showed him doing two peace signs, the good ending is similar to the pose Luigi done when collecting keys or gems.
  • Ghosts would have made different sounds when taunting Luigi.
  • Several unused dialogue icons were planned but removed:
    • Bowser
    • Green Toad (still visible with action replay)
    • Mario
    • Gold Ghost

There are also several unused music tracks:

    • Mario Fanfare.
    • Mario's portrait.
    • Space Room.
    • Total Score. (a shorter version of the Space Room theme)
    • Bogmire Cutscene.
    • Drumbeat.
    • an early Totaka's Song.
    • The beta version of the main theme.


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