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This article is about an area from Luigi's Mansion. For the sponsor from Mario Kart Wii, see List of sponsors in Mario Kart Wii § Gallery. For a list of galleries of Mario-related images on the Super Mario Wiki, see Category:Galleries.
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The Gallery is an area in Luigi's Mansion located in the vicinity of Professor Elvin Gadd's laboratory. In here, one can see the pictures of Luigi's captured Portrait Ghosts. Each of its two halls leads to a room with a large portrait of King Boo. On either side of his painting are two angel statues, which will flap their wings if they are interacted with. A picture of Luigi's NEW Mansion also appears after beating the game.

Professor E. Gadd stands in front of a door in the Gallery. This door leads to the Portrificationizer Chamber, according to the Game Boy Horror. However, it cannot be entered.

The Nintendo 3DS version features a brand new Gallery.[1]



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