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CPU in Subspace Emissary Mode? That sounds new.[edit]

From the article in question: "In single player, teams are still available. However, the second character is a CPU, and if the main character is defeated, the player takes control of the second player, until it, too, is defeated."

I knew about single-player controlled teams, but the second character can be a Computer Player (CPU)? That's news to me; I thought the other selected characters were merely extra lives, which are different from a computer-controlled player. The instruction manual and GameFAQS don't seem to corroborate this. Can you elucidate upon this claim, please, if you can? I know I've pressed every button on the controller during character selection and during gameplay in one-player mode, and certainly haven't seen any evidence about the above statement being true.
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It's a lie. Hello, I'm Time Turner.
Huh. Well, that lie's still on the article's page as of April 12 9:54PM GMT.
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more info[edit]

Do you think that we should include information on the actual levels of each stage, rather than just the cut scene. for example: The Glacial Peak. I added information on the level so that it would be more of an article than a movie summary. The smash wiki has some info we could use. glacial peak
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Character Snapshots[edit]

I hope you won't mind that I/we put in the snapshot's each character had in the Subspace emissary.

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