Off the Map

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Front and back cover
Front and back cover
Front and back cover

Off The Map is the ninth and final thematic DVD of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, whose theme is episodes that occur in real world places. The DVD was released by nCircle Entertainment, on July 21, 2009.

The DVD contains the following episodes:

  • "Bad Rap"
    "Koopa kidnaps the King of Rapland where everyone speaks in rap rhyme. It's up to the rapping Marios to save the day."
  • "Too Hot to Handle"
    "Koopa has imprisoned the Fire God of Lavalava Land and forces the natives to sacrifice the Princess Toadstool to the local volcano."
  • "Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold"
    "When a Leprechaun our heroes meet in Shamrock Land asks them to help recover his pot o'gold coins stolen by Koopa, the Marios can only say "yes.""
  • "Elvin Lives"
    "The Mario Bros., Princess Toadstool, and Toad arrive in Sock Hop Land to save the music king Elvin Parsley from Greaser Koopa."
  • "Crocodile Mario"
    "Our heroes arrive in Down Under Land and have to save the Outback Mushroom People from Kangaroo Koopa and an army of crocodiles."