Donkey Kong Final Battle

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Donkey Kong Final Battle
Level code F-DK
Final Battle
World Final Ferris Wheel
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!
Time limit 300 seconds
Boss Donkey Kong
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Donkey Kong Final Battle, also referred to as Final Battle, is the only course of Final Ferris Wheel and the seventy-third course overall in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!. It is a boss fight against Donkey Kong.

The level features six Mini Marios that can be used in the level.


The entire level revolves around a cannon that Mario uses to take out Donkey Kong, by rotating it and shooting Mini Marios. Donkey Kong mainly moves around on a Ferris wheel, shooting missiles that break a Mini Mario if the top of the cannon is hit. After taking two hits, Donkey Kong will send out hovering spike balls as obstacles. They look like Spinies and the ones he threw in older games in the series, but on propellers. After receiving a third hit he will spin around on the Ferris wheel in an attempt to steal the Mini Mario up on top. If he succeeds, he will hold on to the Mini Mario for a brief moment before flinging it away. Another Mini Mario can hit Donkey Kong to free the captive Mini Mario, but this hit does not count towards Donkey Kong's health bar. After taking six hits, Donkey Kong will be momentarily stunned, and must be hit again to be defeated.


The M-Token is located on the left side of the Ferris wheel.

Mini Mario Card[edit]

The Mini Mario Card is located on the right side of the Ferris wheel.

Goal Score[edit]

In order to earn a Trophy, the player must score 12000 points.

Plus Mode[edit]

There is no specific order of Minis in Plus Mode. Donkey Kong's moves may also become more erratic.

Goal Score[edit]

In order to earn a Trophy, the player must score 12000 points.