Area 7-8

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Not to be confused with World 7-8.
Area 7-8
Level code 7-8
World Cannon Cove
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!
Time limit 300 seconds
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Area 7-8 is the eighth course of Cannon Cove and the sixty-second course overall in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!.

The level features three Mini Marios, including one with a key, though not necessarily in the same starting positions.


Two Mini Marios begin near the bottom left while the other is just behind them, with the exit door near the top center. In order to reach it, they must simply be guided via a series of Cannons and Red Girders to it, while avoiding the Snifits.


The M-Token is located at the middle left, in an alcove with a spike and a Snifit. To collect it, a Mini Mario must use the Hammers they got while collecting the Mini Mario Card to reach the alcove and take out the Snifit, drawing a Red Girder bridge to reach it.

Mini Mario Card[edit]

The Mini Mario Card is located near the top right, behind the top Snifit. The front Mini Marios must simply use the Cannon to reach the Hammers and in turn take out the Snifit in order to reach it.

Goal Score[edit]

In order to earn a trophy, the player must score 14700 points.

Plus Mode[edit]

In Plus Mode, the Mini Mario must be guided to the exit door first, followed by the Mini Peach and then the Mini Pauline.

Goal Score[edit]

In order to earn a trophy, the player must score 14100 points.