Metto Oyakata

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Metto Oyakata
Side picture of Metto Oyakata and his Buzzy Beetles
Species Buzzy Beetle
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 3 (1992)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun volume 5 (1992)

Metto Oyakata is a character appearing exclusively in the Super Mario World adaptation in Super Mario-kun. He appears as a large, bipedal Buzzy Beetle with a giant grin surrounded with a black beard, causing him to loosely resemble Foreman Spike. He also wears a construction helmet with an image of a skull on it. He is responsible for the creation of the obstacle course in the underground sections and in the castles.

In chapter 3 volume 3, to avoid the scorching sun on the surface, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi travel underground to find a construction site. After jumping over the site's fence, the trio is yelled at by the foreman, Metto Oyakata, who demands they leave, as an obstacle course for Mario is being placed, unaware that Mario is in the group.

Once Metto Oyakata and his Buzzy Beetle workers activate the trap, the trio avoids it, though fall into the wet cement afterward. Metto Oyakata uses this opportunity to summon Swoopers to suck the trio's energy and abilities to possess them for himself, obtaining Mario's nose, mustache and cape and Yoshi's hunger for turtles, causing him to eat one of his own workers. After escaping the cement trap, Mario reaches for a 3-Up Moon and becomes 3UP Mario. With a fire kick, Mario launches Metto Oyakata and engulfs him in flames, causing him to collide with the powder magazine and blow up the entire underground.

In chapter 7 volume 5, the trio encounters Metto Oyakata again when they enter Bowser's Castle for the second time. When he laughs at them, Mario jumps at him to punch him, though a moving wall prevents him from doing so. This causes Metto Oyakata to laugh again, just before another wall moves and hits him on the head.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メット親方
Metto Oyakata
Master/Chief Buzzy Beetle

French Blindule en Chef[1]
Master/Chief Buzzy Beetle


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