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Not to be confused with Honeybee.
Artwork of a Honey-Bee from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Sprite of two Honey-Bees, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.

Honey-Bee[1] is an enemy seen in the game Virtual Boy Wario Land. Honey-Bees only appear in Stage 9 of the game, first being seen in the area with the conveyor belt. Along the conveyor belt path, Wario will encounter many Honey-Bees which will emerge from the foliage seen in the background. The creatures each carry one of two objects: either a watermelon or a bomb, which they drop near Wario. The watermelons will break upon hitting the ground, while the bombs will be left moving along the conveyor belt, and will quickly explode. Unlike most other enemies in the game, they cannot be touched (and likewise defeated) by Wario.

The watermelons dropped by Honey-Bees serve a purpose within the level. Wario can carry the watermelons and drop them on nearby Watermelon Springs, activating a spring which will propel the melon in the air and possibly landing on a moving button in the background. If the button is pressed, an Angry Watermelon which blocks the path will explode, leaving Wario free to progress.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハコビー[2]
Pun on「運び」(hakobi, carriage) and "bee"


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