Good Egg Galaxy (board)

Good Egg Galaxy
The Good Egg Galaxy board from Fortune Street
Appears in Fortune Street
Availability Unlocked after finishing the Bowser's Castle board in Tour mode in first place.
Description "A capsule-shaped planet in the Good Egg Galaxy. You have to be very careful not to get lost there."
Music sample
“Let's have a look here... How's this been thrown together, then? I bet there was a real ace carpenter at work when this was put up.”
Carver, Fortune Street

The Good Egg Galaxy appears as one of the boards for the Super Mario franchise in the game Fortune Street. Elements from the location of the same name from Super Mario Galaxy are seen throughout the board, while the board itself is looped around the pill planet. In Easy rules, the board has two long lines that connect in the middle by two other lines. In Standard mode, the board is much bigger and has more higher priced shops. The board in the Standard rules consists of 2 large rectangles connected by several lines. To the side of the main portion is a long, single path line with 4 back-street squares, 4 suit squares and 2 districts; in total the board has ten districts. In Tour mode, the player has to get 1st place against Jessica, Luigi, and Toad. Beating it unlocks the Colossus board.


Type of square Number of squares
Standard rules Easy rules
42 in 10 Districts
24 in 4 sections
Max length: 7
Spade suit
2 1
Heart suit
2 1
Diamond suit
2 1
Club suit
2 1
0 3
4 0
2 0
Vacant plot
Varies 0
2 0
0 2
1 0
1 0
8 0
1 0
Total 70 34

Starting values, salaries & targetsEdit

The salaries in this board are as follows:

Standard rules Easy rules
Starting value 2000 G 2500 G
Basic salary 300 G 500 G
Promotion bonus 150 G x promotion 100 G x promotion
Default target 20000 G 10000 G

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Galaxia Ovoestrella
Egg-Star Galaxy