Delfino Plaza (board)

Delfino Plaza
Wideshot of Delfino Plaza (board)
Appears in Itadaki Street DS
Fortune Street
Availability Unlockable (Itadaki Street DS)
Default (Fortune Street)
Description "The largest metropolis on the southern resort of Isle Delfino. Once it was graffitied all over by the incorrigible Bowser Jr."
Music sample
“What a waste of such a perfect setting. I could have wooed any girl here, but there's not a fair maiden in sight.”
Angelo, Fortune Street

Delfino Plaza is a game board in both Itadaki Street DS and Fortune Street, based on the location of the same name from Super Mario Sunshine.


Itadaki Street DSEdit

Delfino Plaza in Itadaki Street DS.

Delfino Plaza appears as a board in Itadaki Street DS. It is one of the seven Super Mario-related boards that appears in the game. The appearance of the plaza is nearly identical to that of its appearance in Super Mario Sunshine.

In Tour Mode, the player has to claim first against Wario, Waluigi, and Yoshi, and doing so will unlock Waluigi.

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Fortune StreetEdit

Mario after upgrading his circus

Delfino Plaza makes a reappearance in Fortune Street. In easy rules, the board looks like a heart with two circles on the bumps of the heart. In standard rules, the board looks like three ovals that connect at the bank, which is in the center, making it resemble a three-leaf clover. In Tour mode, the player has to place at least second against Wario, Waluigi, and Luigi.


Type of square Number of squares
Standard rules Easy rules
27 in 6 districts
4 in Districts B, E, F
5 in Districts A, C, D
30 in 14 sections
Max length: 5
Spade suit
Heart suit
Diamond suit
Club suit
1 2
1 2
Vacant plot
Varies 0
1 2
Total 39 45

Starting values, salaries & targetsEdit

The salaries in this board are as follows:

Standard rules Easy rules
Starting value 2000 G 2200 G
Basic salary 400 G
Promotion bonus 100 G x promotion 150 G x promotion
Default target 15000 G 10000 G


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Ciudad Delfino
Delfino City