Bask Ruins

Bask Ruins
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Ball speed Slow
Bounce strength Weak
Appears in Mario Tennis Aces

Bask Ruins is a court in Mario Tennis Aces, located near the entrance to the Kingdom of Bask. It is set in desert ruins, and features Ant Troopers as line judges and a Conkdor as the court's referee.

In-game descriptionEdit

  • "A scorching desert surrounding the ruins of the Kingdom of Bask. Drop Shots are key, since the ball won't bounce much here."

Adventure ModeEdit

In Adventure Mode, Bask Ruins is the first area visited. When Mario and Toad reach here, Dry Bones claims that Bask Ruins can only be entered by those who can play tennis, and teaches the basic tennis rules to the player while playing with him before challenging Mario to a proper match. After Mario wins, he and Toad are permitted to enter the Temple of Bask. Inside the temple, Mario encounters the temple's guardian, Aster, who gives Mario some background about Lucien and asks him to find the five Power Stones to prevent Lucien from regaining its full power. Aster then teaches Mario various techniques such as the Zone Shot and the Special Shot. Once the tutorial is over, Aster tells Mario where to find the Power Stones.

Later, after Mario, Peach, and Daisy defeat Lucien's puppets at Marina Stadium, Bowser steals Lucien and the five Power Stones and brings them back to Bask Ruins, where he uses them to transform into Bowcien. Mario confronts Bowcien at the Temple of Bask Shrine, where he successfully defeats Bowcien and breaks Lucien with a Zone Shot.


Mission Location Description
A Bone to Pick
Bask Ruins "Beat Dry Bones in a tennis match!"
An Ancient Trial
Temple of Bask "Prove your tennis skills and solve the gate puzzle!"
The Final Battle!
Temple of Bask Shrine "Defeat that foul Bowser, who is in possession of Lucien!"


  Bask Ruins
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Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ソル王国の遺跡
Soru Ōkoku no Iseki
Ruins of the Kingdom of Sol

Chinese (simplified) 泰阳王国的遗迹
Tàiyáng Wángguó De Yíjī
Ruins of Taiyang Kingdom

Chinese (traditional) 泰陽王國的遺跡
Tàiyáng Wángguó De Yíjī
Ruins of Taiyang Kingdom

Italian Rovine di Solarius
Bask Ruins
Spanish Ruinas de Solarius
Bask's ruins