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Caped Mario holding a Cape Feather while he is mounted on Yoshi, from Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

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Your article[edit]

Please don't create articles in the manner you just did, it is a stub which offers no information and creation of those are prohibited on the wiki. If sufficient information is not put into the article in 7 days it will be deleted. Either put all relevant information in, or don't create an article. Yoshi876 (talk)

I am not done working in it, that's why it is incomplete. ToxicOJ (talk)

You should complete the article before clicking save page, thus preventing the creation of a stub. Yoshi876 (talk)

Ok, I'll try to remember that ToxicOJ (talk)

Stub articles[edit]

As stated by Yoshi876 above, gather a sufficient amount of information before you create an article - Don't just create one and leave it. Also, when creating an article, please follow the steps as listed in MarioWiki:Manual of Style, such as the use of italics and bolding. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC


I have a question, is it possible to change your username? ToxicOJ (talk)

See this page and read the instructions there. Viper26's avatarViper26's signature text (talk · edits)


Hello, you can link the plural form of a link by using this coding: [[Goomba]]s, rather than [[Goomba|Goombas]]. Thanks! TheDarkStar Sprite of the Dark Star from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey 22:51, May 20, 2019 (EDT)

Thank you! I apologize for the previous errors. ToxicOJ (talk) 22:56, May 20, 2019 (EDT)

Rosalina in the Observatory[edit]

Howdy! This article could potentially be helpful material to look at. I came across it while revising the game's article. It talks about "Rosalina in the Observatory" specifically. - Nintendo101 (talk) 21:04, June 25, 2023 (EDT)

Thanks! I'll look into it! ToxicOJ (talk) 21:19, June 25, 2023 (EDT)

RE: Delfino Plaza (theme) / Isle Delfino (theme) article title[edit]

There isn't really an established rule for musical themes, but the general rule in place is that we use the most recent English name. But since a theme can get new arrangements with titles sometimes specific to those arrangements or games, such titles wouldn't really be suitable for a page that's meant to be for the theme as a whole, so it's better to use the most recent English name for the original theme, and if one isn't available, use an arrangement's name that fits the overall theme best. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 10:44, June 26, 2023 (EDT)

Ok sounds great. Thank you for the clarification! ToxicOJ (talk) 10:47, June 26, 2023 (EDT)
Forgot to mention, the type of source is also usually taken into account (e.g. in-game content is prioritised over soundtrack CDs). Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 10:51, June 26, 2023 (EDT)

Regarding the Mario appearances tables, don't give songs a name if it's not official. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 09:16, June 27, 2023 (EDT)

Sorry about that! Thanks for the heads up! ToxicOJ (talk) 15:27, June 27, 2023 (EDT)

Despite how some of the soundtrack articles on the wiki appear, the English track titles are not official and were just translated from the original Japanese titles, since the soundtrack never released outside of Japan (many of those articles need work since they can mislead readers into thinking the soundtrack is in English when it's not; they're on my to-do list). Just be wary of which soundtracks were Japan-only and avoid using those translated titles; in these cases, the Japanese titles should be used (VGMdb has those), but if you don't know them, just leave them blank. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 11:06, June 29, 2023 (EDT)


If there's a page that needs to be deleted, just tag it with {{delete}}; you don't need to post on the talk page. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 23:50, July 14, 2023 (EDT)

Ok cool, thanks! ToxicOJ (talk) 23:51, July 14, 2023 (EDT)

RE: Mario Movie Soundtrack[edit]

Okay, that makes sense, I didn't realise all three NSMB themes were all together. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 07:20, July 19, 2023 (EDT)

Map 1 World[edit]

You created Map 1 World. Do you plan to create Map 2 World, Map 3 World, etc.?? 07:48, July 20, 2023 (EDT)

Map 1 World is the Japanese title for the musical theme heard in Grass Land. It's commonly referred to as simply "Grass Land" in English, but that title has never been made official, so that's why the article has that name. I created a page for it since it's been included in 8 different games (not counting remakes and reissues) per this proposal. The themes from the other worlds in Super Mario Bros. 3 have not made enough reappearances to warrant creating articles for them. ToxicOJ (talk) 10:16, July 20, 2023 (EDT)

Theme renditions[edit]

Reiterating my original deletion reasoning, the proposal actually says eight renditions across eight games, not eight game appearances alone, since this would encompass a lot of themes that have simply been reused throughout several games. Because of this, the theme articles you've made since Enemy Course (theme) (which were mostly reuses of the original theme and/or reused arrangements from past games, and only a few new renditions) don't meet the criteria, so they've been moved to subpages under your username (in case you want them for reference, as drafts etc.) and can be moved back if there are enough renditions.

Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 06:31, August 18, 2023 (EDT)

Is there a way to access the deleted articles that I didn't create, such as Aquatic Ambiance? ToxicOJ (talk) 08:52, August 18, 2023 (EDT)
I have it on my sandbox, but if you want that as a draft page for yourself too, I can restore the original and move that to your name as well. Sorry about this, I understand the effort that went into these. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 08:57, August 18, 2023 (EDT)
That would be awesome if you could do that. And no worries about the deletions, I totally understand. You're just upholding the proposal that I misinterpreted, so that's on me. What is the process for creating a new proposal? Considering that the original proposal was decided unanimously, I imagine that there would probably be support for expanding the qualifying criteria for theme pages. ToxicOJ (talk) 09:04, August 18, 2023 (EDT)
MarioWiki:Proposals outlines the steps; in this case, you'd make your proposal under "Changes" on that page using the format shown under the rules. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 09:14, August 18, 2023 (EDT)
Sounds great. Thank you! ToxicOJ (talk) 09:18, August 18, 2023 (EDT)
After looking over the deleted articles, I would appreciate it if you would take a second look at the qualifications of a couple of the themes that I believe qualify to have an article under the aforementioned proposal:
"Ground Theme" (New Super Mario Bros. U)
  • 1. New Super Mario Bros. U: Original
  • 2. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: Remix
  • 3. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: Remix (This 3DS / Wii U remix was released simultaneously in an update for both games, meaning it is technically original to both games.)
  • 4. Super Mario Maker: Arrangement
  • 5. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Arrangement
  • 6. Super Mario Run: Arrangement
  • 7. Super Mario Maker 2: Arrangement
  • 8. WarioWare: Get It Together!: Arrangement
"Map 3 World" (Super Mario Bros. 3)
  • 1. Super Mario Bros. 3: Original
  • 2. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: Arrangement
  • 3. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins: Arrangement
  • 4. Donkey Konga: Arrangement
  • 5. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: Arrangement
  • 6. through 17. Arrangements in at least 12 games throughout The Legend of Zelda series.
SSB4's "Style Switch" isn't a remix or arrangement, though; as I said in a previous summary, it's just a short medley track in Smash Wii U's My Music menu that samples each of the four standalone original Ground Theme tracks from the Sound Test, meant to represent the switching between the themes on the Mario Maker stage. "Map 3 World" is an iffy one because it's mainly recurring in a non-Mario series; may want to get opinions from others on this first. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 11:07, August 25, 2023 (EDT)

25m Theme as a reference[edit]

In regards to the 25m Theme, do you think it is closer to the bassline for The Ballad of John and Yoko or the bridge to Splish Splash? I'm leaning towards the former because DK was developed just a few months after the death of John Lennon and Miyamoto is a known Beatles fan.--Platform (talk) 07:58, September 8, 2023 (EDT)

Honestly, both basslines sound identical to the "25m Theme". I agree that that info about the Beatles might point to it being a reference to that. ToxicOJ (talk) 10:30, September 8, 2023 (EDT)

Should jingles and sound effects be considered recurring themes?[edit]

Most, if not all, of the jingles and sound effects in Super Mario Bros. continue to reappear to this day.

  • Pipe Cutscene
  • Game Pause
  • 1-Up SFX
  • Hurry Up!
  • Game Over
  • World Clear
  • Coin SFX
  • Pipe/Power-Down SFX
  • Power-Up SFX
  • Lose a Life
  • Mario Jump SFX
  • Toad Message/Save Peach
  • Flagpole SFX
  • Ennemie Death (with a jump)/Swiming SFX
  • Fireballs SFX
  • Beanstalk SFX
  • Ennemie Death (with a Star of fireballs)/Koopa shell SFX
  • Item Released SFX
  • Empty/Hard Block SFX
  • Brick Block Destroyed SFX
  • Fireworks/Bullet Bill SFX
  • Bowser's Fireballs SFX
  • Bridge Collapsing SFX
  • Bowser/Fake Bowser Falling (into the lava) SFX

Some of them have even been rearranged. (1-Up, Hurry Up!, Game Over, Power-Up and Down... just to name a few) --Conradd (talk) 16:17, September 11, 2023 (EDT)

I think it really depends on the specific sound effect or jingle. I’ve been planning on making articles for things like the 1-up jingle and “Hurry Up!”, because I definitely think those qualify as themes. However, I think that sound effects like the fireball sfx or the enemy death sfx do not have enough notes to qualify as a theme. I think it’s really on a case-by-case basis. ToxicOJ (talk) 01:06, September 12, 2023 (EDT)

RE: SMB Ground Theme SSB4 section[edit]

I've split the Wii U-exclusive parts into its own for Wii U section, but I still think 3DS-first songs' Wii U reappearances being mentioned alongside their 3DS appearances in the for 3DS section (as opposed to afterwards in a separate paragraph) still works since both versions were developed concurrently and the songs were clearly arranged for both versions (even being labelled "for 3DS / Wii U" in Ultimate regardless of which version they appeared in first). Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 10:16, October 7, 2023 (EDT)

RE: Difference between media missing and more media[edit]

{{media missing}} is for when there is no media at all on the page or section, hence why a reasoning is not needed as it's self-explanatory, while {{more media}} is for when there is at least one already on the page/section and more are needed, so it has a parameter for specifying which ones are needed. The former was recently created because of this proposal. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 20:24, October 19, 2023 (EDT)

Ashley's Theme[edit]

I took a quick look, but it seems Ashley's theme has reappeared in pretty much every WarioWare games since her introduction to the series in WarioWare: Touched! Her theme also appears in SSBB, SSB4 (both versions?) and SSBU as well as Nintendo Badge Arcade. Some games have multiple rearrangements (like Game & Wario?). Haven't checked the Rhythm Heaven series. --Conradd (talk) 21:54, November 5, 2023 (EST)

Thanks for the heads up! I'll look into it and add it to the recurring themes category and navbox if its qualifies. If it doesn't right now, I think it should under my proposal. So if that passes, I'll make the change! Thanks again! ToxicOJ (talk) 22:27, November 5, 2023 (EST)
I can't check for now, but you can hear fragments of her theme in her WarioWare: Smooth Moves cutscenes. I was wrong for Ultimate. For Nintendo Badge Arcade, I must have confused it with WarioWare: Gold, sorry about that. I believe I heard it in WarioWare: D.I.Y, it must have been very short fragments, a few notes at most. --Conradd (talk) 00:15, November 6, 2023 (EST)
I think I found it. In D.I.Y., it's mainly used for sound effects and short jingles for her microgames. I think this is most evident with her intermission thingy (Ashley's Mask Boutique). This video may be useful for D.I.Y. and other arrangements you may have missed: Do you also hear the notes or am I crazy? :p. --Conradd (talk) 00:59, November 6, 2023 (EST)

Additional Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)[edit]

This one comes from the Game Boy Camera accessory, pretty obscure, right? Game Boy Camera - Title Screen: --Conradd (talk) 16:14, November 6, 2023 (EST)

Additional Themes[edit]

I found more themes, this time they comes from the LCD games. :)

Super Mario Bros. (Crystal Screen) (1986): (I believe the Special Edition (1987) and New Wide Screen (1988) version of this game sound the same. Haven't check the Mini Classics version)

Super Mario Bros. (Nelsonic Game Watch):

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nelsonic Game Watch):

Super Mario World (Nelsonic Game Watch):

NB: I haven't listed them, but know that some sound effects from SMB3 and SMW have their equivalent in their Nelsonic version. Since I've been here a few times, I think I'll add more things under this wall of text if I find something new so I don't have to create a new title every time. Also, I don't know if you are aware of this, but I created a talk page for Template:Themes, I thought we could use it as a sandbox for future articles. I used a list you had on an old edit of your talk page as a basis, I hope you don't mind. I added the P-Switch themes from SMB3, SMW and NSMB. I think we should add anything that has at least 2 versions (the original, plus a rearrangement or remix) so we can have a complete list of tracks that have been rearranged/remixed. --Conradd (talk) 20:16, November 8, 2023 (EST)

Ok, I checked the Mini Classics version and although similar, there seems to be a difference.
Super Mario Bros. (Mini Classics):
I couldn't find a video in good quality featuring the Super Star theme. On the other hand, there is something strange, in this video:, we hear that the pitch is different and the tempo is not the same. Does each different colored Mini Classic sound different? Is this related to the aging of the consoles, is it a battery issue, or are there multiple revisions for the Mini Classics. I don't know. --Conradd (talk) 01:23, November 9, 2023 (EST)
I forgot about Mario the Juggler. Also, I wonder if the alarm we hear in Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch) is supposed to be an arrangement of this? I can't say for sure, maybe it's a excerpt from another SMB theme, who knows.
Mario the Juggler:
When I'm comfortable enough with MAME, I'll record everything I listed above with Audacity. --Conradd (talk) 03:45, November 19, 2023 (EST)

About proposal.[edit]

Hey, I just wanted to give my idea on how to deal with regional differences on music (Based on the 50hz/PAL and 60hz/NTSC differences talk). Perhaps you could list those differences under the same header? Like the Ground Theme (SMB1) ((PAL game on NTSC console)/(NTSC game on NTSC console)/(PAL game on PAL console)/((NTSC game on PAL console/Toploader on PAL console)) under the header the OG theme goes under? SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA) (talk) 13:05, November 13, 2023 (CST)

Personally, I think we should stick to the unmodified versions of these themes. So no PAL game on NTSC console or vice versa. I think putting the PAL versions next to their ("normal") NTSC version would be nice for our readers so they can hear the difference without having to go to Youtube. --Conradd (talk) 04:01, November 19, 2023 (EST)
It's been a few days, but I personally agree with you, but also I wouldn't say PAL on NTSC or NTSC on PAL are MODIFIED, per SE. It's still an unmodified game and unmodified console. SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA) (talk) 13:05, November 13, 2023 (CST)
Well no, you have to cut one of the CIC lock chip pins with tweezers on your console if you want your NTSC/PAL games to work. So you need to at least modify your console. Regardless, even assuming you no longer have to do this, Nintendo never intended for you to bypass this region-locked protection. That's why I think it shouldn't count. Then again, I suppose an argument could be made for the NES Toploader which has no region-locked protection and was released in the US, Japan and Australia?, the latter being in the PAL region. --Conradd (talk) 05:23, November 27, 2023 (EST)
Still, if the NES Toploader can be included, that's just the same as PAL on NTSC, so you wouldn't be able to exclude NTSC on PAL. SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA) (talk) 08:11, November 27, 2023 (CST)

B-side album edit[edit]

Hi! Sorry, I should have said this first, oops. To clarify this edit, I do know Japanese, and "Background" isn't the intent of what 裏の地上 means. 裏 means "back", but more generally means "reverse", "alternate", "hidden", etc. Basically, the side of something that isn't seen at first. And 地上 means "ground", but it's always translated in the Zelda series distinctly as "Overworld", rather than "Ground" as the Mario series does. So you could translate it as "back ground" (not "background", as in a backdrop), but it's more accurate to say that it means the "Alternate Overworld", hence the translation used on VGMDB. I hope that makes sense! If there's any issues, feel free to get back to me. DryKirby64 (talk) 22:46, November 13, 2023 (EST)

RE: LINE sticker set audio files[edit]

They are all named as sticker_sound.m4a in the source code of the pages. Pi'illoper.pngBlhte(A****** c*****) 08:10, November 27, 2023 (EST)

Big thanks for using my old Gang-Plank Galleon article![edit]

Late thanks, but yeah. I'm happy to see that my article didn't come to waste. I made without even having the knowledge of the rules as they weren't really well known and I only knew vaguely about eight pieces of music being allowed through another user's profile. TheUndescribableGhost (talk) 12:56, December 4, 2023 (EST)