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Wii U

Hey everyone, it's Little Garfield! For those who don't know me (likely all of you), I'm a small-time YouTuber who's made anywhere from 20 videos in a month (Jan 2017) to 1 video a year (2018 and 2019). Due to the lack of content, most people don't really know just how much of a Nintendo fan I am. From Super Mario Maker to Mario Kart Tour to Super Mario 3D World to New Super Mario Bros., I've probably played more Mario games than there are people who still like the Wii U (myself being one).

No seriously, the Wii U isn't really bad, it was just poorly marketed. Its games are great for the most part, evident by the fact that they're selling like hotcakes on the Switch with few changes and at full price. Mario Kart 8 is the best selling game on the Wii U and Nintendo Switch, but its sold nearly three times better on the Switch despite only adding an improved battle mode and a few new characters. Yes, the Switch is better than the Wii U, but its not that the Wii U did much wrong. I personally prefer the Switch due to it's full portability (probably a result of growing up with a DS Lite) and not much else. Sure, its got an amazing catalog of games, but about 25-35% of the Nintendo-published games are either ports of Wii U games or improve off of their Wii U counterparts.

More Coming Soon. If you actually care check back by 4/6/20 for more.

Games Release My Experiences
#1 Super Mario Maker Wii U 2015-16 12/2018- I just love the concept of creating your own levels and sharing them for the world to play! I have made so many ideas into actual levels, and the process of making levels, while maybe long and sometimes quite repetitive, is very fun. I do wish the Mystery Mushroom returned from Super Mario Maker, and there are many course items that I wish were in the game such as the Mini Mushroom, the Ice Flower, and Fire Bros, Yoshis, and Koopa Troopa Cars in all styles, but there are still seemingly infinite, possible-to-clear possibilities. I've played the Wii U and Switch games for over 200 hours combined! And wow, the updates for the game are fantastic! First, we got the Master Sword item, in addition to several new enemies and parts. Then, we got the World Maker that everyone's been wanting, one new power-up for each style (including the SMB2 Mushroom in SMB, the Frog Suit in SMB3, the P-Balloon in SMW, the Super Acorn in NewSMBU (finally), and the Boomerang Flower, Goomba Mask, Propeller Box, POW Box (cool), and Bullet Bill Mask (also cool) for the SM3DW style)
Super Mario Maker 2 Switch 2019- 7/2019-
Super Mario Odyssey 2017-18 1/2019- Coming Soon. If you actually care check back by 5/11/20 for an update.
#3 Super Smash Bros Series 2018- 2/2019- Coming Soon. If you actually care check back by 5/18/20 for an update.
Wii U 2014-2016 4/2018-1/2020*
#4 Super Mario 3D World 2013 12/2015- This game came with my Wii U, and it was the first 3D Mario game I played, and really pulled me into the series further. Before this, I'd only ever played a small handful of games. I still enjoy playing it to this day, though I still haven't beat Champion's Road yet.
#5 Mario Kart 8 2014-15 2/2016- While Mario Kart DS was my intro to the series, I've played this much more and really have enjoyed both versions of this game. I've beat most of 8 and unlocked all parts besides Gold Kart, but I didn't get the DLC. 8 Deluxe fills that gap for me, and also has a better battle mode overall. I haven't played it nearly as much, and still have several normal parts to unlock, but its still a fun distraction from the inevitable Mario Kart 9.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch 2017-18 12/2018-
#6 Super Mario 64 DS DS (+3DS) 2004 1/2019- I have really enjoyed this game over the last year; it's got 150 stars to collect, over 20 areas to explore, and 36 mini-games to unlock. Plus, its got great replay value (though I'm not there yet)! Its almost crazy to think that this 3D game runs so smoothly on the Nintendo DS. Not to mention four playable characters each with unique abilities (though I find myself using Luigi 93% of the time (I wonder why?))
#7 Super Mario World SNES 1991 9/2019- Super fun game, and by far my favorite retro game. I got it on the GBA for my DS from a friend, and I've really enjoyed it. I've also more recently been playing the original through SNES - Nintendo Switch Online, and it's almost as great as its remake. I also like having the rewind option for when I make dumb mistakes or missed a Dragon coin.
Super Mario Advance 2 GBA (+DS) 2002 2/2019-
#8 Minecraft Many 2009- 2015- This may seem like an outlier on the list, but Minecraft is definitely a favorite of mine for an important reason; having the ability to build nearly anything I want with easy to use tools. I can build houses, roller coasters, Star Wars ships, giant pixel art, complex road systems, or literally anything else. I recently built a recreation of SNES Mario Circuit 1 in my main creative world, so the possibilities are only limited to your creativity.
#9 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii (+WiiU) 2010 10/2019- Coming Soon. If you actually care check back by 5/11/20 for an update.
#10 Super Mario World 2 SNES 1995 9/2019- Another one of my favorite retro games I've been playing through the SNES - Nintendo Switch Online service. While very different from its predecessor, it has lots of fun levels, interesting power-ups, and tons of collectibles that add to the replay value (even though I always try to get them all the first time). Once again, that rewind feature can be really handy.
#11 Mario Kart DS DS (+3DS) 2005 2011- This is the Mario Kart game I literally grew up playing. Not only did this game start bringing back retro tracks, but it also has amazing single-player content in the form of mission mode. While I may play Mario Kart alone as it is, having those missions really adds to it all, and makes me really miss them in Wii, 7, and 8. I also like that I could make my own kart emblem, another feature missing in later games. An all around fun game that I still enjoy almost 10 years later.
#12 Super Mario Bros. 3 NES 1989 3/2019- By far my favorite of the four NES Mario games, Super Mario Bros. 3 took everything Super Mario Bros. did right, sprinkled in tidbits of Super Mario Bros. 2, and took them to new levels. With at least 8 new bosses, a world map allowing for some choice of what levels to go to, many new power-ups, and so much more, there's no question that its the best 8-Bit Mario game (aside from Super Mario Maker, where the controls in the NES styles are much better). This is another one that I wouldn't have been able to play without Nintendo Switch Online since my NES doesn't work.**
#13 The Legendary Starfy DS (+3DS) 2008/2009 2012- I almost hurts me to put this one here, because this is the platforming game I grew up on. Sure, I had Super Mario Advance, but I really didn't play it much until early 2018. This game is really fun as you go through ten diverse worlds packed with secrets. It isn't too hard for the majority of the game, but then you get to the final boss fight and there are like four phases, with the last two being seemingly impossible. After a year of being stuck at the third phase, I finally beat it only to learn you had to do a harder version of the same thing again. Yeah, I was stuck there for a good four years, but I finally beat it. Its a really fun game overall, even with the random difficulty spike in the late game levels (don't even get me started on World ???).
#14 Coming Soon TBA By 3/30/20 TBA Coming Soon. If you actually care check back by 5/11/20 for an update.
#15 Coming Soon TBA By 4/6/20 TBA Coming Soon. If you actually care check back by 5/18/20 for an update.
  • * I still have Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and don't plan on getting rid of it, I just haven't played it in a while.
    • I'm putting both Smash Bros. games I've played into one spot because there's no reason to classify them separately on a favorites list that isn't specifically ranking the series
  • ** I wouldn't have been able to play it until 1/5/20 when I saw Super Mario Advance 4 and Super Mario Advance 3: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island at a store. I likely would've gotten them both if I didn't have Nintendo Switch Online, but I'm not sure if that's a positive or a negative.
    • If only Mario Kart Super Circuit would show up there, because you'd better believe I'd buy it without a hint of hesitation.