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Director's Notes

Written by: FunkyK38 (talk)

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Hello, hello, hello, everyone! It's May, the month of May!

And we've got the ball rolling for you this month! Lots of great sections, so do check them all out and vote for section of the month!

Next issue, 111, will be our issue dedicated to Walkazo (talk)'s memory, and a thread will be put up in the Fan Creations board on the forums where we will be collecting tribute art for said issue. If you've made a piece of art or written something in Walkazo's honor that you'd like to have featured in our tributes gallery next issue, please do add it there!


Legend of Zelda Music Contest

Voting is over! Thank you to everyone that voted, and a huge thank you to both of our participants! And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

In first place, with a total of 3 votes, DragonFreak (talk) with her entry, titled Gerudo Stars

In second place, with 2 votes, The Pyro Guy (talk),with his entry, a remix of Ravio's theme from A Link Between Worlds

Our first place winner will receive ten 'Shroom tokens, and our second place winner will receive 6! Thank you to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for the next contest!

Section of the Month

Thanks so much to our voters! You guys are great, keep upvoting your favorite sections!

Another win for "The Adventures of Little Mario," from Walkazo, who will be remembered long after this story comes to a close.

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st The Adventures of Little Mario 9 29.03% Walkazo
2nd Game Mods 8 25.81% Baby Luigi
3rd Tributes to Walkazo 7 22.58% The Pyro Guy
4th What's on the Box? 5 16.13% The Pyro Guy
5th Mario's Boombox 1 3.23% Crocodile Dippy
5th Packy's Pactastical Musical Adventures 1 3.23% Palkia47
Art Sections

Study some fan-made paper craft here!
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The party rages on with BLOF!
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Yoshi876 updates his list of fan projects!
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Music Sections

The Adventures of Little Mario

Drawn by: Walkazo (talk) (edited by Pantaro Paratroopa (talk))


What's on the Box?

Written by: The Pyro Guy (talk)

Welcome to a new issue of "What's on the Box?" in which I take a look at some wonderful fan made box arts for already existing games or for games made up by the creator. This time, an artist named Hades has created this piece.

This is a box art for a hypothetical new Paper Mario game, titled "Paper Mario: The Lost Sons". Of course, this was before the actual game was announced (which, so far, has not been well received), so it's nice to see what some people wanted. Right off the bat we can see a handful of new character designs, with what looks to be original artwork. There's a Chain Chomp with almost fire-like hair, a red Tanoomba, a purple shelled elderly Koopa Troopa, and a recolour of a Duplighost. Mario and Mr. L's artworks are reused from previous games, along with Lakitu and Bowser, but that Koopatrol in the upper right corner is original, as far as I can tell. It looks like the Koopa could be a main story character, due to its elderly appearance possibly being linked to them being a parent (and the appearance of "sons" in the title). The enemies are most likely partners, and for Mr. L...
I'm not sure, but it could mean that Dimentio would make a return in this game, along with other members of Super Paper Mario.

Moving on to the back cover, it's relatively simple. "This time, the world is your enemy. Seasons change as the world shifts!" This implies that someone or something places some sort of curse on the planet, making it turn aggressive towards Mario. Or I'm just overthinking it, and the seasons change only to reflect the date on the Wii U. The page is littered with Paper Mario: Sticker Star screenshots, including one that has been nicely cropped to fit onto a Gamepad screen. Other than that, there's some official Mario and Peach artwork.

In summary, it looks like there's a story behind this game, and it mixes the linear world of Sticker Star with the creative and unique partners of the first two games in the series. It's a nice original concept that we can only hope can become real. Goodbye!

Game Mods

Written by: Baby Luigi (talk)

Hi there guys, Baby Luigi here, with this month's section of Game Mods. Are you ready for another Mario Party series-related hack? 'Cause I'm ready to talk about it, very prepared and all to let my keyboard burn! Anyway, this time, I'm talking about a character hack related to the Mario Party series on the GameCube, that is, Mario Party 5. The Nintendo GameCube isn't as widely hacked as the Wii (and possibly the Wii U in the near future woot woot!), but you can still find interesting things, such as Melee SD Remix, a Super Smash Bros. Melee hack that I may talk about in later 'Shroom issues. For now, I'll focus on model ports. I'm presenting you this Toadette model swap in Mario Party 5.

This hack is made by a person named Nintega Dario, who is also familiar with model replacing the other Mario Party games, such as the rest of the GCN titles (Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, and Mario Party 7, as well as diving into Mario Party 8 and Mario Party 9) and makes many music cover versions. You can check out his other character model and animation ports by checking out his channel.

Toadette isn't normally playable in Mario Party 5, as although Mario Kart: Double Dash initially introduced her, she wasn't established enough to get an official Mario Party playable appearance until Mario Party 6. In this hack, she's not only a direct port of her model from Mario Party 6, her animations are directly taken from the game as well, including her run, winning, losing, and other animations. The only thing is, the game thinks that it's Princess Daisy, not Toadette, so therefore, the game calls her "Daisy" when she wins minigames, as well as the HUD displaying Daisy's icons. You also can't tell about the voice, considering the video has music overlayed over it, and it's practically impossible to replace the voice in those games anyway. There's also a glitch where Toadette's pigtails disappear in certain animations, such as when she plays the Triple Jump minigame, possibly using Toad's animations instead to compensate, as Toadette does not have a triple jump animation. Her picking up animation is also glitchy, as it strangely reuses her losing animation when she picks up something, most noticeable in the Chimp Chase minigame; she also reuses animations in any other minigame with unique animations.

In the video, you can also see other character hacks being featured in it, namely Birdo (with really bad legs and overall glitchy), Blooper (who is also pretty glitchy). I personally think that, despite the weirdness and bad animations, Nintega Dario did an excellent job at porting characters into other Mario Party games, as they just fit right in, as well as even having their expected animations as if they actually were to appear in the game. Now, Nintega Dario isn't able to port characters not in Mario Party into this, so unfortunately, I can't think about porting say, Baby Luigi into these games unless I want to scavenge his files probably stored in that giant .dat file in Mario Superstar Baseball, which is something I cannot do anyway. It would be great if Nintega Dario releases his model swaps one day for people to enjoy using their favorite characters not in a certain Mario Party game, but as for now, be content at the amount of effort that went into this and that it runs smoothly and stable, albeit having strange animations.

That's all I have to say for this issue, as this mod is more of a "show, don't tell" sort of thing and that the video linked demonstrates far better what the hack does than what I can put into words. Stay tuned to see what I may cook up for next month. Maybe it'll be yet another Mario Party hack? Who knows!

Ongoing Fan Projects

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

User Thread Description
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BEEEEEAAARRRS Stuff I make - ill fix all the broken links soon A thread where BEEEEEAAARRRS shows off things that he has created. Some of the recent updates include his ongoing playing of The Oregon Trail.
The Pyro Guy TPG's 3D Art Thread (with 2D sometimes) A thread where The Pyro Guy shows off some art that he has drawn. Recent updates include Thomas the Tank Engine being dropped from a height and a new drawing of his OC.
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