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Salutations, Pantaro Paratroopa!

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Welcome to the Super Mario Wiki!, a collaborative knowledge-base dedicated to the Marioverse. My name is Glitz Hawk, Rawk Hawk's older bro and I am one of your fellow users here. I am joined here with my pet Gloomtail and my sister Zeldafan22 to spice this wiki up a few notches! All of us here are glad that we got to see a new user here and we hope you have a wonderful time! If you have any questions, just post it on the FAQ talk page or ask an experienced member and/or Sysop.

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I, along with the other users here, wish you good times!
GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk Welcome!!!!!

I can get you sprites. GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk Click on "Hawk."

Sorry, I didn't know... GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk BTW, have you meet Gloomtail? Gloomtail, PP. PP, Gloomtail.


Why's it at the bottom? You should put it at the top, it makes the page look nicer. And what happened to all those bizzare pictures you cluttered my Userpage up with? Why do you only have the rock one? Mwa ha ha! I'm being a nag! And remember to not vote on the anniversary thing until we figure out how its done, I dun want you using up our only vote if it's one per e-mail address, or something. We must collaberate! - Your Big, Evil Sister!

Asperger Syndrome[edit]

I know how you feel, I have it too, it's not easy, but I somehow manage to stand it and unlike you I have no older siblings to turn to when the going gets tough and like you said I also have a slightly more logical and intelligent mind, I know alot of things most people I know haven't heard of SmartyGuy11, we're 3 of a kind on here (with RapidRocker)

Brawl question[edit]

K, I just got on here because I was playing Brawl, and something REALLY weird happened. I was fighting Tabuu, and I was Peach, and he did his Chain of Light attack on me. However, I wasn't launched. Instead, he sorta did it again, only he didn't swing, he just held on to me, and Peach just was floating and doing nothing. I couldn't control her. She was floating with her arms out, and when Tabuu teleported, she did it with him, in the same floating-arms-out pose. Peach was just floating under Tabuu, following him, and he did off waves, Peach even went into the backround with him, then Peach died. I have no idea what happened, so can someone please tell me what happened? Is it a glitch?


Hello, PP! I'm just trying to make some more friends on this wiki. Hmmm... your userboxes like Bowser rules and Mario drools are just like your sister's. From what siblings I know siblings are usually the opposite of each other. Even fictional one like the Mario Bros. are kinda opposite of each other because Mario has much courage while Luigi....... well, I don't want to insult him. WK


Your right Mario drools, Koopa Troop all the way! especialy Petey Piranha! Petey Piranha in Mario & Luigi: Partners in TimeGalacticPeteyPetey Piranha in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time


I give my deep condolence to you for you sis, Walkazo.

My Condolences[edit]

I am so sorry about Walkazo. Although I never knew her personally, she is a part of this wiki and we all love her. I know what it is like to lose a loved one, and I hope this message comforts you in your time of grief. Know that we all care and are there for you. ThePeachinator (talk) 22:17, 1 May 2016 (EDT)

We all miss her and hope the best for her. I really miss her a lot though. Sprite of Black Ninjakoopa, from Paper Mario. Sprite of Red Ninjakoopa, from Paper Mario. The RPG Gamer (talk) (edits) 22:27, 1 May 2016 (EDT)


Hi, sorry for you sister, but i don't uderstand, she is died on March 27 2016, but she is contribute in the Wiki this day. I look her contributions. --Captain Yoshi 10 July 2016 10:20 AM