Keep Calm and the Captain Yoshi on !

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MK8 Yoshi Icon.png MK8 Yoshi Icon.png MK8 Yoshi Icon.png Captain Yoshi is an epic captain ! MK8 Yoshi Icon.png MK8 Yoshi Icon.png
Carrie.PNG Carrie.PNG Carrie.PNG Carrie, you're so pretty ! Carrie.PNG Carrie.PNG Carrie.PNG
Piccolo.png Piccolo.png Piccolo.png TWEET ! CHEEP ! RRRRRRIBBIT ! GRRRRROWF ! BLEET ! Piccolo.png Piccolo.png Piccolo.png
King Sammer dies.gif King Sammer dies.gif NOOOOO !!!!! LUIGI !!!!! YOU'RE KILLING KING SAMMER !!! King Sammer dies.gif King Sammer dies.gif

OOOOOOOOOOH ! Hello ! It's a me ! Captain Yoshi !

English : Hello ! It's a me ! Captain Yoshi !

Français : Bonjour ! C'est moi ! Capitaine Yoshi !

Deutsch : Hallo ! Es ist mir ! Kapitän Yoshi !

Italiano (Mario's language) : Ciao ! Sono io ! Capitano Yoshi !

Español : Hola ! Soy yo ! Capitán Yoshi !

Português : Olá ! Sou eu ! Capitão Yoshi !

Well, well... Welcome !

What ?!!

You killed my brother ! You're going to pay expensive !

Welcome to Isle Delfino

Welcome, to the most beautiful island in tropical, Isle Delfino ! :-) A large amusement park, and: Delicious food :-P Yes ! You will like ! I wish you A HAPPY HOLLYDAYS !!

Keep Calm and Carry on !

Keep Calm and Carrie on !

Keep Calm and Piccolo on !

Keep Calm and King Sammer on !

Keep Calm and the Captain Yoshi on !



Real Name: Wesley Samir Cheddadi

Residence: France, Gambsheim

Heritage: Italian mother and Moroccan father

Favorite game: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Favorite character: Yoshi (in yellow)

Language speak: French and English, but little bit Italian, German, Arabic and Spanish

User:Captain Yoshi

Captain Yoshi real name: Wesley Samir Cheddadi is a French user of Super Mario Wiki, hé lives in France, in Alsace region, city: Gambsheim, It has Italian and Moroccan origins.

Super Mario Wiki's decouvert

The Decouvert

Captain Yoshi discovered Super Mario Wiki in the end of 2013, he wanted to do a search on Super Mario 3D World, ans that is that he discovered: Super Mario Wiki.

The Create Account

Wesley Samir Cheddadi create their account the 7 March 2015, it appears under the name of: Captain Yoshi.

Talk in 5 Language

Hello, how are you ?

Je vais bien et toi ?

Ja gute, danke, cosa fai ?

Niente e tu ?

Yo veo la televisioń


Games with

Here are the Mario's games that I own !

Super Nintendo Entertemant System

Nintendo 64

Nintendo GameCube

Game Boy Micro


Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS

Wii U