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A Metal-Head, trying to ram into Wario with its spear.
Sprite of a Metal-Head, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
This article is about the enemy from Virtual Boy Wario Land. For the song from Donkey Kong Country, see here.

Metal-Heads are lone dungeon dwellers found in Stage 2 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. They are shorter than Wario and sport a horned helmet.

Metal-Heads stay behind sealed wooden doors, waiting for Wario to approach their hiding spot. If he walks close enough, Metal-Heads will break through the door and begin to look around before charging into Wario with a javelin. Wario can simply dodge the enemies by jumping over them. If they hit Wario or he jumps on top of their heads, he will take damage.

Due to their horns, Wario is unable to defeat them with a body slam. Instead, he must Barge into them when their backs are turned, or bump into a Metal-Head so he can pick up and throw it at another enemy.