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Wario requesting your unpaid labor at the Job Center in WarioWare: D.I.Y.
The Job Center.
“Here you'll draw art to complete games I didn't feel like finishing.”
Wario, WarioWare: D.I.Y.

The Job Center is a room in WarioWare, Inc. in WarioWare: D.I.Y.. It contains 16 unique microgames that are fully programmed, but have a few blank assets that must be created. A basic template is provided for the player, but they do not need to follow it. Once the assets are drawn, the game can be shipped out like usual.


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  1. WarioQuest: The template is a monster for an RPG battle.
  2. Hit Parade: The template is a rabbit (mole in the Japanese version).
  3. Mob Rule: The templates are two similar-looking people (one has a bow).
  4. Crazy Car: The template is a shark-shaped car.
  5. Puzzled Face: The templates are eyes, a nose, and a mouth.
  6. Nasalblaster: The template is an alien ship.
  7. Snapped Shot: The templates are an apple and a butterfly.
  8. Eggstraction: The template is a chick that hatches from an egg.
  9. Manic Memory: The templates are a star and a ribbon.
  10. Farm Fresh: The template is a leafless turnip.
  11. Frozen Fish: The template is a fish.
  12. Mug Shot: The template is a cylindrical glass.
  13. WarioQuest 2: The template is a ghost monster.
  14. Dead Ringer: The template is a head with a mean-looking face.
  15. Wario is HOT: The templates are a wig, a sweater, shorts, and shoes.
  16. SHHHHHHH!: The template is text reading "Your Secret": the player is intended to put a secret for Wario to reveal.