Love Tester (souvenir)

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Love Tester
Love Tester

Love Tester is a souvenir found in the Doodads folder in WarioWare: Twisted! It is used to test the compatibility of a couple or friendship.

The souvenir is a reference to an actual toy of the same name, which was manufactured by Nintendo before its entry in the video game market. It is the only non-game souvenir that can be paused by pressing Start Button.

Love Rankings[edit]

  • 1-9: "Both of you are heading in different directions. It's a wonder that your life paths even crossed."
  • 10-19: "Are the two of you even friends? Both of you might want to start exploring other options. Like, now."
  • 20-29: "I see trouble. You might want to stick with being just friends. Or you might just want to run away screaming."'
  • 30-39: "You both have cold feet, but there might be potential..."
  • 40-49: "You two are acting very cool. Is it shyness or just snootiness?"
  • 50-59: "There's a little spark between you two. You should give it a shot!"
  • 60-69: "You two seem happy. Maybe you're friends, but you haven't crossed the line into something more. Maybe all you need is a little push. Or maybe you hate each other's guts. What do I know?"
  • 70-79: "You two definitely have some chemistry! It's time to take this relationship to the next level!"
  • 80-99: "You two really like each other! Are you dating? How lucky that you found each other!"
  • 100-110: "Incredible! There has never been a more compatible couple! No one can come between the two of you!"

Future Love Life[edit]

There seems to be little correlation between the given number and the message. The potential messages are:

  • "Sorry that you had to find out this way, but it's over between you two."
  • "Signs point to...nothing happening. This could be a good thing."
  • "You'll only grow more attached to each other! Like a parasite to a host!"
  • "Keep on this path and you could end up together. Forever. Take that however you want."
  • "You will only grow closer as time passes. Soon, you will be the same person!"


  • Tilt motion control - Move the arrow
  • A Button - Turn machine on
  • L Button - Press button
  • R Button - Press button