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Status: Slightly active. (Updated at 23:09, August 2, 2019 (EDT))
Current project: Replacing and uploading Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Yoshi's Wooly World screenshots, doing various file maintenance (mostly for those two games), and (more rarely) rewriting/expanding articles for various stuff, mostly related to YWW/SM3DW/SMG2/SMM2. I plan to also work on NSMBW, SM64, SMO, CT:TT and possibly other games at some point.

This is on a talk page to allow users who move images to change their links here or strikeout images that are replaced. Also, anyone is welcome to add screenshots here that you feel should be replaced, as long as it is a screenshot for SMG/SMG2.

Potentially helpful notes:

I also plan to go through some of SWFlash (talk)'s uploads and apply pngout+zopflipng to some of the good quality but excessively large (>4MB) images. Done. I was able to shrink many of them to half the original file size.


Pre-release image[edit]

A proposed image template:

This low-quality screenshot is being used on a page to represent the content of a game prior to its release, and therefore is not qualified for higher-quality recapture from the released game. It is presumed to be from the highest-quality official source available. Unless a better-quality official (e.g., press kit) source or a frame dump from an official video is found, this image should be considered to be in the best available quality and should not be tagged with {{image-quality}}.

To summarize, an image qualifies for this tag if and only if:

  • The image is substantially lower quality than an image obtained through a normal in-game screenshot, such that it would normally be tagged with {{image-quality}}.
  • Its only purpose is to describe pre-release and unused content. If it has additional purposes, the image should be tagged with {{image-quality}} alongside this, with the issue described in the image-quality tag.


  • It is likely to be already in the highest quality available because it is from an official source or video frame-dump.

This template is intended for use on screenshots (particularly low- or sub-optimal quality ones) that are linked in one or more pages to describe pre-release and unused content. For an image to receive this tag, it must already be in the highest quality available from an official source or video frame-dump. If an image with this tag is used on pages that are not describing such content (e.g., level articles) in addition to pages that do describe PR&U content, an additional image from the final game should be uploaded to serve these purposes and linked in the "Other versions" section of {{aboutfile}}.

I am proposing this template because I notice many pre-release and unused content images that are tagged with {{image-quality}} despite already being in the highest available quality from an official press-kit or trailer video frame dump. Since these images are intended to describe such content, they cannot be replaced with anything higher quality. This template would notify users that an image, despite its low quality, is already in the highest available quality. An image would not qualify for this tag if, despite being pre-release, it does not have any purpose describing PR&U content, or if a higher-quality version is available from something like an official press-kit or trailer video frame dump.

Gallery Sorting[edit]

I have made a simple Java program/script to automatically sort galleries alphabetically. It is now on GitHub if anyone is interested. However, please note that I have not extensively tested it, and if you use it, you should double-check the result to make sure nothing was removed/broken in the gallery. Please tell me about any bugs. Also, feel free to tell me about any gallery sections that need alphabetical sorting below, and I will take care of it:

  • -
  • -

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Notes, user comments, and suggestions[edit]

Coming soon. So far it looks to be easier than SMG2 since most/many of its images are already very good quality, but there are still quite a few that need replacement.

Hey, since I'm going through galaxy now, I'll leave any that I come across that need retaking around here, if you don't mind. You may find it useful. I will still post to my notes area as well. Trig - 22:37, June 27, 2019 (EDT)

Thanks! --Super Mario Fan 67 (TCS) 22:39, June 27, 2019 (EDT)
This file's talk page may prove interesting. This file needs cropped down. Trig - 19:48, July 8, 2019 (EDT)
insert loud incoherent screaming here. Trig - 20:46, July 12, 2019 (EDT)

The process[edit]

  1. I will go through the articles for all the galaxies, looking for images to replace or new images that are necessary.
    1. Go through again for images that need black borders cropped off. This is easily done in bulk with ImageMagick, so I will do it as a separate operation.
  2. I will go through the articles for the Comet Observatory, items, enemies, and obstacles, standardizing the {{SMG}}, categories, and SMG article, then doing the same as above, while making sure each of the objects linked on the SMG page is adequately illustrated. In other words, I will ensure that every object/enemy/etc is sufficiently illustrated.
  3. I will go through List of Super Mario Galaxy glitches, the same as I did for SMG2.
  4. Finally, I will go through Category:Super Mario Galaxy Images, dump a list of screenshots needing replacement on this page, and go on down the list.
  5.  ???

Image Dump[edit]


Enemy/Obstacle links from main page[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

I have reached my goals for the Super Mario Galaxy 2 project and will now be moving on to Super Mario Galaxy. However, I will still continue to upload replacements for any new low-quality images that get uploaded, and I still take requests for new images, replacement images, or similar file maintenance for Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below. This includes any needed replacements for images linked on the main SMG2 article, or requests to crop letterboxing on images, etc.

Final notes, suggestions, and user comments[edit]


Will probably be deleted after a few months.

This is my personal list of screenshots that I plan to recapture or find alternatives for soon. I dug through everything in Category:Super Mario Galaxy 2 Images to find what is remaining of poor quality screenshots for the game on 00:53, June 27, 2019 (EDT). As far as I know this is everything. After this, I plan to hit List of Super Mario Galaxy 2 glitches and anything linked in {{SMG2}} with new images, then I will move on to SMG and repeat the same massive process.

Trig Jegman found[edit]

Note: I originally thought that the 824 × 463 screenshots were properly-scaled native-res, but on closer look, they don't seem to be. Here's what that would look like, and either way they should probably be recaptured due to the artifacts Dolphin produces at low internal resolutions.

  • [[:]]
  • [[:]]
  • [[:]]
  • [[:]]



On starship[edit]

In galaxies[edit]

Specific parts of story[edit]


Replaced with existing file[edit]

Super Mario 3D World[edit]

I have mostly completed the SM3DW image replacement project, except for the following files. However, I am eventually planning a file rename project for this game, as I found many files in need of technical renaming after a quick scan.

Yoshi's Woolly World[edit]

Scrapbook Theater[edit]

To reupload[edit]

These are just sub-optimal images (e.g., youtube screenshots). Not all of them are horrible.

Super Mario Maker 2[edit]

Capture images for story levels. Also, some of the following may eventually need to be recaptured or replaced with sprites