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Welcome, Peteyking64!

Caped Mario holding a Cape Feather while he is mounted on Yoshi, from Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

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Sup Peep's[edit]

Welcome to my talk. If you want to be my friend,You can just ask me!But I need to make a Userbox. The rules are under here


  • Don't edit the rules. Only I do
  • No spamming. That get's annoying
  • Don't be disgusting or curse
  • Eat donuts
  • Party on yacht's
  • Don't be negative

One word quotes[edit]

Just thought I would let you know that one word quotes aren't supposed to be on quote pages Raven Effect (talk)


I LOVE your Gallery of Death! Artwork of Mario with a turnip from Super Mario Bros. 2 Marioluigi9 Luigi Of course we can be friends! Artwork of Mario with a turnip from Super Mario Bros. 2 Marioluigi9 Luigi Can you give your userbox? Ok. Artwork of Mario with a turnip from Super Mario Bros. 2 Marioluigi9 Luigi Gallery of Randomness coming soon! Artwork of Mario with a turnip from Super Mario Bros. 2 Marioluigi9 Luigi I got 5 images. Tell me what to do for the rest. Artwork of Mario with a turnip from Super Mario Bros. 2 Marioluigi9 Luigi New randomness! New image! Yes. I have a 3DS. I have Mario Kart 7. My friend code is 0688-5757-2210. Of course we can play! Tommorow at 12:30 PM. Facepalm image added! You can take a break. How do you feel about Action 52? Action 52 is an unlicensed NES game. How do I give credit? 1.You say Action 52 is cool, but it really isn't. 2.Ok. I got that. You can have coins. To get coins, you must be my friend. I DO think of you as a friend. Sure. Why not? Here:

Fun…yet deadly!

There we go.

Super Mario 64 Launch Ad
I belive I can fly!
Artwork of Yoshi eating a cookie from Yoshi's Cookie, later reused for Nintendo Puzzle Collection
Don't eat too much OR ELSE!
I can't.

I'm not very good at this. I'm stumped on what image to do now. Can you continue helping with my Gallery of Randomness? I'll give you something special! My shop is giving away Star Medals! With this, you can purchase anything for free! Just 1 for now. Ok. You can stop helping me now. Here's your Star Medal. P.S. I'm going on a 7 day vacation. Sorry. You can buy a Koopa with your medal. You have to buy it. Click on the picture of the Koopa. You're done. You can have 2 Star Medals.(1 for each 10 pics.) I gotta go to bed. I'm coming back on Sunday. Can you begin helping me on Monday (PLEASE!)? I'm not sure. Just make your own shop for now. Weapons now avalible in my shop! How do you get an item FOR FREE? Been there. Done that. Consoles now avalible in my shop! I bought F.L.U.D.D., the Koopalings, and a Beam Sword. Ideas to add to your shop:

  • Super Scope
  • Wii U
  • Fawful

More to come! Umm...hello? Are you here? SPEAK TO ME! Oh well. See my ideas to add to your shop! New items in my shop! Sure. You can do anything you want. Poltergust 5000 added in my shop! I'm right here! If you need anything, let me know! I'm stumped. Can I take a break? Youtube videos now in my userpage! Wanna see them? Sorry about the hassle. 2 are bad IDs and 1 won't work. I only have 1 video. P.S. It works!!! They are too boring for me to watch. Make new videos (Make 'em funny!)! Sorry to hear that. New Nintendo 64DD videos! P.S. Like before, THEY WORK!!!!!! New videos in my user page! 1. I don't have a paper and pencil/pen, so no. 2. Did you see my new videos? UltraMario3000 didn't steal your idea. He's welcome to use that name. I'm back home! I have summer camp starting tommorow. I'll be home each day at 1:00 P.M. Now try out my youtube videos!


I've got 2 questions. 1. Do I have permission to add your "Mystery Box" on my page and say that I purchased it?

2. Can we be friends? Your user page is better than mine! :)

Yes, I did click the link. It's the Bullet Blaster.

Poison Mushroom Orb in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. EditionDigibutterFrancis

Mini Gallery[edit]


Thanks, Peteyking64! king bill in position MEGAMUSHROOM82 that's me {{{1}}} 09:06, 10 July 2012 (EDT)


Want to be friends? king bill in position MEGAMUSHROOM82 that's me {{{1}}} 09:06, 10 July 2012 (EDT)EthanFerrisking bill in position MEGAMUSHROOM82 that's me {{{1}}} 09:06, 10 July 2012 (EDT)


Yes, I did say that. king bill in position MEGAMUSHROOM82 that's me {{{1}}} 09:06, 10 July 2012 (EDT)EthanFerrisking bill in position MEGAMUSHROOM82 that's me {{{1}}} 09:06, 10 July 2012 (EDT)


Yeah, I would like to become friends with you, Peteyking64!


king bill in position MEGAMUSHROOM82 that's me


Hey, are you actually retired? Do you still wanna be friends? Here's my userbox if you're still there...



MK7 Yoshi.png

MK7 Yoshi.pngNinja Yoshi MK7 Purple Yoshi.png

Just to Know[edit]

Just to know... 1. I'll still be on Fantendo. 2. THose people who edited your articles without permission are admins. THey can edit whatever they want. mean User:Marioluigi9!

Bad news: I have been blocked from Fantendo for no reason. User:Marioluigi9

On Fantendo, write a blog. It should say that I got blocked. P.S. On Fantendo, inb4 noob says "YAY!!!!!". Tell him/her to fuck off. User:Marioluigi9


Hello, i'm User:SombreroGuy. Want to be my friend? if you do here's the userbox. see ya!

Maraca Guy

Maraca GuySombreroGuyMaraca Guy

pet for pet shop[edit]

I know a pet for the pet shop. They are the red versions of Buzzy Beetles. (Sorry forgot the name :P)



Dear Peteyking64,

It has come to our attention that you are currently in violation of the userspace policy. Please review the policy and abide by it, or else a warning will be issued. Thank you for your cooperation.

KP (talk · edits) A KP Koopa from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Pet shop[edit]

Can I have the Monty mole from your pet shop! Thanks you very much! Goombob (talk) 07:45, 26 May 2013 (EDT)Goombob


User shops have now been banned, so I'm afraid that you will have to close your down. Yoshi876 (talk)

It was a few days ago I'm afraid. And no, I'm not a sysop, just your everyday user. Yoshi876 (talk) This contains all reasons for why they were banned, I'm sorry. Yoshi876 (talk)

Re: pet[edit]

Ok How about a Koopa Kid (Like those kind in Mario Party ya know?) Or a Shy Guy or a Snifit. Anyways also would you like to become friends? Goombob (talk) 12:24, 26 May 2013 (EDT)Goombob


Hi, just a friendly reminder: Please remember to italicize game names (e.g. Mario Kart 7). You can do that by clicking the "I" button at the top left corner of the text box and typing in the game name. Thanks. Samus costume, in Super Mario Maker. Mario JC


Dude! I have a new section called "Online Songs I Like". I only have one... |:( User:Marioluigi9