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Name Michael
Age 17
Location United States
HP 124
Power 80
Defense 58
Magic Power 107
Magic Defense 74
Speed 85
Special Attacks Mega Drain, Crystal, Recover
Items Magifoofa's Robe, Magifoofa's Hat, Magifoofa's Glasses, Magifoofa's Wand
Related Magikoopa


Hello there! My name is Magifoofa, but you can also call me by my real name, Michael. I'm a long-time fan of the Mario series and of Nintendo as a whole. I started playing the Mario series at 8 years old (my very first game was Super Mario 64), and I haven't stopped since. Recently, I've been using this wiki a lot lately, and I decided that it might be fun to join and put some of my prior wiki knowledge to use. That said, I look forward to helping out as much as I can and maybe meeting some nice new people.

Past Wiki Experience

The bulk of my wiki experience came from my time at the Guild Wars Wiki, where I was active for about a year. There, I learned most of the wikicode that I know (which is not a whole lot but enough to be dangerous). After quitting Guild Wars, I moved on to the World of Warcraft Wiki. I spent about a month there but didn't really do a whole lot due to the fact that it was much more complex than the Guild Wars Wiki. Now, I'm here at the Super Mario Wiki looking for a fresh start and some new skills.

Why Magifoofa?

I'm sure some people would like to know why I chose Magifoofa as my username, so here's what I came up with:

  • I like magic and characters who use magic.
  • I smile a lot in real life.
  • Some people think I'm a bit crazy.
  • Green is a cool color.
  • Robes are super comfy and awesome (except Snuggies, which are incredibly lame).

Mario Games That I Own

Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 64

Favorite Characters

Some of my favorite Mario characters include (but are not limited to):

Favorite Games

Some of my favorite Mario games include (but are not limited to):

As of January 5, 2010
Things have been a bit crazy at home lately since my sister is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah next week, so I really haven't had a lot of time to do much of anything outside of that. However, I did just get autoconfirmed, so I'll try to start helping out when and where I can.