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Surprise! Happy Easter!
Miss Koopette - A mixture of Kylie Koopa and Toadette. Also, a nice way of expressing yourself”
Nintendo, Nintendictionary
“Think you're too old for Mario?Too old! You're never too old to be a Mario or Nintendo fan!”
Nintendo, via letter
Let's see what I've got for dinner

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Hmmm... sounds tasty!

Ciao!!! My name is Miss Koopette and I'm a big fan of Koopa Troopas (some Paratroopas and possibly other Koopas). I also like Toadette. If you're stuck in any of the games which are marked *, feel free to ask me on my talk. (it's here!!!!). Also if you have anything bugging you in real life, let me help you. I'm quite good at solving problems. I don't do anything on this wiki, I just take up a lot of space and memory. I am useless at being useless.

My favourite Characters

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Funny Comments about some of the Images

Why does Nintendo never think when they are making the videogame artwork?

My very own art gallery

Currently there are only few images here... Any comments? If yes go to my talk.

Games that I own/personally played

I own some other games but they are not Mario ones. Those games underneath are 99% of all games which I own. (Note: the games are in order I got). I finally got to the Zelda series. It's quite good but not as good as Mario.

1 SarasalandBoxArt.png Super Mario Land*

Not Beaten
The first Mario game I ever personally played. (On GBA SP of course!!!)
2 Supermarioland2logo.jpg Super Mario Land 2*

Almost beaten
I was on the last level of this game when I lost sold it. ( I never got to see Wario !!!)
3 Mariop.jpg Super Mario Ball*

Beaten quite quickly
After I played this game I officialy became a Mario fan. Really good. Beaten in time of 9 mins 3 secs. It's a world record but I need a copy of this game to prove it to the Guiness World Records because it's another game which got lost sold. *tears*
4 Power Tennis GBA.jpg Mario Power Tennis (GBA)*

Beaten, Everything unlocked
I don't know how I could forget about this game!I thought it was the best Mario Tennis game ever untill I found out about this. Maybe that explains why I want the remake so much... Sometimes playing link-up with my bro.
5 Super Mario Advance 3 Box Art.jpg Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island*

Easily (b)eaten
Easy as pie, this fantastic game got swapped for Super Mario Advance which isn't so good. I'll get the original one it when it'll come out on virtual console.
6 SMA.jpg Super Mario Advance*

Not beaten
It isn't bad. But it's not very good either.
7 SuperPaperMarioBoxart.jpg Super Paper Mario*

Pretty good. It took me about half a year to complete this( I played other games during that time too)
8 Mk doubledash.jpg Mario Kart: Double Dash*

Everything's unlocked
Very good game but I had to sold it to get Super Mario Sunshine *drowning in tears*. My favourite team is Mario & Bowser on Wario's purple pride. All Cup Tour in Mirror Mode is a nightmare. the BEST Mario Kart I ever played.
9 MP8Box.png Mario Party 8*

It's not as rubbish as everone thinks it is. It's actually a very good game.
10 Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg Super Mario Galaxy*

One or two hard levels, but the rest is easy! I wish all Mario games could be like that...
11 Mario & Sonic at the Olypmic Games Wii box.png Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Not everything's unlocked
Only play it occasionaly when my friends are around. We have great fun! That's the only game I play with my bro as he's a Sonic fan.
12 MarioKartWiiNTSC.png Mario Kart Wii*

Beaten, everything unlocked
I got it the day it came out (11 April) but it was supposed to be my birthday present (23 April) *cheeky!*
13 Mario Strikers Charged Football Box Art.jpg Mario Strikers Charged Football

Not Beaten. In fact, barely started
Borrowed from my friend for two weeks. Only played vs mode with my bro.
14 DSMM.jpg Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix It's really Dancing Stage*

Every song and minigame unlocked but not beaten on Super Hard Mode
Very catchy music (which I hum all the time) and I always play it with a dance mat (Otherwise it's not as good). Mainly use it for burning calories (we don't have Wii Fit yet...)
15 Nsmb pal cover.jpg New Super Mario Bros.*

Beaten, all Golden Coins
Awesome! Maybe a bit too easy... I thought Bowser's Castle would be harder...
16 Super Princess Peach Alternative Box Art.jpg Super Princess Peach*

Beaten (not exacly)
Borrowed from my friend (Eggy77), to get her pass this certain level but accidentely I completed it. Ooops! (Really good game)
17 Box NA Super Mario Sunshine.png Super Mario Cheese err... Moonshine

Not Beaten
I'm somewhere about 1/4 in the game but levels are getting quite hard. I can't imagine what it's going to be like at the Bowser level...
18 MKDS NA Box Art.png Mario Kart DS*

Not Beaten
Borrowed. Pokemon Master wanted me to unlock Rob but I had unlocked him expert ghost datas instead...
19 Super Mario 64 Boxart.png Super Mario 64

Not Beaten
Oh My, this game so hard! Just got 13 stars.
20 Donkey Kong NES Cover.png Donkey Kong

Not Beaten
Are those older games getting harder or is it just me getting worse at them? I managed to complete level one and go to level 2, but I died. (My mum completed this easily because she played it at my age)
21 SSBB Cover.jpeg Super Smash Bros. Brawl*

Not Beaten (89%)
One of the best games I ever played in my life. It seemed easy first but as you go on it gets harder. I'm stuck on "The Great Maze" currently. And this game is NOT mine, it's pokemon Master's. Mario is the worst best charcter which I play as all the time.
22 MarioLuigiPartnersTime.jpg Mario & Luigi: Des Freres du Temps*(I've got a French copy of it)

It's the first RPG I had ever played in my life. Sometimes it's complicated and it's so different from platform games... I completed it with the Action Replay and yet, still as hard as nails. Kylie Koopine appears there!!!!
23 Super Mario World Box.png Ś€pęr Mąrió Wórłd

Not Beaten
It's quite cool. It could be cooler if it could save up after every level. GO YOSHI GO!!!
24 SMB Boxart.png Super Mario Bros.

Not Beaten
It's so similar and yet so different from 'New Super Mario Bros. If this is the first "proper" Mario game, made without powerful computers (like nowadays), it's just plain magic.

Nope, no Yoshi's Island DS in shops

My Birthday Wishlist

this is the cake which I'm going to have!(Hint: you get them in Tesco's)

My birthday is in April 23 2009 13:00:00 GMT. Here's a Nintendo-related list of things I want:

  1. Nintendo DSi
  2. Mario Power Tennis (Wii-release)
  3. Mario & Luigi RPG 3
  4. Yoshi's Island DS
  5. Super Mario 64 DS

I want some other stuff as well but they're not related to Marioverse...

Latest News

From Real World

  • I've been playing Mario games for more than 1.5 years
  • I correspond with Nintendo
  • I've started a Mario/Nintendo club

On My Laptop


  • Trying to unlock everything in Mario Kart Wii
  • Yay!!! I've completed Super Mario Galaxy!!! all 242 stars
  • I'm trying to complete Super Mario Moonshine 86 Shine Sprites left.


  • Just watch out for Super Mario Siblings game.

Ten Good Reasons Not To Get Koopa Troopa Mad At You

  1. He will eat you.
  2. He has Bowser on his side.
  3. Bowser Jr. Too.
  4. He's a tortoise (and tortoises are endangered).
  5. He's wearing green shoes.
  6. He's been killed by Mario 100s of times, so he can survive even a nuclear bomb
  7. Getting Koopa Troopa mad means getting Kylie Koopa mad.
  8. He has a green shell.
  9. He has a statue of himelf. (what?)
  10. He is cute
  11. He has fans

My Sig

Thanks to Stooben Rooben, I just love signing with my super cool sig: Kylie Koopa Artwork - Mario & Luigi Partners in Time.pngMs. Koopette(Contribs)Do theLuigi!!!Luigidance.gif

Something Random but Mario related

  • Mario's surname should be Rossi. It goes quite well with Mario's first name.
  • Female Koopas should be called "Kopines" or "Koopines".
  • Luigi should have another game on his own (Maybe Luigi's Mansion 2: Luigi the Boo Buster)
  • Bowser and Rosalina should have a game on their own.
  • Mario IS Italian!!!
  • Hey, click the Link!!!!!!!