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Hello and welcome to my userpage! Before I begin, let me thank everyone for working very hard to make this site great! Everyone from the staff to those that come by once in a blue moon, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! While other users bring in the knowledge to share with us, I just do the cleaning up. It's usually fixing some simple spelling/grammar errors or something of that nature. Nothing really major, but every little bit helps! I'm still trying to get the hang of how wikis work so I apologize if I accidentally do something stupid. My activity on wikis in general is pretty sporadic. I could spend some time editing like crazy then only come around when I need to look up something.

Out of the entire Mario series, I'm a huge WarioWare fan with 9-Volt and Ashley being my favorite developers. Penny used to be my favorite female developer until I read her character card. >:U I don't have Snapped (no Ninty microgames=no deal) but I have a Wii U, so I'm slowly adding the character cards and Mona Superscoops from Game & Wario.

Major stuff I've done on the wiki

Finished projects

My completed top priority and side projects will go here.

  • Transcribe all Mona Superscoops and move all unsorted to their proper order.
  • Transcribe all the character cards from Game & Wario.

Top priority projects

I'll be most likely spending some time on these and want to finish them as soon as possible. Feel free to lend a hand!

Side projects

I'll spend some time on these when I can and am in no rush to finish them unless a staff member yells at me. Feel free to lend a hand!

  • Put in the infobox for all pre-made microgames for WarioWare: D.I.Y. and D.I.Y. Showcase.

Pages created

Probably due to modesty or something, but I find greater pride in working on existing articles than start them. Feel free to rewrite or expand them, unless you're itching to vandalize them.

Files uploaded

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