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Porplemontage Interview

by Superchao (talk)

I was retired. Done with the interviews. But then the call came out. "Superchao, we need you... for ONE LAST JOB."

...By which I mean, greetings again 'Shroom readers! I haven't been staff since January and I haven't written an interview since December, but I've come back for Issue 100 to interview a very special guest. It's a good thing the wiki's tenth anniversary is next month, because what better confluence could exist for me to interview the one and only Porplemontage! You all know the Wiki's proprietor, but we don't know that much about the man himself. Well, I'm here to give you a bit more about Porple, in his own words!


Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! You haven't seen me for months, but I'm coming back for this one special interview!
Superchao: Because as I said in the intro, I've got a very special guest today: the wiki's founder, Porplemontage!
Porplemontage: Hey, great to be here!
Superchao: Anyhow, Porple. Normally I'd ask the same starting question I do everyone else. But in your case, I've gotta change it by a few letters.
Superchao: So, why did you found the wiki?
Porplemontage: I founded the wiki because about 10 years ago I was obsessed with wikis (still am, btw) and I'm a huge fan of Mario. I wanted to create an encyclopedia for one of my favorite game series! It just seemed like the right thing to do.
Superchao: Heh, not that deep a reason, but looking at how it's still going it was certainly good enough of one!
Porplemontage: Ha, exactly. And we've seen the wiki space explode since then. It seems like everything has 10 different wikis now!
Superchao: That actually ties in well to my next question. You were only 15 or so when you founded it, right? How good were you with MediaWiki at the time - were you already an expert, or did you basically learn on the go as you got the wiki up and running?
Porplemontage: Yeah, I was actually 14 when I founded it. I kept my age private for a while. I had set up a couple wikis before the MarioWiki, but I've learned everything along the way. I'm not sure how reassuring that is to hear, but I think I've proven myself by now. I've always loved the challenges of it.
Superchao: Things haven't exploded yet, so we can probably call it a success. Still, that's pretty impressive, to found, manage, and design it while still in high school. Justifies some of the admiration, that's for sure.
Superchao: Although I'm curious - what other wikis? Are they even still around or did they peter out unlike us?
Porplemontage: Yes, thank you. So kids, don't let your age stop you from doing something big! Let me think.. I had the Video Game Cheats Wiki (CheatsWiki for short) that never took off. It was actually featured on Attack of the Show, that was cool. I had the Bonus Stage Wiki and the Space Tree Wiki for the respective webtoons. Interest waned - MarioWiki is the oldest that's still around.
Superchao: To be fair, that's probably a consequence of the relative fanbases.
Porplemontage: Absolutely
Superchao: I imagine a single webtoon is going to draw a lot less editors and contributors than something the size of Mario.
Porplemontage: Yeah. Good community, though. The wiki that inspired all this for me was the Homestar Runner Wiki.
Superchao: Good old Homestar Runner. I'm amazed that's still around, sometimes; can't believe it came back recently.
Porplemontage: Yeah, it's very strange. It's back, but just barely.
Superchao: Oh, while we're on the origins of the Wiki, can you tell us more about Agent Seethro? From what little I know, I assume he was a friend of yours who helped with MediaWiki back when you didn't know as much.
Superchao: Am I right, wrong, or just half-right?
Porplemontage: You're half-right. He was a friend and we had a site together called GamerFocus. We wanted to create several wikis to go with the site. This included the MarioWiki, the aforementioned CheatsWiki, and Halopedia. Well like the CheatsWiki, GamerFocus never really took off. But he never helped me with the wikis - he was the founder of Halopedia and I was the founder of the MarioWiki and CheatsWiki. He created an account on here and I made him an admin because of GamerFocus, but he didn't help create this site and he ended up never using his account here.
Superchao: Ahhh. I always wondered why he was completely inactive, and now after all these years I know!
Porplemontage: Mystery solved!
Superchao: Halopedia's still around, isn't it? Do you ever edit there?
Porplemontage: Yes, Halopedia has a long and complicated history. But now I'm hosting it and I usually only edit for technical reasons, not too different from here most of the time.
Superchao: That's understandable. The nice thing about hosting a huge wiki; you don't have to be the one adding all the info, heh heh.
Porplemontage: That's the beauty of the wiki model!
Superchao: While I think we've talked quite a lot about the founding of the wiki, I think a question that would be very interesting to a lot of our newer members is; how do you feel about the first couple years compared to now? Like how different it was - tiny vs. huge community, no spinoffs vs. thriving, seperate forum and chat, and so on.
Porplemontage: The first couple years were exciting, but a bit scary sometimes too. It was great that the site was growing, and we were often adding new features like the forum as we figured out exactly what we wanted the site to be. But as the site grew, we had server issues and things were slow for a while. We had more downtime as I figured out exactly what our server needed to have. So it was new and exciting, but tumultuous at times. Now thing are much more settled in terms of the site, features, and server stability. I'm very happy with where we're at now.
Superchao: Heh, that preempts my next question.
Superchao: I was gonna ask if you were happy with how the wiki's turned out after all the ups and downs of the past ten years, but it sure sounds like you are!
Porplemontage: Yes! I really love it. The content gets better and better every day, and I think the site is in a fantastic spot right now. A big thank you to all our editors over the years for making this possible!
Superchao: Well, I'm certainly glad I joined it all the way back in 2006 myself, so thank you for making this possible as well.
Porplemontage: My pleasure
Superchao: Of course, there's always second thoughts. It certainly doesn't seem like it now, but I'm honestly curious; did you ever think about quitting or selling the wiki?
Superchao: Like due to stressful times or boredom, for example.
Porplemontage: Never with this wiki. The MarioWiki was always my baby and I never wanted to give it up.
Superchao: Now that's dedication.
Porplemontage: About a decade's worth ;)
Superchao: Still, though, even if you've stuck with it through thick and thin, anything you thought could have been done better in hindsight? Since there have been... rough spots, after all.
Porplemontage: You know, I don't want to dwell on the negative stuff. Everything is a learning experience for me and I think the site ends up being better because of the things we've learned.
Superchao: That's a good way to look at it, I'll agree.
Superchao: In that case, I'll just ask you a few questions about the community! What's your thought on how much of a community aspect has sprung up around the wiki? The forums are huge and only a small fraction of that relates to wiki editing, for example.
Porplemontage: I think the community aspect is fantastic! People are brought together, friendships are formed. I think it ends up helping the wiki because people are more invested in the site and the community.
Superchao: Well, I think the community's been the big reason I stuck around, so I'd have to agree. Glad to know you've enjoyed it!
Superchao: Oh, what do you think of the 'Shroom, for example? It's grown from a small, three-section-by-one-guy thing back in 2006 to this impressive monthly newsletter with a bunch of sections.
Superchao: And considering that this interview is for the Issue 100 extravangaza, it'd be interesting to know your thoughts on the project and its impact.
Porplemontage: The 'Shroom is an important piece of that community puzzle. The fact so many people coordinate to produce this impressive newspaper every month is a testament to the dedication that so many have for our community. And as a result, the wiki benefits and our readers benefit with unique and fun content.
Porplemontage: I'm very impressed by it.
Superchao: I'm sure quite a lot of people will be happy to hear you say that!
Superchao: So, since it's the other big community thing coming up; you looking forward to the Awards Ceremony as well?
Superchao: Especially since it's the tenth anniversary of the wiki, and all.
Porplemontage: Yes, the awards are always fun. This is a huge year for us - can't wait for the ceremony!
Superchao: Just be glad you're not the one organizing it, heh. Trust me, it's not as fun being the one who has to juggle everything.
Superchao: ...But then again, you probably know that from experience :V
Porplemontage: I know, I know. If the website is working that day, I've done my job!
Superchao: How much do you lurk the forums, anyway? Seeing what people are up to and all?
Porplemontage: I lurk quite a bit. Priority one is checking up on anything related to wiki policy or administration of course, but I'm in the community boards too. I have a known affinity for Mindless Junk...
Porplemontage: And possibly Geoff Keighley...
Porplemontage: The occasional counting
Superchao: Count until Porple posts is fun to interrupt, isn't it
Porplemontage: I feel a little bad - I don't want to stop progress. I secretly want them to beat the last record.
Superchao: ...Actually, who are Wagnak and Baby Simones, then? Just friends of yours?
Porplemontage: Those two... are friends. Let's just leave it at that.
Superchao: So we shall, then. In that case, I'd like to ask a few questions about you outside of the wiki! For example, my usual pile of game-related questions that I ask everyone, because video games.
Porplemontage: Sure thing. I love the games.
Superchao: You're obviously a fan of Mario - you said yourself that's the entire reason you founded a whole wiki about it. Are there any Mario games that really stand out as your favorites?
Porplemontage: Super Mario 64 is my all-time favorite. Loved it growing up. Super Mario World is my favorite 2D Mario.
Superchao: Good choices, both of them! May not like them the most myself, but they're certainly popular, and for good reason. Out of curiosity, what reasons?
Superchao: I know it'll probably be just "they're good games" and "i grew up with them" but dammit I'll ask anyway
Porplemontage: Could just be pure nostalgia, honestly. But come on, they're fun!
Superchao: Heh, not arguing there. There's a reason those are among the games I completed 100%. Somehow I imagine I'm not alone in that here...
Porplemontage: You are not!
Superchao: Any other Mario games that really stick out as well? May not be the top ones, but definitely ones you'd recommend to the readers?
Superchao: I imagine that a recommendation from Porplemontage would be worth something :V
Porplemontage: Hmm. I love the WarioWare series. So easy to pick up and play whenever you get a second.
Superchao: Explains your avatar, for one thing.
Superchao: Confession, at this point my mental image of you is just "bearded Wario"
Porplemontage: Haha. Wario has been my guy since Mario Kart 64.
Superchao: Actually, my comment about recommendations makes me wonder; you're often viewed in the community as a Big Deal (see: people's reactions when you show up in IRC). Does it ever feel weird, or do you just take it in stride?
Superchao: Sorry for the topic shift, but it seemed natural.
Porplemontage: I don't think it's weird - I appreciate the attention. It's cool, like a mini celebrity or something in this one place.
Porplemontage: My username got recognized in a Twitch chatroom once and that caught me off guard though.
Superchao: Ha, now that is surprising. You really wouldn't expect wiki fame to extend beyond the wiki, but apparently it can!
Porplemontage: Yup. It was a Splatoon stream, same sort of Nintendo audience I suppose!
Superchao: Guess we know at least one person out there who likes both Splatoon and Mario, it seems.
Porplemontage: Well everyone likes Mario
Superchao: Which makes me wonder - you mentioned Wario's your main man. Is it because he's a fun and hilarious guy in all his games? ...Spoilers I'm also a Wario fan
Porplemontage: I have no clue why I gravitated towards Wario. Probably because he just seemed weird.
Superchao: ...that answer is simultaneously both good and funny and I have no idea why. I will consider that a good thing because I can.
Porplemontage: Thank you!
Superchao: Alrighty, I can't imagine Mario is your only game series you like ever. If you don't mind, I'd be interested in taking a few minutes to hear what non-Mario games are among your personal favorites.
Porplemontage: Sounds good!
Porplemontage: I like Pokemon. I like shooters (Destiny, Gears of War, Titanfall, BioShock). Rock Band, Tony Hawk, Assassin's Creed games.
Superchao: Well, if nothing else, that's certainly a wide variety.
Superchao: Pokemon isn't much of a surprise, but I never pegged you for a shooter fan... or Tony Hawk, for that matter.
Superchao: Not that that's bad, it's always nice to have a bunch of different genres you enjoy!
Porplemontage: I play indie stuff too, like Thomas Was Alone. Not a big fan of most RPG's, MOBA's, racing games besides Mario Kart, fighting games besides Smash Bros. I'm not a huge Smash fan since I'm pretty bad at it, but I'll play with friends occasionally.
Superchao: Who's your main? Clearly the most important question of this entire interview :V
Porplemontage: My main? Ha. Palutena ALL DAY. No, I don't really have a main. Get a flat stage and spam Wario's motorcycle is my main. I do have a healthy amiibo collection though - they fight for me.
Superchao: The power of amiibo. Why be the fighter when you can be the general?
Porplemontage: Yup, someone's got to lead the amiibos into battle.
Superchao: Alrighty, seems I'm running low on questions. I've still got a few left since I cooked up some beforehand, though.
Superchao: So if you're ready, I'll just fire off everything left and we'll finish this here and now!
Porplemontage: Hit me with them!
Superchao: Okay! How'd you come up with the Porplemontage Studios mascot?
Porplemontage: Well, long ago I created a terrible Flash animation featuring a Porple character. The original design can be partially seen in the image on my userpage. I later redrew that character's head to be the Porplemontage Studios mascot (which is now the Porplemontage Enterprises mascot).
Superchao: That explains why it looks so goofy, if it came from the dark depths of pre-2005 :V
Porplemontage: Absolutely. Dark time.
Superchao: Next question! Ever tried to pick anyone up with "I created MarioWiki"? :U
Superchao: I never said all of these would be serious questions.
Porplemontage: Haha, no. I give you permission to try it though - let me know how it goes!
Superchao: Third question! What inspired :dk2:?
Porplemontage: It needed to exist, so it did. I never said all these would be serious answers!
Superchao: Hahaha, well, I invited that one.
Superchao: And for a question that I've always asked, as well as the people before me; Is this the last question?
Porplemontage: No. Is this the last answer? Yes.
Superchao: Well, we're definitely done here, then.
Superchao: Thanks for showing up for this, Porple. It was good to have the big bossman for a chat.
Porplemontage: I'm with you there. Thanks for having me, it was fun!

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