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Election Process[edit]

This page is where members of the community may make nominations and vote for candidates to oversee the Poll Committee for the next year. The rules for the election process may be viewed on the election rules article.

Candidates and Voting[edit]


HI there! It's your friendly Statistics Manager, Tucayo, and I'm here to launch my campaign for Poll Chairperson for the 2016-2017 cycle. These are my credentials:

  • Former Poll Vice-Chairperson.
  • Current SysOp of the Super Mario Wiki.
  • Current Statistics Manager of The 'Shroom.
  • Former Director, Sub-Director, and Fun Stuff Director of The 'Shroom.

I have ample managing experience in other areas of the wiki and I also have experience as part of the Poll Committee itself. I would like to put this experience to use as Poll Chairperson, and I fully commit myself to serving the whole term. The Poll Committee runs very smoothly and I have to commend all of its members for it; it's admittedly not easy to improve something that runs so well but here are the main points of my campaign:

  • Every single Poll Committee has aimed to have guest-submitted polls but so far that idea hasn't worked at all. The first thing I notice is that I can't seem to find the form that was used to submit poll ideas, so I will aim to have it readily available for users. A link on MarioWiki:Polls for sure, and maybe even a small link below the poll on the Main Page box.
  • It's been often noted that the chosen polls have options that represent very specific opinions and end up with users voting for the "I don't know/I don't care/None of the above" option. You want your options to cover all possible opinions users would have and not just five specific opinions. I am not a full-fledged expert in polling but I do have some preparation in marketing, market studies, and qualitative analysis, which I will put into use by carefully reviewing the options for each poll when they are proposed and I will suggest changes to the original author so that the poll can be more widely-appealing.
  • Something that is working wonderfully this year is the collaboration with the Awards Committee, so I promise to keep that collaboration going. I will talk with whomever is AC Director at that point and we will work together; I will be completely open to collaborating with the AC in the way they see better.
  • I will also maintain the rotation for the Poll Committee Discussion on Pipe Plaza. I am not entirely sure of the inside mechanics right now but if I am elected, I will make this an opt-out option for Poll Committee members who may not be interested in writing the section. This way, we will only have those who actually want to write and it won't be an additional burden on someone who doesn't want to write it.
  • Lastly, should I be elected, I will make an open call to become a member of the Poll Committee. Anyone who wishes to apply may do so. The number of PC members will remain at nine, however.

I look forward to hearing from you; your comments on my campaign, your suggestions, your questions, etc. I am more than willing to incorporate further ideas. And, if what I talked about in this campaign appeals to you, I invite you to vote for me for Poll Chairperson. Thanks.


  1. Freakworld (talk)
  2. Roy Koopa (talk)
  3. LudwigVon (talk)
  4. Gabumon (talk)
  5. NSY (talk)
  6. Superchao (talk)

Andymii and Palkia47[edit]

Hi there! We're Andymii (talk) and Palkia47 (talk), and we're running again to be your Poll Committee Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

Through the 'Shroom's Fun Stuff section to the entirety the last Poll Committee term, we have been proven work together very well. Our last term was incredibly productive, more so than any other Committee before. We aim to continue perfecting the Poll Committee next term, not only preserving anything we've done this year, but also to keep this momentum and continuing and goals we did not finish this year along with much, much more.

Here are our combined credentials:

  • Poll Committee Chairperson 2015-16
  • Vice Poll Committee Chairperson 2015-16
  • Fun Stuff Director 2015-16
  • Fun Stuff Director 2014-15
  • Critic Corner Director 2013-14
  • Userpedia Bureaucrat, Chatroom operator, and Global Moderator

Under our direction, last term was enormously successful. Among our most effective changes were these:

  • Through a massive overhaul of our internal poll-selecting process, we managed to double our efficiency, providing a new poll every week (instead of every two weeks). After thorough testing, the new system proved to not only provide more polls in a shorter amount of time, but also boost creativity as well.
    • This new system required a bigger staff; after reading many applications, we carefully selected three new members to boost our team to nine members.

  • We introduced Poll Committee Discussion, a 'Shroom section sharing the results of the polls and giving them brief analyses. We further expanded it to be rotational, being written a different Poll Committee member every month in order to create multiple points of view.

  • We took external suggestions, like those found on the Super Mario Boards, very seriously, and we tweaked our polls accordingly.

  • We helped assist the Awards Committee in giving its polls more exposure on the Wiki main page.

  • We released nearly 50 polls, a 283% increase from the year before.

Despite these, we have many more goals that we hope to achieve in the coming term. If we are elected, some of the goals immediately in mind include the following:

  • Ideas from YOU, the public. An old Poll Committee functionality that has never fully been used is external nominations. This is mainly due to the fact that doing so has neither been fully encouraged nor even had a centralized location. We will aim to revive this functionality by making it much easier to do, whether it is a "Suggest" button on the Main Page and constant reminders through Poll Committee Discussion and/or other outlets. It will be obvious and accessible to everyone, not hidden in some corner but rather self-explanatory and simple to do.

  • We will continue to find the fine balance between making the polls informative and entertaining, as suggested by the community. Our polls are meant to find out more about our community and guests, but it's also meant to be an engaging and fun part of our Main Page. By utilizing fun ideas but not letting them take away from the accuracy of the poll, we can all help learn true facts about our community without feeling like we are in a boring statistical study.

  • As always, we will create polls that address a diverse amount of topics – whether it be on current Nintendo events, current MarioWiki events, or opinions on games, new and old.

  • Any suggestions, comments, or concerns will not only never ignored, but also placed in a location where it can easily be accessed. We will renovate the Poll's talk page and/or create a public Poll Committee board on the Super Mario Boards. That way, any comments are kept in a centralized area for easy reference so we can be even more productive in implementing any suggestions.

In short, thank you for a great year - you've all been very supportive! That being said, we'd like to keep the momentum we've started this term, and with your vote, you can help us carry it on to the next!


Andymii (talk) and Palkia47 (talk)


  1. 3D Player 2010 (talk)
  2. AfternoonLight (talk)
  3. Tucayo (talk)
  4. Baby Luigi (talk)
  5. Stargazing (talk)


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