The 'Shroom:Issue 111/'Shroom Mafia III: An Overview

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'Shroom Mafia III: An Overview

Written by: Stooben Rooben (talk)


'Shroom Mafia III, as everyone who has participated in and read about knows, has been an enormous undertaking. I started production on it in late 2014, and I announced it nearly a year ago. The game started in October, and ran through late March, coming to a halt in activity after the news of Walkazo's passing. The time for games was understandably gone.

Since then, I have been trying to think of the proper way to end it. I was given suggestions that I should go forth with writing the text stories as I had been, but this did not feel proper — I did not want to write another story of friends casually dying in a joke setting, so recently after what happened. I also received the suggestion of simply ending the game with no story whatsoever, just posting the final results and rolecards; however, this did not feel like an adequate closing to something that had been such a big part of our members' lives for half a year. I continued to cycle through various ideas, trying to figure out what would be an appropriate ending, not just to a game that had gone on for so long (and, now, waited so long for its closing), but as something to avoid tarnishing Walkazo's memory or upsetting those deeply affected by her death.

You see, Walkazo was a role in the game. She was one of the final roles left to be revealed. Her character was the one that was set to die at the end of Day 16 — the very same phase of the game we all found out the news. I just didn't know what to do.

I considered pretending the events of the game were a movie, since such a film was something that I referenced in the opening story. I still couldn't find a way to properly do it, though. So, I went back to the drawing board and tried again, this time coming to the conclusion that I could honor Walkazo's memory in the form of a hand-drawn comic, not unlike the ones she used to make. I had a pretty good plot for this wrote out, and a few rough sketches too, but the more I worked on it, the more I felt that I may have been cheapening the value of Walkazo's works.

Eventually, I realized I was thinking too hard on everything. The ending needed to be something special, but it didn't necessarily need to be something to remind us of Walkazo. We all know what happened. Reminding everyone of that in a game that was fun, lighthearted, and (as far as I've been told) thoroughly enjoyed, seemed like I was forcing a commemoration where it did not belong. There are other, better, more appropriate ways to remember her.

So, one day, I'm sitting around drawing some users in a silly, storybook fashion, when I realize what I could actually do to adequately close off the game after so long. No lame flavor text. No knock-off comics. No absence of content. I decided to — bear with me here — draw memes. Memes of some players, in jokes that were relevant to the game. 'Shroom Mafia III itself spawned a small handful of memes, while other situations that occurred in the game simply seemed to mirror well-known memes and fads. In one of her final messages to me, Walkazo told me she was happy that she had created a local meme, so I think the idea still holds some relevance without being completely shoehorned. I hope no one finds this disrespectful.

Crocodile Dippy (talk) and Gabumon (talk) have helped me create some user memes for 'Shroom Mafia III's ending. Silly as it may sound over something like this, I am grateful beyond words.

With all that having been said, let's move on to some of the game's countless details! Truth be told, this article does not have even half of what I wanted to cover, but it is a good start, and should answer enough questions for now. Any further details (references to in-jokes, comments on balance, result PMs, rolecards, history of item transactions, minigames that were distributed, the list goes on), will be documented on this upcoming Userpedia page. Thank you for understanding.

Status Effects

To add some diversity to the game beyond what standard roles are capable of, I decided to incorporate a wide array of status effects. Some are based on classic roles (Silencing, Protection, Burns, Motivation), while others are either completely new to this game (Illumination, Rejuvenation, Bleeding, Brainwashing, Sleep), or completely revamped renditions of classic-but-rarely-seen abilities (Poisoning, Endorsing, Diminishing, Fortification). While there were times I wish I had some sort of script to generate HP meter adjustments for some of these, I think they all were implemented pretty easily without confusing too many people. Bleeding seemed to be the most confusing to people, which was understandable, given that was an entirely new gimmick altogether (with blood types and donations included in the package).

Here are all the status effects that were in the game, and what they did.


  • Augmented — Target's vote will be counted two (or sometimes three) times. This stacks with Public Speaker powers.
  • Consecrated — Target is purged of and immune to any and all negative status effects. (Yes, this one trumps Bleeding.)
  • Endorsed — Target will be able to use their powers without fail, no matter what. (This one trumps items.)
  • Fortified — Target will take 50% less damage than usual. Nightkills will do 50 HP damage, Poison will do 10 HP damage, Burns and Bleeding will do 20 HP damage, etc.
  • Illuminated — If the target is nightkilled, the name of the player responsible will be publicly revealed upon the target's death. (Be careful, Mafia!)
  • Motivated — Target will be able to perform their power twice. Some passive abilities may be doubled in strength as well.
  • Protected — Target is immune to any kills placed on them, while their health is restored to max, and any negative status effects (except for Bleeding) will be removed.
  • Rejuvenated — Target's health will gradually increase by 20 HP per phase.


  • Bleeding — Target's health will gradually decrease by 40 HP per phase. Can only be stopped by Consecration or receiving a compatible blood donation.
  • Brainwashed — Target will unwittingly act as a bodyguard for another player, taking damage for on that player's behalf in all instances (including lynches).
  • Burned — Target's health will gradually decrease by 40 HP per phase.
  • Diminished — Target's power output will be reduced randomly. Cops might only get partial checks, Doctors might only restore health, a nightkill might only do partial damage, etc.
  • Exiled — Target will be unable to perform any actions, use any items, donate blood, vote, or post in the thread.
  • Jarated — Target will take 50% more damage than usual. Nightkills will do 150 HP damage, Poison will do 30 HP damage, Burns and Bleeding will do 60 HP damage, etc.
  • Paralyzed — Target will be unable to use items.
  • Poisoned — Target's health will gradually decrease by 20 HP per phase.
  • Silenced — Target's vote will not be counted.


  • Sleeping — Target will be unable to perform any actions, use any items, or donate blood, but will passively regenerate health and temporarily negate any negative status ailments. Target will awaken automatically once they return to 100 HP. However, if they are visited by any player prior to then, the status effect will immediately end. If the target awakens from an undisturbed slumber, they will remember a dream that contains a clue about the game. Target can still post and vote during this time.


Usually my games are known for having multiple scum alignments, but I decided to dial things back this time, and instead have (as far as I know) the largest Mafia team in any standardized game: 10 Mafia, plus 1 convert. To keep things from getting too repetitive, though, I did include Masons (an Innocent-aligned third-party) and Phantoms (a post-death third-party that functioned as a balancing tool and could play how they saw fit); the goal of the Phantoms was to whittle the number of living players down to exactly the same number of players they had on their team — no more, no less. Innocents-turned-Phantoms would not be considered losers if the Phantoms lost but the Innocents still won. These were the alignments:

  • Innocent — main good guys.
  • Mafia — main bad guys.
  • Mason — additional good guys.
  • Phantom — wild card party.
  • Independent (Arsonist) — additional bad guy.
  • Independent (Clown) — additional bad guy.
  • Independent (Fool) — wild card player.
  • Independent (Serial Killer) — additional bad guy.
  • Ghost (Temporarily-revived, initial alignment unchanged) — incorporated as a way to increase the value of a permanent revival without making the game seem hopeless once powerful players were gone; these temporary revivals were able to be used by both the Innocents and the Mafia.

Players and their ratings

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Here, I will be assigning ratings, while giving a brief overview of each player's role, accomplishments, flubs, or anything else I feel is relevant. Each player will be rated based on 10 characteristics. These are:

Analyzation — How well one understood or how frequently one studied the game mechanics and their role.
Communication — How well or how frequently one communicated with allies, the host, or other inquiring minds.
Disposition — How well one behaves towards his teammates, enemy players, and the host.
Helpfulness — How well one aids his teammates' goals or plans, or how well one obstructs his enemies' goals or plans.
Interpretation — How well one townreads or scumreads, and how well one deduces roles/actions/items another player may have or may be a part of.
Originality — How creative a player is with his own role and inventory, and how creative a player is in conjunction with at least one other player's resources.
Participation — How active a player is in the game thread and behind the scenes.
Responsiveness — How quick to respond or how accurate in reply one is.
Sneakiness — How well one deceives their enemies.
Vigilance — How careful one is or how much foresight one has.

Each participant who surpassed a certain level of activity will receive a minimum of 2 'Shroom Tokens for their efforts. The first, second, and third MVPs will receive a bonus of 10, 6, and 4 'Shroom Tokens, respectively. Living players who reached endgame will receive a bonus of 1 'Shroom Token. Co-Winners will receive a bonus of 1 'Shroom Token. Any other bonuses (up to a maximum of 3 'Shroom Tokens) applied will be based on a player's activity, lifespan, or impact. I was given a budget of 100 'Shroom Tokens to divvy up among participants, but I exceeded that limit and am divvying up 130 'Shroom Tokens instead — the boss can just take it out of my paycheck if need be.

If you received 0 'Shroom Tokens, please do not feel discouraged from playing in the future! It just wasn't a good game for you, is all.


Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Twentytwofiftyseven

Role: Pi, Innocent Accountant/Statistician 2257 debuted in the game during D2 as a non-player casting a joke vote upon the then-dead reviled player, Viper26. When Viper was revived via a nasty Mafia power much later in the game, he was modkilled and eventually replaced by 2257. Unfortunately, 2257 only lived for a single phase because he jokingly made a remark that he "knew basically everyone's role", which made the Mafia prioritize him immediately as a target.
Best Play: Voting Viper26 prior replacing him as a player.
Worst Play: Stating he knew the roles of basically all the players.
Rank: #36 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 0

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Anton

Role: Smasher, Innocent Jack-of-all-Trades Anton was undeniably the leading force behind the Innocents' victory. During his lifetime, he gathered roleclaims from well over half of the players, making himself quickly known to the Mafia as a looming force of terror that would need to be eliminated if they wanted to succeed in their goal. However, Anton ended up taking on more responsibility than he signed on for, often being the sole force to convince many Innocents to use their powers.
Best Play: Reviving RandomYoshi.
Worst Play: Getting Vocal Beat in contact with GBAToad.
Rank: #2 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 11

Flag of the Netherlands. For Dutch release dates. Aregularforumuser

Role: Crocodile Dippy, Innocent Roleblocker/Itemblocker/Sniper Replacing Lily on Night 2, ARFU was a subtle, nearly-inactive Innocent player who ended up posing some significant problems for the Mafia despite his low profile. Though he almost never Roleblocked or Paralyzed anybody throughout the course of the game, he became an obvious threat when he harassed Nabber, Smasher, and Lakituthequick with his Sydney Sleeper, killing the latter in one shot, much to the Innocents' satisfaction.
Best Play: Sniping Lakituthequick.
Worst Play: Letting himself die when he had an item to heal himself.
Rank: #32 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Banjonator1

Role: Luigi, Innocent Ghostbuster/Thief/Celebrity/Princess Banjo had one of the most versatile roles in the game, but his two greatest assets were his ability to generate temporary revival items, and his ability to passively hand out Green Coins to any player who helped his agenda. These Green Coins were designed as a hard counter to Phantoms and Ghosts, making him a genuine threat to anyone not on the Innocent team. Near endgame, he remembered an important piece of information that justly threw suspicion upon TFP.
Best Play: Identifying TheFreshPrince as Independent.
Worst Play: Not permakilling scum sooner.
Rank: #7 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 4

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Baby Mario Bloops

Role: Yoshi876, Innocent Jinx/Taxi Driver Marioboards Mafia connoisseur BMB had a very fun role that was designed to screw with enemy plans and provide him small hints to help him figure out if his choices were actually the right ones. Unfortunately, he was not present for a vast majority of the game, but he did cause some hair-pulling moments for the Mafia. Upon his death, he automatically became a Phantom — a hidden aspect of his role inspired by Yoshi876's Duskull forum profile.
Best Play: Converting Smg2daisy to the Phantom team.
Worst Play: Crippling Phantom team with inactivity.
Rank: #29 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Chibiki Daisy

Role: Mario4Ever, Mafia Politician/Statistician/Gallis Chibiki Daisy was never actually around for the game, but she still caused some interesting events, nonetheless. Sent out by her Mafia teammates to perform the first nightkill, she was revealed to be Freakworld's killer that night due to his Illumination ability. The Innocents attempted to lynch her twice in a row to no avail, not realizing she was the Gallis. Fortunately for them, the Innocent Bomber took matters into his own hands.
Best Play: Sidetracking lynch bandwagons early in the game.
Worst Play: Not being present at all, and thus automatically being recognized as an inactive Mafia puppet.
Rank: #41 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 0

Flag of France. For French release dates. Cirdec

Role: Glowsquid, Innocent Public Speaker/Granny Cirdec ended up being the center of attention somewhat early in the game, as he was revealed to have the ability to bite people. This was assumed by many to be an anti-town ability, but eventually, his Innocence was confirmed via some of his teammates claims and findings. Though frequently out-of-the-loop regarding his teammates' efforts, he was smart enough to work closely with Smg2daisy, whom his role was largely designed to protect.
Best Play: Giving Piranha Wards to Smg2daisy.
Worst Play: Not immediately purchasing role upgrade.
Rank: #33 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Contra

Role: TheFreshPrince, Innocent Bomber/Firewall/Profiteer Trigger-happy as he may have been, Contra was essential in the Innocents achieving victory. He found his bombings often being messed with, but was successful in enough of his attempts to critically injure the Mafia's team composition and deplete their resources. His partner role was owned by Nyrie, whom he confidently worked with during the latter half of the game.
Best Play: Bombing Chibiki Daisy.
Worst Play: Bombing Banjonator1.
Rank: #6 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 4

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Dragonfreak

Role: MST3K, Innocent Lie Detector/Chancellor Dragonfreak was disappointingly inactive during the game, using her Exile ability only once — unsuccessfully, at that. She did post in the game thread to voice her opinion on the swirling suspicions of Cirdec, denouncing them as "stupid". Brittle as her words may have been, though, she was correct. It was unfortunate for the Innocents that she was not more active, since she may have been able to provide good insight and cause the Mafia grief.
Best Play: Correctly identifying Cirdec as Innocent.
Worst Play: Choosing not to respond to in-game inquiries from allies who suspected her of being anti-town.
Rank: #38 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 0

Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia since December 8, 1908. For Oceanian release dates. Epic Nitwit

Role: New Super Mario, Mafia Sleuth/Dogkeeper/Musician Epic Nitwit was not given much of a chance to shine, since the player he replaced (Lumastar) had already been presumed Mafia. During his three phases of activity, Nitwit carefully analyzed the functions of the game, providing his teammates with a decent amount of theories that were eventually put into play. His death was the result of Superchao using a Fire Flower on him, and TFP making him Bleed, both in the same phase.
Best Play: Bringing attention to The Letter A in Lakituthequick's inventory after he died, leading to LTQ's temporary revival to use that very item on Quizmo.
Worst Play: None. The player he replaced had already been identified as an inactive Mafia puppet, so there was very little he could do.
Rank: #34 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia since December 8, 1908. For Oceanian release dates. Fantanoice

Role: Superchao, Innocent Cop/Ninja/Ghost When Fanta entered the game on Day 2, she was already at a disadvantage, suffering the effects of a Poisoning that had affected the person she replaced (Time Turner). It is possible that she became a priority to the Mafia due to how quickly Time Turner was replaced with her, but the role of Cop was not one that could just be left to sit there and rot. She was already making headway in her two-phase lifespan, so there is little doubt she would have been a force to be reckoned with.
Best Play: Pointing out Chibiki Daisy was on the replacement list and could not have performed any actions herself.
Worst Play: None. Perhaps not Ninjaing on the night she had died, but she did ask for health that same night, so her death was simply bad luck.
Rank: #31 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

State flag of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela since March 9, 2006. For Venezuelan release dates. FireEevee

Role: Palkia47, Innocent Jailer/Funster/Tank FireEevee played perhaps one of his best games here, having been quite active and communicative with his teammates. He used his powers quite well, benefiting the Innocents with his minigame distribution, and successfully Jailing a Mafioso the one time that power went through. He was also correct in guessing Chibiki Daisy was a Gallis, a possibility that most other players seemed to overlook or quickly dismiss.
Best Play: Providing only teammates with Fun Stuff minigames.
Worst Play: Donating blood to Shoey, probably.
Rank: #23 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1949. Freakworld

Role: YoshiKong, Innocent Illuminator/Monitor Freakworld had the unlucky distinction of being the first nightkill in the game. This was almost certainly because of how strong a player he can be. He was highly active during the phases he was alive for, but his most significant contribution was ironically not choosing to Illuminate anyone on N1; as a result due to the functionality of his role, he automatically Illuminated himself, revealing his killer in the process. He was believed to be the "Phantom Godfather" by the Mafia, and was permanently killed on Day 14 to alleviate this concern.
Best Play: Choosing not to Illuminate anyone on N1, resulting in himself automatically being Illuminated and giving the Innocents their first lead.
Worst Play: None. Although, getting himself to be the subject of N1 nightkill memes is unfortunate.
Rank: #26 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. GabbyHayes

Role: Chivi-chivik, Innocent Chef/Hostess GabbyHayes was an underappreciated member of the Innocents in the game, undoubtedly because of her general lightheartedness and naivety. While she was indeed easily influenced throughout the game, and though she unhelpfully roleplayed early on, she mostly provided much-needed support to her teammates in the form of delicious snacks and status effects. She was vital in prolonging the lives of roughly half-a-dozen allies, more than other healers of greater power.
Best Play: Purchasing a Spring Mushroom from Nabber early in the game that eventually identified TFP as anti-town via NEX's Oracle ability.
Worst Play: Using Fruity Syrup on Meta Knight, allowing him to Endorse Smasher and assist in killing Anton.
Rank: #27 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia since December 8, 1908. For Oceanian release dates. GBAToad

Role: Walkazo, Mafia Jinx/Durable/Scholar It can be said with confidence that no other player put as much effort into studying the functionality of this game as GBAToad. Many of the actions he sent in were timed so well that the host had to make sure he didn't secretly gain access to the game's documents. GBAToad was left carrying a Mafia team that was half-inactive while the Innocents quickly grew in strength around him. He rarely faltered, though, showing relentless determination until the very final phase of the game. He played the role of Walkazo quite astutely.
Best Play: Deceiving the Innocents until the very final phase. Might not have been lynched at all if not for lamentable outside events influencing multiple players' behavior.
Worst Play: Purchasing two Bob-ombs from the Hostside Salesman instead of an item that could have healed Packy.
Rank: #1 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 15

State flag of the Republic of Honduras since January 27, 2022. For Honduran release dates. LuigiNo.1

Role: Waluigi, Mafia Bootlegger/Inspired In this game, LuigiNo.1 becomes WaluigiNo.1...although, he was inactive for almost the entirety of the game. While LN1 did at least have the courtesy to tell his scumbuddies what sorts of items he could bootleg, and did tell the host he had lost interest in playing Mafia, the timing of everything proved to be too late to replace him — Shoey checked LN1's alignment and identified him as the Waluigi he was. WA!
Best Play: Giving his teammates a list of items he could distribute.
Worst Play: Doing nothing else.
Rank: #40 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 0

Flag of the Netherlands. For Dutch release dates. Lakituthequick

Role: Fawfulfury65, Mafia Hypnotist/Chancellor One of the most detail-oriented players in 'Shroom Mafia III, Lakituthequick had the unique trait of being the only other person besides the host who had a spreadsheet detailing the game. It was one he made himself to help his Mafia teammates keep track of the hellacious amount of actions, items, and players in the game. LTQ was also responsible for a substantial amount of rage on the Innocent team, thanks to his cruel redirects, plentiful Exiles, and purely evil sum of temporary revivals.
Best Play: Using a Bob-omb to kill Tucayo.
Worst Play: Not redirecting Vocal Beat to confirmed or suspected Mafia to nightkill Anton more easily (i.e. without the help of the very treacherous Meta Knight).
Rank: #13 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 3

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Mariofan169

Role: Paper Yoshi, Innocent Time Traveler/Averter Largely a background player, Mariofan made his most significant plays when he reverted time not once, but twice in a row, causing every player to feel as if they were stuck in some sort of Mafia hell dimension. This caused scum heaps of grief when the Innocents regained a plethora of Cameras they had used in the phase before — meaning they could gain even more leads than they already had. Mariofan met his demise at the hands of a particular foul jar of Wayonnaise.
Best Play: Resetting the game to Day 6, causing the Mafia extreme grief.
Worst Play: Letting himself wither away and die due to lack of communication.
Rank: #30 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from January 1, 1801 to December 6, 1922 and of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since the latter date. For British release dates. MrConcreteDonkey

Role: 2257, Innocent Priest/Zombie/Resilient MCD had the gift (and curse) of never being permanently gone from the game. He was the only player in the game who could be mod-confirmed as Innocent, which was a supremely helpful characteristic once it was made apparent there was a convert somewhere among the remaining players. MCD ended up being one of the game's best scumhunters, often setting up the Mafia to trip over their own tongues due to his vast knowledge. He helped carry the Innocent team wonderfully after Anton's death.
Best Play: Leading the Innocents wonderfully after the deaths of Anton and Turb. Specifically, outing Lakituthequick as Mafia.
Worst Play: Wasting his Camera after making himself obvious bait.
Rank: #5 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 5

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Meta Knight

Role: Rudnicki, Independent Monsignor/Adjuster Meta Knight was certainly the most entertaining player in the game, t-t-t-tipping on the tightrope of Innocent and Mafia cooperation. He deceived many players in the game, especially those he worked closest with. He was responsible for Anton dying on three separate occasions, and also revealed the identities of each Mafioso he came into contact with or Endorsed. Most interestingly, was that his QuickTopic was used as a "Captain's Log" for his in-game thoughts, fears, and realizations.
Best Play: Closely allying himself with the Innocents.
Worst Play: Revealing to the Innocents that he required Purple Coins to upgrade and outing Mafia members he had been in contact with, putting a target on his back from all opposing sides.
Rank: #4 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 5

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Nabber

Role: Gamefreak75, Mafia Salesman/Briber/Time Mage Nabber proved to be an effective time-waster of the Innocents, as they tried (and failed) to lynch, kill, maim, destroy, and spank him in pretty much every way possible. It was not until his seemingly endless supply of coinage was depleted that the Innocents finally were able to breathe. There was no hesitation whatsoever in permanently killing Nabber, either — his grave was vacuumed the very next night, much to his item-hungry teammates' dismay.
Best Play: Causing the Innocents extreme grief.
Worst Play: Flooding team QuickTopic with negativity.
Rank: #19 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 3

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. NEXandGBX

Role: Freakworld, Innocent Sonar/Sensor/Oracle Largely due to his power level, NEX's plays throughout the game were sparse. That having been said, they were almost always immensely helpful, and he managed to live long enough to reveal a list of probable scum thanks to his 1-shot Sensor power, and his perceptive bandwagon analysis. Because his power level was a mere 1 (the only role that low on the scale), he was given the hidden benefit of earning twice as many Yellow Coins per action per phase.
Best Play: Using his Sensor ability on D8's lynch.
Worst Play: Underuse of Sonar ability.
Rank: #11 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 3

Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from January 1, 1801 to December 6, 1922 and of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since the latter date. For British release dates. NSY

Role: Tucayo, Innocent Inspired/Fortified NSY had one of the most powerful roles, capable of taking on almost any Innocent role that died. By the time he himself died, he had 28 abilities available for inheritance. Though not extremely active, NSY was generally smart with the use of his powers, and with his scumreads. Though he was communicative with Anton, he unfortunately clammed up towards the end of his own lifespan, not even bothering to open his Present in an attempt to survive.
Best Play: Inheriting Illuminator and Medic while Motivated.
Worst Play: Not using that Medic ability on himself when he was dying from a Burn.
Rank: #18 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 3

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Nyrie

Role: Toadbert, Innocent Salesman/Briber Nyrie took on the role of The 'Shroom's current peddler, Toadbert. Not only were there 6 more items available in her stock to sell than Nabber's, but she was also able to sell 5 items per phase to his 3. She worked somewhat closely with Anton early in the game, and after his death, remained part of a small alliance of Innocents. Her role was meant to be a fixture in the game, and as such, was extremely difficult to take down (perhaps even more so than Nabber).
Best Play: Voting GBAToad in the final phase of the game, despite the circumstances.
Worst Play: Underestimating much of her item stock throughout the game.
Rank: #15 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 5

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Packy

Role: Shoey, Mafia Godfather/Rolestopper/Tank/Bomber Where in the world was Packy during this game? The lovable fellow made numerous, lengthy disappearances throughout the course of the game, usually timed just right where he wasn't put on the replacement list. He was questioned by Anton and RandomYoshi during his brief appearances, but refused to divulge any information, instead notifying his teammates that the Innocents were closing in. His infrequent comments were usually supportive in some manner.
Best Play: Being Packy.
Worst Play: Being Packy.
Rank: #37 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 0

Flag of France. For French release dates. Paper Iggy Koopa

Role: Anton, Innocent Hypnotist/Rainmaker Paper Iggy Koopa was lynched early in the game as a result of poorly-analyzed circumstantial evidence. While his redirects left a lot to be desired, his item distribution was relatively considerate — he supplied a Pair of Shoes to RandomYoshi and NEXandGBX, both of which came in handy later in the game. Unfortunately, PIK was not around during the day he was lynched, showing up only a few moments after he had died to wish the Innocents luck.
Best Play: Only distributing Pairs of Shoes to allies.
Worst Play: Not defending himself in the midst of his own lynch.
Rank: #35 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 0

The flag of Canada since February 15, 1965. For Canadian {{release}} dates. Quizmo

Role: Plumber, Innocent Motivator/Senator/Silencer/Sibling Quizmo rolled with the punches better than anyone else, dealing with early-game accusations of being scum, being recruited to Turb's Masonry, to eventually being converted to Mafia amid some of the craziest time travel shenanigans in a Mafia game yet. Though he made a number of missteps with his countless lies after conversion, he kept up a facade for an amazingly long time, and was the most active and imaginative Mafia player aside from GBAToad.
Best Play: Redirecting D8's lynch on Lakituthequick to RandomYoshi instead.
Worst Play: Claiming Independent to Meta Knight.
Rank: #3 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 9

Flag of the Kingdom of Sweden since June 22, 1906. For Swedish release dates. RandomYoshi

Role: Marioguy1, Innocent Miller/Bodyguard/Fortified RandomYoshi was one of the most active Innocents, although this ended up being more problematic for him than anything. He was subjected to heaps of attacks and status effects, both directly and as a consequence of his malleable Bodyguard power. He was the target of perhaps the single most memorable event in the game, when a lynch intended for Lakituthequick was instead redirected upon him, forcing him out of play until Anton's ghost revived him on Night 11.
Best Play: Identifying GBAToad as scum on D16.
Worst Play: Failing to Bodyguard anyone after revival.
Rank: #8 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 5

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Roy Koopa

Role: Marcelagus, Innocent Vigilante/Hider/Public Speaker Replacing Glitchy on Day 5, Roy made himself known as one of the most bumbling Vigilantes in Marioboards history. Despite his vocal tendencies, however, he proved himself to be undeniably useful, having chipped away at a good portion of the Mafia's resources. His death on Night 11 was the craziest death in the whole game, happening as a result of a Warp Whistle, hypnotism, sniping, poisoning, bombing, and some really bad Ramen.
Best Play: Vigkilling Tantusaur. Constant harassment of tanky Mafia members with his vigkills was also good.
Worst Play: Vigkilling Dragonfreak. Announcing publicly he was the vigilante, and when he was using his vigkills, was also bad.
Rank: #28 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Shockwave527

Role: FunkyK38, Innocent Absorber/Bulletproof Nobody knew who Shockwave really was when he signed up for the game, and things regrettably stayed that way as he did not make a single post or perform a single action during his entire lifespan. He was, interestingly enough, targeted by several backdoor attacks, including a burn by Shoey, and a carving by TFP. His role could have been immensely helpful, but the Mafia are probably grateful they didn't have to deal with even more Cameras.
Best Play: Notifying the host he would be unable to play.
Worst Play: Not doing so until pretty late into the game.
Rank: #42 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 0

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Shoey

Role: Pyro, Independent Arsonist/Day Cop/Jockey Shoey played a bit less like his trademarked self in this game. While he did show his usual goofy side in the game thread, and with the reasoning behind some of his actions, he actually opted to play very sneakily, successfully deceiving every alignment into believing he was an Innocent Cop. He automatically became a Phantom upon his death (Pyro Guy becomes Boo Guy), but the loss of his life also saw the loss of his patience and unorthodox finesse.
Best Play: Deceiving the Innocents into believing he was a Day Cop aligned with them.
Worst Play: Condemning lack of foresight. After Anton died the first time, bragged about how he deceived Anton and the Innocents. Then Anton got revived.
Rank: #17 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 3

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Smasher

Role: MrConcreteDonkey, Mafia Disguiser/Brewer/Arsonist While not hugely active within the game thread, Smasher was a valuable teammate for strategy and morale in the Mafia QuickTopic. Even though she was confined to the coincidentally memey role of MCD, she made the most use out of her role, providing many a hot beverages and clever disguises. She went out like an incendiary grenade on Day 12, where she burned ARFU, Cirdec, Contra, NSY, and Vocal Beat, immediately killing VB in the merciless inferno.
Best Play: Disguising Nabber and Quizmo on nights they got checked. Using Warp Whistle to switch Roy Koopa and Super Mario Bros. All equally valuable and optimally-timed plays.
Worst Play: Suggesting herself for an Exile, drawing undesirable attention to herself.
Rank: #12 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 3

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Super Mario Bros.

Role: Wayoshi, Mafia Yakuza/Insulter/Legislator A less-than-active, but very brainy member of the Mafia, Super Mario Bros. wore the role of Wayoshi with an amusing sense of pride. For the first half of his lifespan, he was fairly integral in organizing plans behind the scenes, even getting into some information-heavy conversations with players such as Anton. Unfortunately, there was no chance for redemption once he was caught on Camera visiting Anton, and feeling the need to utter his role's name.
Best Play: Converting Quizmo to the Mafia team.
Worst Play: Roleclaiming Wayoshi. No way was that going to end well.
Rank: #21 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of Malaysia since 1964. Smg2daisy

Role: Edofenrir, Innocent Medic/Healer/Jailer Due to constantly being messed with by opposing abilities, Smg2daisy probably found herself more aggravated than not throughout the game. Still, she managed to squeeze in some very useful plays. She helped convince the public of Cirdec's Innocence, saved RandomYoshi from a horrifying stack of status effects, and, after her conversion to the Phantom party, placed some helpful Protections on Cirdec and Contra.
Best Play: Consecrating RandomYoshi on N3.
Worst Play: Publicly announcing she was a Medic.
Rank: #25 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

The flag of Canada since February 15, 1965. For Canadian {{release}} dates. Stargazing

Role: Turboo, Innocent Shapeshifter/Mimic/Mirror Stargazing was a highly proactive and positive member of the Innocents, using his Mimic ability and Hot Dog distribution to aid his allies as much as possible. He automatically became a Phantom upon death, a point in time at which his activity was most beneficial. For the 5 nights he was a Phantom, he demonstrated himself to be the most indispensable member of that team, organizing all of their actions and furthering their goal better than anyone else.
Best Play: Carrying the Phantom team hard. Major kudos for this.
Worst Play: Incorrectly presuming Dragonfreak to be the Mafia Exiler.
Rank: #9 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 4

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Superchao

Role: Ralphfan, Independent Pro-Mode Fool/Thief Hard-luck Superchao saw his luck turn around once he visited SMB on Night 5.2. After loosely allying himself with the Innocents, he found his fortune steadily improving as he became the recipient of two Fire Flowers, a Ramen, and a couple instances of Bleeding. He used his Thief powers to cause the Mafia problems, stealing items from suspected scum all the way up to the night of his unexpected, but well-earned, victory. He is the sole co-winner of the game.
Best Play: Stealing Wayonnaise from Super Mario Bros..
Worst Play: Consistently unsuccessful thefts for the first half of his lifespan.
Rank: #10 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 6

Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia since December 8, 1908. For Oceanian release dates. Tantusar

Role: Paper Pikachu, Mafia Roleblocker/Itemblocker/Conduit Tantusar made himself known as a particularly flighty and bitey player, both to the Innocents and his own team. He made some thoughtless suggestions in the Mafia QuickTopic, which were quickly shot down by his peers. His most memorable action was one that left the Innocents completely mortified twice in a row: taking away the life of dear, sweet Uniju, in exchange for the nefarious revival of the inexcusably oblivious Viper26.
Best Play: Using his Conduit ability to kill Uniju and revive the abhorred Viper26.
Worst Play: Not actually doing anything. Was almost entirely inactive and let his teammates puppet him.
Rank: #39 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 0

The flag of Canada since February 15, 1965. For Canadian {{release}} dates. TheFreshPrince

Role: Sadaharu, Independent Carver/Creator The most studious of all third-parties, TFP knew more about role types than any other player, having knowledge of some powers in the game that weren't even applied to any roles. However, he sank himself into a pit of paranoia and self-preservation for half the game, becoming convinced for that the only way to win was to protect himself at the cost of being unable to destroy his enemies. He did a solid job at keeping his identity a secret, though.
Best Play: Killing Shoey single-handedly.
Worst Play: Overuse of Ninja ability. Could have been been creating other roles or attacking enemies more frequently to shrink the player pool.
Rank: #16 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 5

Flag of the United Mexican States since 1975, for Mexican {{release}} dates. Tucayo

Role: Count Bonsula, Innocent Vampire/Adjuster Impulsiveness incarnate, Tucayo was quite a stubborn member of the Innocent team, defying the suggestions of his peers and instead relying on his gut. This wasn't always done in poor taste, and did lead to some decent scumreads, but Tucky damaged the Innocents more often than not while he was alive, which put himself under heavy suspicion. His headstrong nature became of more use once he was recruited to the Phantom team as a replacement for Shoey, however.
Best Play: Poisoning Packy.
Worst Play: Almost exclusively attacking Innocents with his powers prior to becoming a Phantom.
Rank: #20 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 3

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Turboo

Role: Stooben Rooben, Mason Wingman/Surgeon/Musician Essentially the "Innocent Godfather", Turb was an appropriately secretive ally of the Innocents, working closely with Anton as early as Day 2. He was constantly wary of his own actions, but never let his concerns get the best of him. He wisely recruited the Innocent Siblings to his Masonry, maxing out the number of hints he could receive, which he then frequently shared with Anton. He boldly led the Innocents after Anton's demise, until his own death on Night 6.2.
Best Play: Converting Uniju to the Mason team.
Worst Play: Converting TheFreshPrince to the Mason team.
Rank: #14 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 3

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Uniju

Role: Beanbean, Innocent Necromancer/Rejuvenator/Sibling A cautious, but reliable member of the Innocents, Uniju successfully saved at least one life (Mariofan) with his Rejuvenation ability. He was also quick to heal Fantanoice, RandomYoshi, and Turboo when their HP pools were lowered. Sadly, there was little Uniju could do to help himself once he was identified to the Mafia as the Necromancer, but, thankfully, he was still able to revive Anton during a swath of unforgettable time travel absurdity.
Best Play: Reviving Anton and only Rejuvenating allies.
Worst Play: Donating blood to Shoey, well-intentioned and highly-rewarding as it was.
Rank: #24 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. Vocal Beat

Role: Super Mario Bros., Innocent Teacher/Endorser/Restorer More eager than anyone to unlock his role upgrade, Vocal Beat did everything he thought was right to help his team. Much to his posthumous chagrin, though, he was duped into believing GBAToad was an Innocent, not questioning nearly enough if the Scholar ability was really too good to be true. Regardless, Vocal Beat's frightening powers made the Mafia quiver with fear, especially when his Restorer ability meant dealing with an endless stream of vigkills.
Best Play: Using The Letter A on Roy Koopa.
Worst Play: Not using his Golden Apple to heal himself when he was dying.
Rank: #22 (out of 42) 'Shroom Tokens: 2


With ratings now over, I can finally discuss prize distribution. If you recall from one year ago (I don't blame you if you don't, haha), First Place would receive $50, Second Place would receive $20, and Third Place would receive $10. I am altering this very slightly to include the Top 5 Participants and the lone co-winner of the game, and this will bring the combined prize total up to $100.

Before I announce who gets what (although you probably already know unless you skipped all the way to this section), here are the ways in which your prize winnings can be redeemed:

  • Nintendo eShop Points Card
  • PlayStation Store Gift Card
  • Microsoft Xbox Gift Card
  • Steam Wallet Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card

If you wish, you can have your prize winnings divided between any of these sources. For example, if you won $20, you are free to redeem that as a $10 Nintendo eShop Points Card and a $10 Steam Wallet Gift Card.

With all that having been said, these are the prize winners for 'Shroom Mafia III:

Congratulations to the six of you! Your playing was exemplary and you've certainly earned these winnings. I hope you are able to enjoy them! When you wish to redeem your winnings, please contact me on the forum, and I will get you your winnings as soon as possible. If, for whatever reason, you wish to bestow your winnings upon someone else, you are more than free to do that — they are your prizes, and you may do as you see fit with them.

My sincerest thanks to every player who participated in 'Shroom Mafia III! It was an incredible experience and I couldn't have done it without you.

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