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Overview Trailer[edit]

I do not know whether these things from the Overview trailer were added, but I did not read about the concept art and muisc player difference that is in the Remake. I even did not read about the fact that Shy guys, who are able to interact behind the scenes of the battle area got an extra sequence for the player to be prepared on dodging his stage attack. Since the site has been locked, could this be also added?

Also, since transparent versions of the multi-langual logos can be found on Nintendos sites, this should also be added.

Vadenimo (talk) 01:26, April 25, 2024 (EDT)Vadenimo

Musical references to Super Mario Bros[edit]

Current version of the article reads: "Super Mario Bros.: The battle theme begins with an arrangement of the Ground Theme motif from this game."

From what I can hear by extracting the game's files, not all battle themes start with the SMB ground theme (only BGM_BTL_Normal_S1_Intro_opus.opus and its two first-strike variants - used in Prologue (in Rogueport Sewers) and in Chapter 1, not sure if it's also used in Rogueport Sewers in other chapters). Other battle theme intros are unique.

Separately - a music file named BGM_BTL_Normal_etc_opus.opus also contains a section remixing another part of SMB ground theme. I'm not sure where this is used (didn't play the game deep enough to hear it), but considering there isn't a file indicating chapter 8 normal battle theme, I wonder if this is used in chapter 8 and/or in the Pit of 100 Trials.

Edit: looks like the `etc` music plays in Hooktails castle. Maybe also other boss areas.

Edit: That entry now specifies "regular battle theme".

670839245 (talk) 09:34, May 23, 2024 (EDT)

Story book intro sequence - I don't know how to best put it in the article[edit]

When you launch the game without a save file (either because you just booted it up for the first time ever, or you manually deleted savefiles in the savefile select screen), the storybook sequence is not played on the title screen (neither before the title, nor when you idle). When you start a new game, the sequence plays before the Mario's house ("Mail call!") scene.

When you already have a save file, the intro sequence will play on the title screen, both before the title screen show up (if you did not press a button during the Nintendo and Intellegence Systems logo - if you pressed during the logo it'll skip the intro), and when you idle on the screen. Additionally, when you start another new game, the intro will not be played, and go directly into the Mario's house scene.

670839245 (talk) 22:48, May 23, 2024 (EDT)

Dialogue change[edit]

There is a dialogue change when first seeing Lord Crump and Goombella. Instead of saying "good girl", Lord Crump now says "good little student". Can someone add that? Please. 16:03, May 24, 2024 (EDT)

Reading past messages[edit]

In the original, Wonky says you can press Z Button to look back at past messages. Wouldn’t there be dialogue if this was still possible? He might say “press ZL Button and ZR Button simultaneously” or something. R.O.B.Remembered Old BuddyROBSSB4EN.png 08:57, May 27, 2024 (EDT)

I've checked, and the entry has been completely removed from the game's dialogue. This also means Wonky has one less tale than in the original game. --Dorsal Axe (talk) 09:53, May 27, 2024 (EDT)

New Creepy Steeple Boo Quiz[edit]

There is a new Boo NPC that can be talked to in the Creepy Steeple storage room where you find Zess T's cookbook. You can do multiple sets of 5 question quizzes with the Boo character getting various rewards, if you complete all the quizzes there is a final 15 question quiz which rewards you with a Money Money badge when getting all 15 questions right.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by WowItsBow (talk).

Ghost T. Updated Dialogue[edit]

I cannot edit this page, but in the updated dialogue, a note should be made that after returning his diary Ghost T. now states that he wants to remain in the physical world because he likes his cabin's "wood paneling" rather than "wallpaper", as in the original. The exact line is "The wood paneling's so great." It should be noted that neither version of the game ever had wallpaper in the cabin; its always been wood paneling, so this was probably a translation error.

At timestamp 48:46 of this video, you can see the original -

At timestamp 25:20 of this video of the remake, you can see the change -

--DrBaskerville (talk) 17:34, May 27, 2024 (EDT)

I've gone ahead and added this since I'm autoconfirmed now and nobody else has added it yet. --Sprite of Toadsworth Dr. Baskerville Paper Mario Book- MLPJ.png 21:57, June 4, 2024 (EDT)
Oh i didn't notice the message sorry, thanks. LetsPlayNintendoITA 22:49, June 4, 2024 (EDT)

New Hidden Blocks[edit]

There is are two new hidden blocks on top of the building where you find Wonky. You need Spring Jump to grab the railing in between that and the item shop. Use Yoshi to cross the gap. The Ultra Shroom block is in the back left corner and the Power Plus P badge is in the right side about 3-4 panels up from the back. KOtheRipper (talk)

Riverside Station multiple items when blowing off posters with Flurrie[edit]

Ice Storm - second room inside the station where the switch for the stairs is. blow away the big piece of paper. Ice Storm - blow away the third poster where you find the shine sprite in the outside area of riverside. Super Mushroom - blow away the seventh poster same string of posters as the third. Sprite Pouch - blow away the fourteenth poster in the same area. Thunder Rage - blow away the small poster in the top right near the bottom left exit of the outside area. KOtheRipper (talk)

List of Differences[edit]

Something has to be done to bring this cluttered mess of an article under control, surely. We need some solid rules for what counts as a major change and actually belongs in the main article for the game. Ideally, most of this stuff should be in the relevant character/item articles, with a separate article (ideally sorted by chapter) if we're really desperate to have a comprehensive list. I know this can't be achieved at the moment during the new-release hype, but it's absolutely worth thinking about. 21:49, May 27, 2024 (EDT)

Nah, it's fine. It's the main thing we do for remake pages, after all. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 22:08, May 27, 2024 (EDT)
I agree it's a mess, though it's worth waiting for the dust to settle first before cleaning it up. I think it would be best for all the headline new features/content to be written in prose, with only the minor differences as a list. --Dorsal Axe (talk) 03:30, May 28, 2024 (EDT)
I also agree that it's still unorganized, but given the game's release, if anything, I think most of the video reference links that are here before then should be removed now. --Zootalo (talk) 10:55, May 29, 2024 (EDT)

Doopliss's ambush fight as Mario can be skipped if you already fought him once[edit]

idk how I'd best add this to the article. Someone please help.

After Doopliss take Mario's body and name, if you run into him a second time, you are given a choice in the dialog to guess the name or run away (idk the exact English text, I was playing in Chinese when I saw that). Choosing to run away skips the name input and the fight after guessing it wrong (which you were forced to do every time you go to that part of the map in the original).

edit: it's been added.

670839245 (talk) 10:07, May 29, 2024 (EDT)

Fighting Chain Chomps[edit]

I think there might be a change when fighting Chain Chomps and their variants. Chain Chomps constantly bounce around during battle, and unless I'm misremembering, they continued to bounce around when you attacked in the original, making it hard to properly time jump action commands. This seems to have been changed in the remake. Chain Chomps now move to a default position and stop bouncing when you attack, making it easier to time the action command. It seems like they only stop moving for attacks where the timing can be affected by their bouncing, like Mario's Jump and Goombella's Headbonk. --CptObvious (talk) 19:02, May 29, 2024 (EDT)

Bowser interludes retry option[edit]

I dont recall if pausing the Bowser SMB levels brought retry or continue in the original. anyone have any idea if this was added just for the remake? 07:54, May 30, 2024 (EDT)

I do recall that in the original only the word "pause" comes up with no selectable options.Bowser Nightwicked Bowser Bowser emblem from Mario Kart 8 08:15, May 30, 2024 (EDT)

(Missable?) Hidden Block in Pirate's Grotto[edit]

Apparently, there's a (missable) hidden block in Pirate's Grotto in the remake, specifically where the Black Skull is, that can only be obtained by jumping at one of the stone platforms after leaving the Black Skull from the back. Returning to this area after the ship leaves and using Ms. Mowz's field ability does not trigger a reaction. I placed a citation needed template for this information, but was removed by another user, having provided a link to an image on an earlier edit summary that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have proof this block even exists? --Zootalo (talk) 10:24, May 30, 2024 (EDT)

Sorry I thought the link would work. Here is the working link. LetsPlayNintendoITA (talk) 14:04, May 30, 2024 (EDT)
Thank you! Had no idea that block was on the ground, unlike the others. Also, LetsPlayNintendoITA, as long as there's a source to that image if it's uploaded to the wiki, it's not considered "stealing". ‐‐Zootalo (talk) 14:22, May 30, 2024 (EDT)
ok cool i'll upload that till i can do the screenshot myself! LetsPlayNintendoITA (talk) 14:24, May 30, 2024 (EDT)
I'll redo the ones without the W Emblem equipped too when i come at that level (soon). LetsPlayNintendoITA (talk) 14:31, May 30, 2024 (EDT)

I'm wondering if it would be worth making a separate page for the remake blocks, like how Superstar Saga has one for the original and one for the remake. Scrooge200 (talk) PMCS Mustard Cafe Sign.png 14:28, May 30, 2024 (EDT)

they're so few i don't think it's needed. LetsPlayNintendoITA (talk) 14:31, May 30, 2024 (EDT)

Original credits[edit]

By Gamexplain video nintendo did it again... they did not credit the original team. again LetsPlayNintendoITA (talk) 15:56, May 30, 2024 (EDT)


As the article already mentions, Power Bounce received a nerf by changing the timing of the fourth input to a single frame, a change that resists Simplifier. Does anybody know if Goombella's Multibonk also received a similar nerf? It too feels harder to me in the remake, but I don't have any empirical evidence to prove that. If so, I'd like to add a mention of that to the article. --Grinding Catch Cards since 2012. (talk) 16:18, May 30, 2024 (EDT)

Do items respawn in blocks on GameCube?[edit]

Comments in this video say that in the GameCube original, hitting a block then not collecting the item will make the item go back to where it was before. Does anyone have evidence of this? R.O.B.Remembered Old BuddyROBSSB4EN.png 10:06, June 3, 2024 (EDT)

I was curious after my comment prompted those replies, so I tested it myself, and it does seem to be the case. Even if you collect the item and throw it away due to inventory overflow, the item will return to the block when you reload the room: [1] I guess that should be removed from the list of changes made in the remake. Veegie (talk) 13:20, June 3, 2024 (EDT)

Coin bonus for Bowser + Kammy battle incorrectly listed[edit]

The bonus is listed as 100 coins, when it is actually 50 coins. The page is locked, so I can’t make this change Money9999 (talk) 15:56, June 3, 2024 (EDT)

Weird that you can't (maybe you didn't confirm email?) I'm fixing it thanks. LetsPlayNintendoITA 16:12, June 3, 2024 (EDT)

I recently watched someone’s blind playthrough of the game[edit]

At 1:31:36 of this video, the player had gotten to the first cake, left the room to save and upon returning to the room, the cake was still there and the player was able to eat it. Would Shellshock have eaten it in the GameCube original? R.O.B.Remembered Old BuddyROBSSB4EN.png 13:18, June 6, 2024 (EDT)

Nah, that event flag is only triggered if you go to a battle. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 13:39, June 6, 2024 (EDT)

Voice clips from prior games[edit]

Various characters aside from those mentioned (ie Boos and Blooey) have assorted voice clips taken from previous games. Toad has his usual soundboard of assorted noises that can be heard when a group of Toads are in danger or when Toads are in the audience, similar to Color Splash and Origami King; Hammer Bros. have some cheering voice clips also from Mario Party 8 used while they are in the audience; etc. —Aquabat777 (talk) 23:34, June 6, 2024 (EDT)

Does anyone know if the title screen music is still different between the Japanese and international versions?[edit]

In case anyone didn't know, the title screen music in the original TTYD differs slightly between the Japanese and international versions. (See Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door#Title theme for details on that.) Is this still true in the remake? If not, we need to note that under the "Audio changes" header in the remake's page. Thank you! -- Artwork of Rosalina used in Mario Party: The Top 100, Mario Kart Tour and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. FanOfRosalina2007Artwork of Princess Peach for Mario Party: The Top 100 (talk · edits) 19:21, June 7, 2024 (EDT)

It does! I noted it in Trivia rather than in "Audio changes" because it's technically not an audio change, but instead exactly the same as the original game. DryKirby64 (talk) 19:24, June 7, 2024 (EDT)
Okay, thanks so much! On a related note, I wonder why they changed the music at seems pointless, doesn't it? -- Artwork of Rosalina used in Mario Party: The Top 100, Mario Kart Tour and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. FanOfRosalina2007Artwork of Princess Peach for Mario Party: The Top 100 (talk · edits) 19:39, June 7, 2024 (EDT)
The two versions are just different, many things are weird when ported. Have you ever seen the japanese and international versions of zelda 1? yea... they sound so different. LetsPlayNintendoITA 20:37, June 7, 2024 (EDT)


Is it worth pointing out the fact that despite the word "cr*zy" being repeatedly censored throughout the game, the enemy Crayzee Dayzee has not been changed? Does the word need to be spelled right in order to count as a slur? I don't get it. 01:00, June 10, 2024 (EDT)

Aside from the fact that "crazy" is by no metric a "slur" and this inconsistency shows how shallow and pointless that censorship was, it probably has more to do with them not wanting to change a highly established name. Though of course, if they search-and-replaced, they wouldn't have found Crazee. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 02:05, June 10, 2024 (EDT)

Encouragement Speech Bubbles[edit]

Question.svg This talk page or section has a conflict or a question that needs to be answered. Please try to help and resolve the issue by leaving a comment.

In the Cutscene Changes section, in the part about the Palace of Shadow, it says "The speech bubbles that appear to cheer on Mario and co. now look different." This... is very vague. From what I'm seeing on YouTube, the bubbles have glows that match the colors of the Crystal Stars, and the colors seem to be consistent for each line, and matching who says them. For instance, Pennington's "Go, Luigi... Er, I mean... Mario?" is orange, for the Garnet Star, while Dupree's "Yeah, baby!" is blue, for the Sapphire Star. Although, there are some lines that can come in multiple colors. But I'm not sure how to add this to the article (It might be nice to list the colors/stars for each bubble.) Blinker (talk) 17:00, June 18, 2024 (EDT)

Everytime "Crazy" is changed[edit]

This is one thing that is really bloating the article I think we can cut back on. Apparently the word "Crazy" is now such a strong word they had to completely remove it in a game that's rated for everyone and we're having to mention every single time that it's changed to another word. I feel we can just simply state that all instances of the word has changed with one or two examples on what it was changed to. Bowser Nightwicked Bowser Bowser emblem from Mario Kart 8 20:19, June 22, 2024 (EDT)

Curiously enough, I found a few cases where they didn't change it (i.e. a Doogan asking about jobs with "insane pay" and a brief use of the word "craziness" that stayed). And given the variety on how they reword or rewrite the sentences with it, I think it should all be documented somewhere -- people will want to know what about the script was changed, and this feels like the most natural place to put it. Scrooge200 (talk) PMCS Mustard Cafe Sign.png 20:28, June 22, 2024 (EDT)

Bob-ombs explosion star points[edit]

Are we sure they don't give any on chain reactions? Can't check as I'm at 100% game completion but I got the text removed so no idea. LetsPlayNintendoITA 22:55, June 25, 2024 (EDT)

Japanese differences[edit]

Found a video going over some of the differences between the Japanese version of the original and remake, could be interesting to analyze - posting here because I don’t know Japanese or of a good image machine translator. Link: -Technetium (talk) 14:59, June 26, 2024 (EDT)

Text changes[edit]

If anyone wants to help look for text changes between the two versions, here's some resources:

  • The original game's text can be found raw or clean here. Clean might be easier to copy-paste from, but raw is good to make sure the location and internal IDs of the strings line up.
  • YAML dumps of the remake's text files can be found in a directory here. You do need to clean out the tags, but this can easily be done with regex, or just search and replace. This document lists the internal names and what they correspond to for English area names.

Scrooge200 (talk) PMCS Mustard Cafe Sign.png 19:15, July 7, 2024 (EDT)

Version 1.0.1[edit]

First update for the game dropped:
Beyond the gameplay changes that should be noted in the remake changes section, I'm most interested in the possible text changes. I will say that from what I was able to check tonight, the Searching Petal Meadows typo was fixed in the Sound Gallery, but not Stampede's description. The tattle in Hooktail's lair has also not been updated, and still calls her an "it" despite the pronoun edits in the remake. So I don't expect many text changes besides fixing typos - someone will have to go check the first Peach intermission though. I also wonder if they fixed the German localization mistakes in The Creepy Steeple Boo's quiz...? I only know English, though.
--Technetium (talk) 22:54, July 9, 2024 (EDT)

  • They didn't fix the Last Stand P error (FP instead of PV) in italian so... LetsPlayNintendoITA 23:47, July 9, 2024 (EDT)