Round The Blocks

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Round The Blocks
The Super Mario series-themed Round The Blocks
Appears in Fortune Street
Time limit Unlimited

Round The Blocks is a minigame that appears in the game Fortune Street. To play the minigame, the player must land on an Arcade Square.


Round The Blocks starts with a 3x3 grid, the block on the grid start spinning after the player presses the Two Button button. The blocks eventually stop, always in a horizontal line of three, if the player has matched three blocks in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, they will receive a prize. If they match three Suit Yourself blocks then they will receive a Suit Yourself card, they will receive five stock multiplied by their level if they match a stock card block (only on standard rules), they will be allowed to warp anywhere on the map if they match a Warp Pipe (Mario series) block or a wing (Dragon Quest series), they will receive 50 gold multiplied by their level if they match a Super Mushroom (Mario series), or a Slime (Dragon Quest series), or they will receive 500 gold multiplied by their level if they match the lucky sevens.


  • Two Button − Start the blocks.