Rock, Paper, Mario

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Rock, Paper, Mario
MP2 Rock Paper Mario.png
Appears in Mario Party 2
Type Duel mini-game

Rock, Paper, Mario (stylized as Rock, Paper, MARIO on the Mini-Game Stadium roulette) is a duel minigame in Mario Party 2. It can be played in Bowser Land and in Mini-Game Land. The name is a pun of Rock Paper Scissors.


This game is played very similarly to Rock, Paper, Scissors. The players choose one of three characters, Mario, Peach or Bowser and then reveal their choices to their opposition. If both players choose the same character, the Goomba declares the match a tie, forcing the game to restart.[1] Whoever chooses the character who beats the other player's character is the winner.

Player Choices
  • BOWSER beats PEACH. (BOWSER "scares" PEACH and the symbol is a purple heart.)
  • PEACH beats MARIO. (MARIO "falls in love" with PEACH and the symbol is a pink heart.)
  • MARIO beats BOWSER. (MARIO "beats up" BOWSER and the symbol is a Star.)


  • A Button – Mario
  • B Button – Peach
  • Z Button – Bowser

In-game text[edit]

  • Goomba"Mario beats Bowser. Peach beats Mario. Bowser beats Peach. Just like in rock, paper, scissors, the strongest one wins! The A Button Button is Mario, the B Button Button, Peach, and the Z Button Button, Bowser."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオジャンケン
Mario Janken
Mario Janken
Spanish Piedra, Papel, Mario Literal translation
French Pierre, Papier, Mario Literal translation
German Mario-Knobeln Mario Dice Throw
Italian Sasso, Carta, Mario Literal Translation