Paper Toad Sand Scramble

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Paper Toad Sand Scramble
Location Twinsy Tropics
Mission # 5
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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Paper Toad Sand Scramble is the fifth mission of Twinsy Tropics in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


The mission occurs in the outskirts of Twinsy Tropics's village area. Immediately from the start, Mario and co. will encounter a stack of twenty Paper Toads running around. However, when slid into, only four Paper Toads will actually be rescued, and the remaining Toads will flee to the other side of the bridge. When slid into again, only four more are rescued, and the others will split up. Immediately to the east, four Paper Toads can be rescued by using Trio Hammer on a paper stone slab. Just to the south of that area, three Paper Toads can be seen hugging the wall over to the west. One will immediately be rescued, while the other two will move along the wall. Mario and co. must then head west and travel under the bridge to the other side, where they can use Trio Grab to catch the Toads. Another Paper Toad can be found on the west end of the bridge in a narrow chasm only Paper Mario can enter. The last four Paper Toads are hiding atop a paper palm tree along the west shoreline, and a simple hammer strike will knock them down.

In the Hard Mode variant, a time limit of two minutes is added.

In-game text[edit]


  • "Paper Toads are running wild around Twinsy Tropics. Catch 'em all!"


  • "Catch all the Paper Toads."

Hard Mode Objective[edit]

  • "Catch all the Paper Toads within the time limit."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビーチに集まるペーパーキノピオ
Bīchi ni Atsumaru Pēpā Kinopio
Paper Toads Collected on the Beach
Italian Turbine di sabbia Sand whirlwind